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Katie Young

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Looking back now, there was always something, a feeling, something I didn’t understand about the world.  But it was only a whisper in the early days growing up, so on I trotted with life.


Then came the not so whispery message.  I had been physically and mentally unwell for some time, I was told I would need medication for the rest of my life, and I knew my body was falling apart.  That was my kickstart blessing of 1995, my step up or leave moment.


So, from that moment it all changed I literally threw myself into learning and investigating how to physically and mentally heal myself with natural and ancient principles.  It took time, but I got there.  Being fit and well again was my fuel to start my journey working with others.  Many qualifications followed in complementary health care, working in private medical practice, health clubs and private practice, and also teaching and writing.


I have spent the last two decades working with others and continue to love every second! And I have also spent two decades pushing the boundaries set by modern day science and society regarding human health and potential. 

My life so far has been filled with wonderful people and experiences, it has also contained a lot of other types of opportunities (read challenge’s).  These personal challenges, and my experience working with others is exactly what allows me to share so openly and truthfully with you.  A quiet meditative retreat would have been great, but for me it was always about experiencing life along with everyone else. I cannot connect with you unless I’ve walked the walk.


All my experiences from a young age until now have been my training ground for me living my life purpose to serve others, to move people, to share joy and inspiration.  Sharing from my learned connection with a deeper level of myself than just the human self, and a learned and practiced connection with the sounds of the universe, mother nature, and our friends in spirit.


My mission is to help you remember who you truly are, your place in the universe, and your connection to everything. To help you understand and remember your Souls history, so your foundation for living life will be knowledge, wisdom, and clarity of your true, divine, eternal nature. Armed with this you can drop the fear, lack, and worry, and be the creator that you were born to be!


My job is to get the true you to rise, because its your time!

No matter where you are on your human or spiritual path, I can help you open your heart, remember your birth right as a creator, and connect you with something far greater.

Whether you have the best time walking your journey through my workshops, events, products or therapies… the first place I recommend you start is with my book The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything Book 1

Your foundation, your everything, to build, grow, flourish, and take the first steps to putting you in touch with your Souls history. It is the story of the true you, warts, divinity, and everything in between. 


My wish for you with Book 1 is your most cherished dreams are the most natural expression of who you are, and are attained without effort, without restriction, resistance, fear or doubt…. because you are ready!

With love from my heart to yours,


Katie Young (Author, Motivational Speaker and Health & Wellness Therapist and Tutor)


And finally,… some quick likes and loves of mine…

I love the Minions

I love Dance Music

I love to dance (badly) to dance music

I talk to trees

I love Ibiza

I love to walk with my dog

I love my dog

Digestive biscuits dunked

Kids films are always a hit with me

If I’m feeling off, an episode of the UK sitcom Miranda works every time

Food, I love good food

My kids, my family, my friends are my world  

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