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Our Current Global Teacher - Part 1

Conversations with our ‘Current Global Teacher’ Part 1

These important words… you may not have ever been told this, been brought up to believe this, but it describes every single one of us on this planet.

Please do take a few moments to register what you’ve just read, re read it, over and over if needed, until your mind gets over itself, and your heart begins to register the magnitude of this statement… because when it does, you will realise that we are not helpless, we are not at the mercy of any external or internal challenge, we are creators and just as we have created a world we no longer recognise, we can also create a world that we are happy in, and proud of.

There exists a creative conscious intelligence that created everything; you are that very same creative conscious intelligence, because you are from that very same source.

Your body is not just the physical matter you see, and its composition is eternal (in my book this statement is backed up by the science). You are a creator, and although you may be buried under a few layers of inherited and learnt stuff, this is now all changing for the better.

If you are reading this you are already beginning to hear yourself once more, you are reading this because you are ready, along with millions of others to reclaim your place as the divine being that you are, and once again create heaven on earth.

So, when all is chaotic and unfamiliar around you, go back and read those important words, because that is who you are, it doesn’t get more beautiful and powerful than that.

My aim for you is that you no longer live with blinkers on, only allowing yourself to see part of the story. My dream is that you feel your worth as a creative being, and once again love yourself from a point of balance.

This situation is moving us towards the point where everyone on this planet can be fulfilled, happy, and aware. Aware of your origins, your power and the gift that life is.

You and many others are ready to make new, positive and conscious choices that will change the course of human history forever. You my friend, have been waiting for this time in human history, for many many lifetimes.

So, before we move on, I encourage you to read those important words, meditate on them, hold them in your heart and say them before sleep. I want this to register with you before we move on to other things... and this will help with your process of awakening the true you, so you can once again hear yourself.

It really is time for the True You to Rise ❤️

With huge love from my heart to yours

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