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Creating Your Green Dream

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Creating Your Green Dream

After days and days of super sunny weather, today we had our first real rainy day. I was out dog walking this morning, in the lighter rainfall of the morning… you know the drizzle that doesn’t quite warrant an umbrella but is enough to turn your straight hair into frizz, or in my case my big hair even bigger 😊

Anyway, although not the bright blue sunny sky that we all love so much, it was still such a beautiful day, it was still an opportunity to be enveloped by nature, the smell of fresh rain that seemed to release the smell of the new leaves and fresh growing grass… and the colour was just mesmerising, all the incredibly vibrant shades of green were stunning. And this got me thinking, I have the opportunity to walk through a strip of woodland every day, I get to see the changing colours, the seasons, the trees and plants go to sleep for winter, and burst forth in spring.

I felt so present and alive as I walked through this canopy of vibrant green, and then one of those head conversations/opportunity’s crept in, it’s alright you feeling so happy to have such beauty to walk through, what about those that don’t have that, those that would love to have nature close to them! Then for a split second I noticed I started to feel a bit guilty about being able to enjoy this, while others can’t. But thankfully I have trained myself to recognise when thoughts are coming from a place of just the ‘head’, and I know that my feeling guilty for enjoying mother nature while others can’t is not a helpful way to go.

You see whatever it is that you are able to enjoy, taking the enjoyment away from yourself doesn’t solve anything for others, and holds you in a place of negativity and not deserving!

What you must remember is that if you are feeling happy, appreciative of a situation, joyful and grateful, this becomes your energy and your energy translates out into the world, it is fed into the energy space of possibility that we all share and where we create.

By feeling gratitude and appreciation for beautiful things in life this sends out the energy of these emotions, so they can be shared, they can be replicated, and all the positive happy feelings that are created and felt by you have a ripple effect out into the world.

So, this means you have an important role to play here, not only by allowing yourself to feel happy in this situation, which is an act of self-respect, you are teaching others on an energetic level that it is ok to be happy too. By choosing happy you are supporting others to achieve happy, you are infusing the world with the energy vibration of happiness and abundance… and boy do we need that right now! You have a responsibility here, to not only not deprive yourself of beautiful feelings and experiences, but to change the energy of the collective world by sending out the energy of happy! As you feel you create… and as you create, you raise the energy of the world accordingly!

Now if you are one of the many people who have kind of lost track of your creator abilities, let’s use this nature Green Dream to highlight your creator power.

Let’s say you are the one in a situation without green space, this can also relate to any situation where there are positive and negative options, but for example purposes I’ll follow the Green Dream nature example.

So, a woman who has access to nature, says in a passing conversation with a stranger, how beautiful nature looked today during her woodland walk, and how everything was a beautiful stunning green colour. Unknown to her the women she was talking to doesn’t live in a nature abundant situation, so her understandable reply was “But I live in a flat, and can’t see any green, its ok for you, I can’t see nature”.

While this comment was understandable, the point I want to make here is that while the negative response was technically correct, this response can also be a statement, a statement that will continue to be a belief system, because the understanding we have of ourselves and our world does not include our ability to create something other than the lack society has taught is truth, and that some things just happen for other people and not us, and we have no real ability to change things.

Do you see how this could relate to how you feel about your dreams, your aspirations, and even the smaller happy things in life, when thinking about something that you would like to experience, the restrictive thoughts in your head can be similar, for example;

I live in a flat so can’t see any green, I can’t see nature” = stating these are my circumstances and I can’t see what you can, and that’s that, that’s the way it is.

It’s ok for you” = stating it’s ok for you, someone else has that, not me.

If creating the Green Dream is for you, living somewhere that had a garden, a woods nearby or a park… but when you thought about the possibility, your head said “but I live in a flat, theres no way”… see what happened? Straight to your head for the answer, the voice in your head is on it, and boom, dreams shattered, no possibilities, because the voice in your head will state all the reasons why you shouldn’t and couldn’t.

But this is not how it needs to be, because you are not that voice in your head, you are not that programmed behaviour and emotions, you are a creator!

* "The world has a blueprint of many, many possibilities and it is you that can activate the energy of these blueprints to form your world. Your beliefs and therefore your expectations instruct the vibrational energy of the world to form matter, to form everything in your life.

The whole universe is comprised of vibrating particles of energy, everything we need to create the most magical life and world is here right now, all around you, little vibrating particles of potential. Everything that makes up our planet and our human selves starts off as an energetic blueprint of potential, awaiting our instructions.

How we ‘see’ and create our experiences in life is based purely on our expectations. Particles of potential that react to our expectations to form what we believe or expect we will see and experience”.

You see, you are a creator, fact! So, if your dream is the Green Dream or any other dream, use the above paragraphs to reassure yourself, and reinforce the fact that you can create that which you wish for.

The how… start where you are now, and with what resources you have, but the most important thing is remembering at all times you have the power to manifest. If you are living in a flat but are craving the Green Dream start by connecting to nature, take a walk in the park, grow plants at home, watch nature programmes, feel nature energy each day, feel appreciation for nature. Read nature related books, have a coffee table type book that is full of forest photographs and look through it often.

What I’m saying here is embrace your love of nature (or whatever your dream experience is) at every opportunity, bring it into your life, make it part of your life, and every night fall asleep to the view in your mind’s eye of the garden, the woodland, or the park that you see yourself living next to, feel the grass under your feet, the smell of nature, the texture, and see yourself there in that spot now in real time. You are telling the field of energy potential that you are at this place, you are connecting with the energy vibration of nature. Alongside this look at all the practical steps you can start to take to manifest your Green Dream, they can be tiny steps or big steps, just according to where you are now.

This creator thing is a process, it is a process of learning to change your programmed thoughts of fear, lack, and lack of self-worth, shedding these energy imprints and behaviour and replacing them with positive heart focused creation… it’s a process, but it’s doable, and so worth it.

Whatever your Green Dream is for you, use clarity of thought, understanding of your creatorship, and most importantly lead from your heart, not your head, underneath all the outdated learned behaviour you have the inbuilt ability to create, it’s who you are… and the universe is waiting to deliver!

It really is time for The True You to Rise and Remember

With love from my heart to yours

*taken from The Girl Next Door’s Theory of Everything, Chapter 6 ‘How You Bring The World You See Into Form’ available here

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