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I'm back - welcome to Soul Sugar

I am back... not quite the come back I had planned, not quite ready, website isn’t finished, products are in production, slightly dodgy profile pic 😂, and social media is almost there 😳! However, due to the number of messages I’ve received asking for my take on what is unfolding, if I have any thoughts on the meaning behind this virus, and how people can get copies of my book to share with others at this time, I have decided in the words of Steven Pressfield to “Start before you are ready”!!

So here is my plan...

This is a time of perceived uncertainty, fear and disruption to all our lives. But there is so much more to this than most of us realise. As I am well known for saying “It is never just about the incident or event”, and while I am not denying the genuine fear, worry, and strain this is putting on people all over the world, every incident that causes this kind of reaction and emotion within us personally, or collectively, has a much bigger story to it.

The event is only the trigger point for something much deeper to emerge and be understood. So over these coming days, maybe even weeks, I will do my best to explain things from a different perspective, and give you supportive messages, within the time and content parameters I have. To give you some perspective, the second book I am currently writing will explain everything about not just this current situation, but all that has led us to this point, the plan that we have put in place, the process that has unfolded, and where we are heading next.

When you consider it is going to take a whole book to cover things... when I say I will do my best to explain things for you, it will be the best overview version I can come up with. I know this is an incredibly tough time for many, and is something we have to work through, but this is not some chaotic, random event that it appears to be, and there is a plan in place that is unfolding. I will share from my personal learnings and experiences, I will share messages from Mother Earth, and share any messages I get through from the amazing Universal Community, who are guiding us and watching over us at this time.

I have already had a message from Mother Earth to share with you in the coming days, and I will share as much information as I can to help the True You through, and out the other side, because as Soul Sugars tag line states....

‘It is Time for the True You to Rise’.

Sending each and every one of you huge love, from my heart to yours ❤️

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