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Our Current Global Teacher - Part 3

Conversation’s with our Current Global Teacher Part 3

Early morning, Monday the 23rd March 2020, while out in nature on a glorious spring morning, I became aware of an energy around me, a supportive energy. “please listen” was the message, “I have something I need to say”. I have become quite practiced after two decades of listening to the sounds of the universe, mother nature, and our friends in spirit. I have learned, with much practice, to know when I need to listen, and I needed to listen to the energy language from our ‘current global teacher’.

So, I share what I was given, and as always just take from this what resonates with you x

My lesson to you is not to harm, not to panic you, and not to cause fear within you, I am only highlighting what is already there, that which is not part of your true nature.

Do you not live with fear every day? Small fears, big fears, worries and panic? You live in a world in which fear is circulated through your daily life. My mission is to bring your attention to these fears, as part of a process of growth, expansion and much needed permanent change. It is my job to highlight these miscreated emotional behaviours so you can see that underneath all of this you are a divine creator, who has no fear, no doubt, no lack, and is at heart pure love. It is time to create a new way of being, and to create a new world.

My mission is to highlight these lower emotions of fear, and miscreated behaviour, that have grown over eons of time, due to you forgetting the beautiful, powerful, eternal being that you are. My mission is to highlight these outdated ways of living by giving you the time to reset yourself, to be still, to reclaim your relationships, and to find clarity in the lack of rush.

So, you see I am not a monster from out of the blue, I am a teacher that has been brought here by you and the global community of humanity, at a critical time in human history, to show you once again that you, and your world, are so much more than that which you have become. Your world was slowly dying, which means you were slowly dying.

How many of you are really truly free, happy, and living a life that will leave a legacy… this is your birth right, and I am here to remind you of this. I am what you would call a blessing in disguise… look around you, love is blooming, communities are coming together, parents are getting to know their children, workers are no longer rushing. This space I create for you, is for you to begin the process of releasing old outdated values and behaviours, this is my purpose, to help in the process of creating a new way of being and a new world.

So how can you be fearful of something that is creating love and compassion, bringing communities, governments, business’s, and families together? Something that is highlighting vulnerable people, people who are suffering, that before me your communities were too busy to acknowledge?

I am not pain, I am love disguised as pain, because I know you will react to personal pain, and that is how I can connect with you… to remind you of love.

Part 4 will be with you over the next few days, in the meantime remember…

Its time for the True You To Rise

With much love from my heart to yours

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