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Our Current Global Teacher - Part 2

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Conversation’s with Our Current Global Teacher - Part 2

Early yesterday morning, Monday the 23rd March 2020, while out in nature on a glorious spring morning, I became aware of an energy around me, a supportive energy. “Please listen” was the message, “I have something I need to say”.

I have become quite practiced after two decades of listening to the sounds of the universe, mother nature, and our friends in spirit. I have learned, with much practice, to know when I need to listen, and I needed to listen to the energy language from our ‘current global teacher’.

I understand that initially this may sound farfetched, but I am not unusual here, every one of you has the exact same ability to tune into and hear messages from the universe as I do. 💛

Just as any ‘professional’ person has gained knowledge through schooling, university, independent study, personal and professional development, and work experience, I have done the same, I have just chosen a less conventional subject and curriculum. 📖 🌍

Before passing on the message I received from our ‘current global teacher’, I would like to remind us all of the nature of our reality, when it comes to communication with the world around us. This is an excerpt from my book, The Girl Nest doors Theory Of Everything, Chapter 10, called “The Forgotten Language of the Universe

While the language of humanity sets boundaries, the unspoken universal language of energy creates depths of experience beyond any spoken words.

We now have scientific awareness of our energy make up, an energy that is deathless, and only ever changes form.

The vibrational energy, and conscious awareness of its existence, is exactly what gave the indigenous people of the world that vital connection to everything, and such a deep wisdom, knowledge and identity.

In my experience, this vibrational energy, this life force energy is the forgotten language that explains and connects everything in our universe…

This energy is the lost language that creates the connection between mediums, and the ‘deceased’, and the moments when you feel a loved one is near.

This energy is the lost language behind the feeling of love, gratitude, and joy that is experienced but cannot be truly communicated using our human words.

This energy is the forgotten language, which creates spontaneous healing, through a deeper connection that goes beyond modern day understanding.

This energy is the forgotten language that is felt in the presence of nature, no words are exchanged as the sea communicates with us, to lift our spirits.

This energy is the forgotten language we experience when walking in nature, the connection from trees that offer us clarity in times of turmoil.

This energy is the forgotten language felt when we experience a feeling towards others that says, “I feel comfortable in your presence”, but no words are spoken.

This energy is the forgotten language we hear in times of trauma, when we are brought to that quiet place, when anything unimportant is pushed aside, to leave space for us to hear ourselves.

This energy is the forgotten language, a whisper, a feeling, that is calling you to look for a better way, a better life, a life of meaning, and understanding.

This energy is the forgotten language of energy communication between your Soul, the True You, and your Human Self.

This energy is the forgotten language, the common bond that connects everything in the universe.

This my friend is the forgotten language of the universe ❤️


It is during this current forced quiet time that we have the opportunity to focus more on understanding ourselves on a deeper level, in fact it is crucial that we do. I share this because we have become accustomed to living in our heads, and that combined with the business of everyday existence has meant we cannot hear the communication of the earth and universe, over the deafening sound of our mental rambles, while also living in a world of distractions.

The language of the universe is something that we feel, whether it be intuition, a sixth sense, a feeling, these are all our ‘truthful’ ways of communicating with ourselves, our world, and beyond. Our use of verbal communication was designed to aid us while in human form, but was never meant to be our sole means of communication.

Verbal communication is a purely human thing that has become overpowering, and also unfortunately now verbalises a fearful ego based mental process, which we see manifested as our world. This overpowering mental communication has over time suffocated our quiet voice within, which is our communication and connection to everything.

I share this with you today because while we discuss and move through these current events, I want you to see beyond the automatic responses of the fear based mind, help you understand how I am able to deliver this information and encourage you to listen to how this information ‘feels’. Because when you feel it in your heart, that will be the game changer.

Re read conversations with our blog report Current Global Teacher - Part 1 when you need to remind yourself of your true nature as a creator, reinforcing this and the information above will help you move through this current situation with more ease, and come out of it transformed.

In Part 3, I will share yesterday’s message from our ‘Current Global Teacher’. But for now, we are here at this extraordinary time in history, and we have choices on how we respond within ourselves and through our actions.

The following statement was taken from yesterday’s message…

“We cannot miss this clarion call to action, this is about each one of us taking responsibility to get to know ourselves”. (22/03/2020)

It’s time for the True You to Rise❤️

I look forward to sharing more with you this week

Sending much love from my heart to yours❤️

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