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Our Current global Teacher - Part 5

A protective bubble over the earth

(Please read Part 4 before Part 5, it will flow much better for you)

Todays message:Viruses have guided the path of human evolution, I am here to guide you…

Early morning, Monday the 23rd March 2020, while out in nature on a glorious spring morning, I became aware of an energy around me, a supportive energy. “please listen” was the message, “I have something I need to say”. I have become quite practiced after two decades of listening to the sounds of the universe, mother nature, and our friends in spirit. I have learned, with much practice, to know when I need to listen, and I needed to listen to the energy language from our ‘current global teacher’. So, today I share the next part of what I was given, along with addition information from myself, and other energy beings … and as always just take from this what resonates with you x

Viruses have guided the path of human evolution, I am here to guide you…

Every new life that comes into the world would not be possible if it had not been for a virus. 160 million years ago a small mammal was infected with a form of virus called a retro virus, that enabled it to evolve a placenta. That same evolution is responsible for the human placenta that you see protecting and bringing the miracle of all new human life into the world.

Viruses have been a part of our lives forever. Virus particles are capable of releasing their genetic instructions into the hosts (in this instance you) cells, and embed their genetic material in our DNA. While they can cause us to display physical symptoms, their function can be far greater than just activating our immune system.

As our Current Global Teacher describes here: I have the ability to enter deep into the cells of your being, I come with messages that I can imprint into your cells. Throughout human history at important times on your journey back to truth, I have presented myself to help reprogram your cells and DNA in order to help you to upgrade to a higher frequency of physical existance and understanding.

Each time one of us appears in your life it is a clearing, an upgrade, a releasing of the old. I slow you down when you have been pushing too hard, I appear when you have worked through or resolved trauma or emotional imbalance to cleanse away those imprints. And every so often, when humanity is ready for the next shift, I appear to you globally, when it is time for mass clearing, mass healing and mass transformation… that is why I am here.

Every human being is at a unique point in their human and spiritual evolution back to truth, so every human being will be affected in different ways, but know this is all for the greater good of humanity. I am imparting knowledge and wisdom through my DNA transference to your cells, I am creating a higher frequency of vibration within your physical body to bring you closer to the connection between yourself and your soul/higher self and the universe.

This is why the children and younger generations are not as affected, they already carry the higher vibration of the new world within their DNA, they are our future and are already programmed with the energy of truth.

The truth of my vibration is everywhere for you to see…

Number 19

I bring with me the number 19, this is no coincidence.

My number is made up of the numbers 1 and 9. The number 1 is the number of New Beginnings, in this case the New World. The number 9 is the last number in any series and represents the End of a Cycle.

When the number 1 and 9 come together to form 19 it represents the end of a cycle, and new beginnings. I am letting you know, this is the end of the human cycle of living from ego and disconnection, this is a new beginning, the creation of your new world.

The Lungs and Heart, the Physical information

The physical area I am specifically working with is also no coincidence. The energy area of the Lungs relates to the physical energy centre known as the Heart Energy Centre, or Fourth Chakra. This area when balanced is associated with Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Joy (all of which have been lacking somewhat within your global family). This area is the source of deep truth, and is the centre of your Heart Brain, your Higher Brain that connects us to everything, and guides you via connection to your Eternal Divine Self, and the whole universe. It is the energy centre that enables us to breath in ‘life’, and it is the bridge between earth and spirit.

When your hearts energy is blocked or unbalanced you are closed off from yourself and your higher divine knowledge. It creates feelings and behaviour of unworthiness, low self-esteem, manipulative ego-based behaviours, and your inability to trust yourself or others. When blocked it houses feelings of grief, anger, hatred, insecurity, and jealousy… I see all of these have been very evident in your global society.

When your heart centre is open and balanced, you will operate from, create from, and exist as; unconditional love, forgiveness, empathy and compassion… that my friend, is why I have appeared at the centre of the physical being. To open the heart, to clear the lungs, and assist everyone to become the energy of their truth, their higher vibration of unity, oneness and love… that which connects everyone and everything within the universe.

I am Love exploding within your global community.

My dear friend you are ready, ready for change, ready for the new world… and at this point, whatever form this takes for you… know you are ready.

Its time for the True You to Rise

Sending love from my heart to yours

I look forward to sharing more blogs with you over the coming days...

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