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What exactly should you be doing with this time? 🤔😳🙄

Tips as promised in yesterday’s Blog ❤️ ✍️

There are many types of advice doing the rounds regarding what we ‘should’ be doing with the space this global event has created... 🤷‍♀️

We are all individual, all at different places in our lives, in different situations, but we all have something in common. We all want to be fulfilled, happy and dream of living our passion 😊

Equally, we all live with the voice in our head... you know the one, the one that runs on loop with all the what ifs, buts and doubts! It’s been in residence a long time so knows exactly how to keep you where it wants you👎🏻

So, with this quieter life thrust upon us, our change in routine and reflection time. We are encouraged to use it in various ways.

Opportunity has come a knocking to review your life and maybe make some positive alterations, to enable you to have a more enriched, fulfilled life.

So, while some are saying just do what’s right for you, others are saying change your world in the most dramatic ways you can, and others fall somewhere in between, but there are a couple of things to consider first.

Individual circumstance will play a role here, but there is also one big point to be aware of... the voice in your head.

All of a sudden we have time, we are feeling empathy, compassion, love and possibilities. These emotions, for the first time in forever, are at the forefront of most people’s mind, and for the first time are actually, a lot of the time, over riding feelings of fear... this is big👏

Now the voice in your head, has been in charge forever, and it’s fuel, it’s food, it’s life line is... fear! So, when you start thinking and feeling from any other perspective other than negativity and fear, the voice in your head is absolutely not happy 😣

My point here is that many of you will want to re access your life and use this pause to instigate new and positive possibilities for your life, and I want you to be aware that the voice in your head will likely have a full on tantrum... this can disguise itself as anything from, I’m not clever enough, I’m too tired, I can’t be bothered, it’s not relevant to me, I’m not well enough, I’m too busy, I’ll definitely do something just not right now, I can’t, I’m nervous, I don’t want to change anyway, I’ll do something once I’ve cooked, cleaned, sorted the kids, caught up with...! You get the idea 🙄😂

So, if you aren’t doing something with this time, using this space to create some new possibilities, that’s fine... just make sure it’s because your heart feels it’s not right, and it’s not the voice in your head... creating excuses, making you think it’s not right for you 🙄

The more you feel you could consider the possibility of creating something more for yourself, the bigger the resistance becomes. But, moving forward anyway, despite the voice in your head and all the commentary’s it will continue to share as to why you can’t... can result in you starting to create something wonderful... so do it anyway!

I am going to focus on one tip a day for the next 6 days... it makes it easier to implement one tip at a time and have fun with it.

Click here for today’s tip on using this time for you,and open a new world of possibilities...

It’s time for the True You to Rise ❤️

With love from my heart to yours ❤️

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