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Hi !  I'm Katie


Writer, Health & Wellness Therapist, Tutor, Author and Soul Coach dedicated to re-connecting you to the 'True You'.

Through workshops, courses, writing and my work as a therapist I am really proud to have helped so many to find their true selves, uncover their unique gifts, sparkle and light up their lives and dreams with big actions, big heart, big love and beautiful results.

How Did I Get Started ?

Looking back now, there was always something, a feeling, something I didn’t understand about the world.  But it was only a whisper in the early days growing up, so on I trotted with life.


Then came the not so whispery message.  I had been physically and mentally unwell for some time, I was told I would need medication for the rest of my life, and I knew my body was falling apart.  That was my kickstart blessing of 1995, my step up or leave moment.


So, from that moment it all changed I literally threw myself into learning and investigating how to physically and mentally heal myself with natural and ancient principles.  It took time, but I got there.  Being fit and well again was my fuel to start my journey working with others.  Many qualifications followed in complementary health care, working in private medical practice, health clubs and private practice, and also teaching and writing.


I have spent the last two decades working with others and continue to love every second! And I have also spent two decades pushing the boundaries set by modern day science and society regarding human health and potential. 

I'm Here for You !

Soul Sugar is a result of walking the walk through lifes experiences with personal courage, grit and determination to get answers to who we are, why we are here, why we face the challenges we do in life and what prevents us from having exceptionally beautiful, successful and abundant lives. 

Soul Sugar was built on the foundation of Love, Truth and Passion for getting you to where you want to be.  Whether you have health, life or personal challenges right now, or that feeling of "there's got to be something more..." I'm here to take you in a direction you never thought possible, by lighting up the deepest wisdom and knowledge that is in every cell of your being already.

Its time for the True You to Rise