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Our Current Global Teacher - Part 4

Sunrise with words With Choice Comes Change
With Choice Comes Change

Todays message: Why I’m here…

Early morning, Monday the 23rd March 2020, while out in nature on a glorious spring morning, I became aware of an energy around me, a supportive energy. “please listen” was the message, “I have something I need to say”. I have become quite practiced after two decades of listening to the sounds of the universe, mother nature, and our friends in spirit. I have learned, with much practice, to know when I need to listen, and I needed to listen to the energy language from our ‘current global teacher’. So, I share the next part of what I was given… and as always just take from this what resonates with you x

Why I’m here… the message from our current global teacher

I AM GIVING YOU CHOICE… you have been running on old programming for eons of time, since the *original downfall of humanity you have been programmed within your human blueprint and DNA with false beliefs and understandings that have blocked your true nature and connection with yourself, and your place in the universe. I am here to highlight this to you and give you opportunity and choice for the next stage of your human incarnation.

Your programming/belief systems are run from fear, lack, separation and insecurity, survival and death. This programming has got you to where all of you are today, and you have now reached a turning point.

This turning point has been in the making for many years, but the 2012 predicted end of the world, created THE turning point. It was the end of the world… as we know it.

All of us are here at this time to facilitate this happening, this re birth of our original divine being and new world. When we reached 2012 there were enough people throughout the world who had raised their personal energy vibration far enough above the lower emotions I mentioned earlier, to trigger the transformation of this world.

Since 2012 it has been a continuous job (read hard slog) for both the humans currently incarnated who agreed to play their part, and also the universal community, to get us through to this point. Many have spent their whole lifetimes facing their own personal challenges head on and transforming their programmed personal reactions and experiences to no longer react in the old ways and prevent themselves from being pulled automatically back into the lower emotional false programming (no easy task).

These people who have transformed and released their lower stuff, have raised their personal energy field vibration, and as we are all one and share the same space, this has rippled out to the rest of the world and global community to raise the general vibration of the planet. The result is your lower personal emotions and global imbalances are being highlighted, the lower vibrations cannot stay hidden and circulating within the presence of a higher vibration. These higher vibrations literally push all lower emotions and behaviours up and out to show themselves for the false programming they are, and for them to be transformed.

This has been felt on some level in some way by most people, in the form of feeling unsettled, wanting more meaning in life, discontent, questioning their purpose, and also effects like anxiety due to seeing, what on the surface looks like the world is going mad, but it is the old stuff moving through us.

One of the biggest causes of your world’s anxiety is due to feeling out of control, and this out of control feeling comes from you losing your connection with your soul/higher aspect of you, and not living honestly as the true eternal being that you are, and of course, living from your head and not your heart.

So, you have got to a point where the vibration of your earth and humanity has been raised enough to bring about change, this is confirmed by the rising awareness of your planet being in trouble, discontent with ego driven government actions, the revealing and highlighting of many areas of your society and people in positions of influence taking actions that are not in line with truth.

The hard work creating the start of the new world, getting it to a point where you can now start to hear your true self, and begin to create ‘heaven on earth’ is done, there is no turning back, you are now in the energy of the new world and you have to adapt to it, starting right now.

But how do we get the whole of humanity to move, to manifest the new earth, help everyone to raise their energy vibration to the right level to comfortably and successfully continue living within this new earth vibration?

In I come, a virus with specific programming to assist, causing mass awakening, through offering choice.

I am highlighting the mis created human emotions and also triggering deep held beliefs that no longer serve you. And of course, these are fear, fear of lack, fear of death, fear of illness etc etc… but with these unbalanced emotions being highlighted comes choice, you are at a choice point, you are all at a choice point. And when I say choice, there is no actual choice, as it is already done, but this situation determines how quickly and smoothly your journey back to truth is for you.

What choice do you make at this point when presented with your mis created fears and programming? Do you choose to be pulled into the false outdated human programming or do you dig deep into a feeling that says, “I trust that I am at this point in life for a purpose”, “I will find the blessing and opportunity to rise up stronger and more aware than before”! Will you choose faith over fear, will you listen to the quiet voice of wisdom and truth in your heart, or will you choose to listen to the ego voice in your head?

Ultimately will you choose to react with love, and always choose a reaction that means the old programmed reaction of unbalanced emotion is released, and has no place in moving forward into a new world vibration that is here to offer you a new way, a new life and a new world?

I am here to aid in humanities global rise back to love… fear, lack, pain have no place in your new world, I offer you choice to assist you moving yourself closer to your true self… at every turn I offer love.


Its time for the True You to Rise

* the original downfall of humanity refers to an event that changed the course of human history, it was a devastating time that led to us being incarnated with the trauma from this event being programmed in our human DNA, causing us to incarnate with the false imprints of fear, lack and disconnection from our soul/higher aspect of ourselves. I will be covering every aspect of this event in Book 2.

For those who have The Girl Next Door’s Theory of Everything Book 1, you can refer to chapter 15 for tools to support the process of finding and releasing your inauthentic bits.

Keep a look out for Part 5. I will be back with Part 5 in the next couple of days, when we will look at the preciseness of the effects of our current global teacher.

Sending huge love from my heart to yours


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