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I tuned in this morning to where we are at... and the message was clear...

We are one, we are here at this time to heal... together👭

Current events are manifesting global opportunities to heal and rebuild the world, and every aspect of ourselves that do not reflect our original blueprint of perfection, and a world of Love, laughter, compassion and happiness 🌎

Every person has their individual role to play in this, an infact, perhaps the people who we see as operating from the most “untruth” are the ones who are playing the biggest roles here, to trigger the most healing in the world... by reflecting at us, all that we had become and reminding us of what is actually truth and is important❤️

Others may be on a different page to you entirely, they may have different views from you entirely... and while we all want everyone to see what is “actually” happening, everyone will be at different places within the Human Plan💜

For everyone of us the most important thing right now is to remember who you are, and that is where your focus must be directed🌟

Your focus must be directed on the uncomfortable unbalanced moments within you, and bringing yourself back to a point of balance... with kind exploration and questioning of yourself as to why something is making you wobble, angry, upset, low... because there will be an untruth under that discomfort, that you have believed for a very long time...💜

For EVERYONE of us, these emotions are present because we have forgotten our truth, you have over shadowed your truth and wisdom with the busyness and unbalanced happenings of the world outside of yourself...🌎

You have become reliant on the outside world to satisfy you, provide for you, guide you, make you feel something...

And yet, my friend, you have the world within you, a world that is connected to everything in the universe, that holds the wisdom of all time within it, and is where you guide you...🌟

A place where your Soul stands in all its glory... just waiting for you to step in❤️


“You are not here to stand in others shadows... you are here to be the light of the world” 🌎l🌟❤️


So remember when you see others playing out their shadows, that is not you, that is not where you should put your energy or focus...

When ANY situation or person makes you feel uncomfortable or unbalanced...


Your truth is empowering, energising, and that is what you give your focus and energy too...

So allow others to do their path, light yourself and the world up with your truth by just recognising what makes you feel good...🌟

Because despite what we have been programmed to believe... it is ok to feel good, to feel amazing, to live everyday in happiness and awe...

Infact it is more than OK, it is your birthright...❤️

Have an amazing day doing YOU 🌟💫🌟

It is Time for the True You to Rise❤️

With Much Love from my Heart to yours❤️

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