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A message from Mother Nature

As I walked this morning, Mother Nature whispered in my ear, and this is what she said...🌍

You are being shown what you have forgotten...❤️

Winter is a time for hibernation, the tree in this photo is a beautiful example of nature slowing down, saving its energy, saving fuel for winter and resting...💚

In winter the light dims, the sun shines for less time, and the days are shorter.... 🌚

You are tuned to Mother Nature, you live within the same cycles and vibration as nature, you are nature...💚

You used to seek the same rest, shelter and recuperation in winter as nature, but you forgot...

You forgot the rhythm of nature that beats in your body and heart, you forgot that as a human you need rest, you forgot the blessing of a human body that needs sleep when the sun goes down... 💫

You forgot to take care of yourself when nature shows you how with the seasons..🍁

You got disconnected from nature and instead of gazing at the stars in night sky, you gaze at falsely light places to shop, and rush and get lost in the busyness...

And your disconnection from nature is not only apparent in the challenges with humanities physical and mental health, it is apparent that you have lost touch with this friend, this Mother of yours...🌍

Because you have stopped caring for her, and that is the greatest representation of no longer caring for yourself...❤️

This current situation is highlighting many things that you all need to reflect on and reconsider...

And this is one of them... winter is a time for slowing down, you cannot keep pushing through the dark winter days without manifesting physical and mental unbalance...

Winter holds such beauty in its days, and offers retreat in the longer nights,  as the tiredness of a year of living, needs to be balanced...🤗

You are all being ‘offered’ the opportunity at this time to reflect on your priorities, your lives and your Loves...❤️

But this particular month is showing you it is time to listen, time rest and allow your body to recoup... self care with the guidance of nature is in your dna, it’s not difficult, just watch what she does and follow...💚

Physical and mental health issues are a big part of your lives today, they aren’t fixed by a magic bullet...

they will be fixed when we listen to our own needs, and allow Mother Nature to thrive and do what she does best...🌍

Love, nurture and guide us ❤️

This festive season don’t be blinded by the noise coming from outside yourself...

It is nothing to be scared of...

because within this situation there is a deeper message for everyone of us, an opportunity... but it is up to us to listen and act...🌸

It’s time to Love yourselves back to health and happiness, with the most beautiful Mother by your side 🌍

Take the time of restricted ‘doing’ to give thanks to you, your body, your mind, and what is in your heart, and listen to what you need... without these opportunities we were never going to hear ourselves...

Under the noise... this is a time of great blessings my fiend ❤️

With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️

Photo curtesy of Mother Nature💚🌍

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