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How will you start your week?

How will you start this week ahead? ❤️

Today it’s about saving your life experience... (3min read ☕️)

As we continue to move forward with this Human Plan... guarding your emotional, mental, and physical health is so important.

Before all this started you had plans, thoughts for the future, hopes, and dreams... and those my friend are who you are, who you want to become, they are your life...💜

Guarding your dreams and vision for your life head is beyond important... do not let them fade...🌟

Because as your dreams fade, so do you... your dreams and aspirations are the truest expression of you, and they are to be perused without negotiation, without negotiation...💚

As you show up as that truest expression of yourself, that is where you find happiness, well-being, abundance and a life lived...

As you show up as yourself through pursuing your dreams, every aspect of your life becomes balanced and happy... because you shine, shine, shine and you give this world your unique energy and gifts, and as you do it rises up to meet you, at a great height...🌟

So with this current situation playing out, don’t become lost without a cause, give it your all... and look to YOU

Look into you, not to the outside world, take yourself far away from the battles, and into your own power of creation...💫

You have all the wisdom of all time within every cell of your body, and just one single thought, question, intention, when asked within... will prompt a response from your true self, which has all the answers you will every need while in human form...❤️

Because you designed, planned and created your plan for life here at this time... so no one else will have those answers, how can they... they aren’t you 💫

So as you move into this week, remember your power, remember you have all the answers... even if at this point you don’t even know what that actually means... 🌟

believe it, set it as your reality from today through intention, repeating the following in your mind, out loud, over and over, everyday, until it is once again, naturally your truth...

“I am a creator, and hold the wisdom of all time within every cell of my body, I guide myself in every moment to my highest outcome”.❤️

Starting the week without focus, clarity, or intention can lead to uncertainty, overwhelm, tiredness and fear...


“Fear is a product of imagination... imagination that is left to wander by itself without purpose”.

katie young ❤️


Set yourself up for a different week this week, one that starts with you standing with certainty and power, and lead yourself forward with certainty, even if initially you don’t quite know where you are aiming for...

Being lost without a cause is when life drifts by, unnoticed until one day we wonder... where did it go

If you live and invest yourself in the external world you will be in others shadows, taking on their behaviour, fears, beliefs..

If you live from within yourself you will see that there is beauty, opportunity, and joy every where... ☀️ 🌺 😆

Today is your choice point... today you decide where you will take yourself this week, what your experience of life will be...?

You will never ever get this week back, the hours and days will pass, they will not pause for you or I...

Make this week one when you leave an imprint on this world, by respecting yourself for the brilliant unique being you are...❤️

And express that brilliance by using the above statement to light up and anchor in your true self... and watch the world rise to meet you this week...💚

Set your alarm, schedule in, post it note the house, and wherever you are at with your human evolution... this will be a great start, or it will enhance your current practice...

This quote was given to me, for you... from the exact same place you have access too... YOU ❤️

Who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe... in YOU❤️

Sending you so much Love from my Heart to yours...for an amazing week ahead ❤️

It’s time my friend, it’s time for the True You to Rise❤️

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