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Your Holding Space is Here

Here we are a couple of months into the biggest reset in human history. How are you doing?

We have all done amazingly well through what has been the toughest of weeks for individuals and for the world, even now I find it incredible that when we talk about this situation, we are referring to the world, not just a person, not just a family but the whole world… makes you realise this can’t possibly be just a random event, and that is why I want to remind you to hold tight onto hope, and know that a better life is emerging.

Having got through the initial shock of things changing so drastically overnight, having your world turned upside down, everything that you were used to adjusted, we now move into a slightly different phase of this situation.

Its surprising how quickly we adjust to a new normal, when what was familiar to you changed overnight, your routine, your habits, everything. Yet a few weeks down the line, we have collectively adjusted to new habits, and new routines, because we had too, we were forced to.

Many of us were living lives with routines that didn’t serve us, didn’t allow us to thrive, didn’t allow us to express our unique gifts that we are here to share with the world. We weren’t connecting fully to the people we love, sharing our hearts with each other, being a presence for our children, doing jobs that were making us unhappy and unfulfilled, and we have been building grief within for a long time… knowing on some level that all was not well, all was not how we wanted it to be.

Much of the emotional ups and downs we have been going through have been a reflection of this grief. Grief is generated because we perceive change as loss. We have translated much of this change as loss, loss of routine, loss of connection, loss of identity. But this change in circumstances has also reflected at us on a deeper level lives that changed a long time ago so dramatically, individually and collectively we had already lost so much.

We lost much of who we are, lost who we want to be for ourselves and for others, we have seen our beautiful world dying in front of our eyes, and we have also sensed that humanity was also slipping away, because our lives have become unsustainable.

Mentally, emotionally, physical we have become more unwell than ever before, who we truly are has been disappearing in front of our eyes… and this is much of the emotion that you have been feeling, a deep grief for the gradual loss of our beautiful selves and world, the loss of our original patterns of perfection… we all knew it was happening, but our routines and habits were so imbedded, and the speed at which we were living gave us no time to stop and find a way out… in comes the assistance of a global shutdown. 

As I mentioned in the first part of this post new habits and routines have become the new normal, some of these new routines we will want to keep forever, and others have appeared to highlight to us what we no longer want or need… but the point is these new routines and habits were forced on us, and this is so crucial to recognise.

Despite being unhappy with areas of our lives we continued, despite having a beautiful physical body that via big or small symptoms was trying to tell us it was no longer able to cope we continued, despite having mental health challenges we continued, despite having all kinds of struggles we continued… and this is why we have been forced into a global reset, a global review, a global deep breath.

So, at this point, we find ourselves in a holding space, we have gone through the initial drama, trauma and shock of the early part of this situation, and now we are at the in-between stage, not in the early dramatic stages, but not out the other side either… this is your holding space.

The holding space follows on from the initial unsettled feelings of change, but comes before breakthrough and resolve, and that is where we are right now. A holding space is the most important part of any emerging new situation or change.  It is the space presented to offer you the opportunity to decide how you want to move forward from here, it doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers right now, but to work out what you would like a new life to look like.

The initial drama has calmed, the prospect of moving forward with life again is beginning to appear on the horizon, and this holding space is the no man’s land in between. It holds the least amount of distractions and drama in order for you to decide, to offer you the holding space to decide where you want to be when that horizon rises up to greet you, this holding space is your turning point.

Whether it is a good habit or routine, or even a not so good habit or routine, when we live something every day it becomes part of us, and when we become busy we don’t even notice it, so take this gift of the holding space, not necessarily as a time for massive action, as a holding space often brings with it feelings of numbness, a nothing kind of feeling, a no direction kind of feeling… but that’s the point, you are in a space of nothing so you can create your something.

When the world once again wakes up, don’t wait to be forced into a difficult space because you haven’t heard your bodies whispers, or your mental health’s cries for help, or your hearts feeling of being unfulfilled or unhappy.

We did the hardest part getting here, arriving on earth, we arrived as creators and we live every single second as creators, even if you have no clue what that means (because you haven’t read my book 😂 link), stand in you power as a creator, repeatedly state in your head and out loud if you like “I am a creator”… and the universe of possibilities will hear your instruction and begin to align with your new instructions, it can’t do anything else than align to your authentic instruction, and that is scientific fact!

Take notice of your feelings, your emotions and your heart…


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