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A message from the Universe for Doctors, Nurses and all Care givers…

A message from the Universe for Doctors, Nurses and all Care givers…❤️

Do not underestimate your role in the bigger picture of things…🙏🏻

Nurses in particular have always been described as Angels, this Angel reference has been the representation for all Doctors, Nurses and Care givers, and this is no coincidence.

At this time, I want to ask you to not underestimate your role in the bigger picture of things. YOU are showing the global population Love in its full glory, you are reminding every human being on this planet of what is actually important 🌍

As human beings we are born from Love, we are Love and we come here as Love… we have got to this point because we have forgotten this fact. Up to this point we have been a society that has rewarded status, money and materialistic wealth over Love, and this is where we have stumbled. This is where we have turned ourselves and our world into something we no longer recognise or feel connected to.

You my dearest friends, you are helping recalibrate our world. The lower energies of fear, lack and ego have been present for many, many, generations, but now it all changes as the New World is created. And you, are the light shining and reminding people of what is actually important, and what is actually at our core, you are reminding us of what we have forgotten... you are reminding us that at our core there is only Love💛

Without Love there is no us, there is no Earth, there is no Life… so when things get tough, and they will at times, breath and draw on the strength from knowing you are actually participating in the most important time in human history, draw strength from the fact that YOU are helping change the world and the path of human history for the better… that is huge🙏🏻

Understand that you have reawakened Love in so many, you are teaching people to recognise that Love, you are helping people to once again open their hearts … and this will change everything.

The Love you are opening up in people, they are feeling, everyone is witnessing it, and you know you are awakening the Love that is at the core of peoples being… because they are sending it right back to you. This is incredibly beautiful to witness, You are the initiators for the rise of Love… this Love is what will save humanity and save our planet, because very different decisions will be made when this has passed and people are living from their hearts.

Draw strength from the Love that is being sent to you, from all those people’s hearts that are now open… thanks to YOU.

Now to you I say…

In all of this remember, please remember, that you are also Love, at your core you are Love too. You have also been affected by the programming of fear, lack and ego that has been running for generations.

In your heart you always knew you were here to help others, but until now, you probably didn’t know that this point in time, is exactly why you are here. This powerful drive to help is why you are doing what you are doing, but, and there is a but… through this challenging period, you must be aware that this is also teaching you about Love, it is also helping to remind you of things that are important for you to remember. You must now remember that as you give Love to others, you must now relearn to give Love to yourself.

So, I ask you to breath for a moment, and remember that you are that Love you feel for, and see in others, that care you give to others must also be given to you, by you.

You see while you are helping the world to see the Love within themselves, you must also see that same Love within yourself. While it is your time to help the world, it is also your time to recognise that loving yourself, caring for yourself, is a gift to yourself as well as to the world. It is your time too to remember your worth, remember the beautiful Soul that you are, and honour yourself and the world by loving yourself as you do others.

You will come out of this experience a different person, everyone will, but you must also come out of it with your heart also open, and by learning to honour the divine, eternal beauty of yourself… will help you beyond measure💜

One other thing to remember to lighten your load… every single person has their life journey to travel, and that is important for you to remember while doing your wonderful work. What I mean by this is… it is not your job to make everything ‘better’ for everyone you meet, this is not your job. You must understand that what you see as a perfect ending for someone, is actually your perfect ending, it is not your job to change another’s path. It is ok to ‘just’ help someone to have a smoother more comfortable journey to wherever that takes them, and if it is their time to move on… then it was your job to assist them on that journey back home, by making it as comfortable and loving as you could, but please remember it is not your responsibility to make everything ‘alright’, because what is right for them is perhaps not what we think it is. As a carer your drive is always to make everyone better, but allowing them to travel their path, being cared for and loved, wherever that takes them, is a pure gift of Love💕

So, while you are opening others Hearts, while you are reminding others about Love, while you are reminding others how to Love again, while you are reminding others how to look after themselves again with Love and compassion… please remember you must do the same for yourself, it is beyond important, because although you are a teacher at this time, you are also part of this time of great change and remembering… and you must also follow the guidelines and teachings of returning to Love.

You are helping to change the World, the Earth, and the course of human history with your Love, and for this the whole Universe honours you, and salutes you… with Love.


To anyone who feels this could be of support please share freely, by sharing and tagging, recognition of the source is not essential, just send it on with Love xx

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