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"The colours alone uplift you, even before you use them"




Vibrational Essences have been around for centuries.  10,000 years ago they were being used by Aborigines, Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and Medicine Men throughout the world.

They were used by those who still held their connection to the Earth and Natural world beautifully and respectfully in place, knowing nature provided us with everything we need to thrive.  There is a deep wisdom continued in Vibrational Essences that work with the human form on both physical and emotional levels.

Vibrational Essences are most widely produced from flowers, but also trees, minerals and gems, light sources scubas the moon, stars and sun, along with other healing energies use as Reiki.

Essences use the vital life force of a substance to assist the bodies natural healing process.  As humans, like everything else int he universe, we are made of vibration of an essence that corresponds with out physical, and we can use the vibration of an essence that corresponds with our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual need.

Essences work with our subtle energy bodies, cells and chakras of our physical bodies.  They are safe for newborn babies upwards, and can be very supportive in the transition process of passing our.  There are no contraindications, if you take the wrong essence it ample has no effect.