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The gift of connection, service and support

Firstly, thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing me into your world and your heart through my blogs over the past few weeks!

It truly means the world!

Thank you for the feedback, the comments, the messages and to all who responded to my invitation to follow my Soul Sugar page, so I could continue to deliver content of benefit and support to you, automatically, whenever I share it!

For those of you who have had an invite, and are yet to click the follow button, I would love for you to connect, and have the opportunity for us to share content on subjects that matter to you. Don’t forget we are in a unique time right now, and when this moves through I will still be here for you… but the focus will shift to subjects and content that are more personally specific to you! So be ready, hit that follow button and I promise to continue to deliver quality content that is relevant to you…content that matters.

You will know from my first blog, I wasn’t quite ready to launch my new branding etc, but over the coming weeks and months, you will have access to more and more valuable content, products and services that aim to serve you (some exciting previews to come as we move forward), and to enable the ‘True You to Rise’!

So, stick with me… as we move forward together new things will appear, enabling me to serve you through other platforms, products, events, videos, etc, and rest assured I never take your interest, enquiries and loyalty for granted, and am incredibly grateful to you for allowing me into your busy world.

I took the decision from the off that all the content I am sharing at this present time would be free, this is a time of uncertainty and worry to many, and I would never ever allow restrictions on who had access to this information to come down to finances, ever.

I would also like to mention my genuine ‘money back promise’ on my book The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything. I have had so many messages (prior to these current events) that this book has literally changed people’s lives, on every level of understanding, via information that they had never ever had so openly explained to them before.

Following our current situation, readers have messaged to say that the information in this book was written for this exact moment in human history… and I believe it was. We are all at a crucial turning point, and we have no choice but to make new decisions regarding our health, our planet, our lives, and most importantly to upgrade our understanding of ourselves, our world and our universe.

Everything this virus is teaching us is to recognise our falsely created fears, and to return to something better… what that is, how we do that, and what it means… is ALL in The Girls Next Doors Theory of Everything.

I wrote this book from the heart, and I believe with all my heart, it was written for you, to get you through and out the other side of this global opportunity, and crucially, prepare you to be a part of the vibration of the new world, with the awareness and tools you need. I genuinely believe this book is for this moment in time, and if you read anything over the next few weeks, I encourage you to read this book.

This is a crucial time for opening your heart (see blog 5 re the need for heart opening), and my promise to you is that if you buy a copy of this book, and you don’t benefit, or feel it isn’t for you for any reason, just return the book and I will give you 100% of your money back.

I am here to help you unlock the unique gifts you carry within, there is not another one of you existing in all time and space, you are beautiful, talented and hold such wisdom within.

I constantly see and hear from people just like you, wanting to understand something more, do something more, to make a difference, to serve others, and be the best version of themselves. But life takes over, they’ll do it tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

Via this book I am offering you the space to find that part of you that knows why you are here, I offer you the space to hear the calling of your purpose, big or small, work, family or just for you, and so crucially relevant right now I explain to you how we find ourselves at this point in human history. Please do not waste any more time denying yourself and the world of your unique gift of the truest expression of yourself.

My promise to you… Love 'The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything’ 100%, or your money back.

When this is over I want to continue to be a consistent and supportive presence in your life through my business services, products, and events, and continued free content that matters to you, connects with you, and makes a difference in the world.

Thank you so much for your support, hit the follow button on FB, do a quick subscribe on the website www.soulsugar.co.uk, and you can be ahead of the game by automatically staying up to date and connected… I cannot wait to see where our sharing takes us over the coming weeks, months, and years…

because it really is time for the True You to Rise

Sending huge love and gratitude from my heart to yours

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