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It is time... it is now... time to react...❤️

Higher Love is intertwined within every cell, every thread of existence and without it, there is no life...❤️

Higher Love is what gives us life, it is our breath, it is our beginnings and it is our transition from this life...💫

The lower energies of female and male are hanging on by a thread, they were especially thrashing around this weekend...

It is the last blast of lower energy trying to control and cling on...🙏🏻

But we have the strongest transformational tool in the universe... higher Love...❤️

We have seen it everywhere through this year, trying to hang on to control, trying to starve us of our life force... higher Love❤️

Trying to deny us the whole point of our existence... Love❤️

Trying to starve us of the most important human emotion, feeling, action... Love❤️

Attempting to cut of the connection between our brothers, sisters, family, friends, and strangers... Love❤️

The most powerful force of union, connection, life, survival, happiness, and growth... Love❤️

We will not allow the most process part of us to be diluted, the most precious part of our existence be removed, the most precious gift that is life be taken... Love❤️

We will stand together in Love, we will be as one in Love...❤️

We will not allow life to be withdrawn from us, the life support that is Love to be taken from us...❤️

Whatever your circumstances, take your stand for Life as Love with your profession, your family, your day to day experiences...

Now is the time to draw on the most ancient and truthful part of you, deep inside You...❤️

Show your Love, display your Love, be Love...❤️

Do Not Withhold your Love...

Without Love there is no Life...

As we are let loose to shop, spend, eat...

Do not be distracted from the fact that Higher Love is our breath, our circulation, our life...❤️

Those who try to withhold that know there is nothing more powerful...

So whatever it means for you...

Display your Love everyday, in every moment...❤️

To care, to stand up, to release us from this old old old destructive lower energy of control...🤍


When you wake send higher Love to the earth and all on it...❤️

When you go through your day infuse every moment and situation you can with higher Love...🧡

Before you sleep infuse the world and everything on it with higher Love...💖

Nothing fancy just intention will do it...

We are done with starving the world of Love...

Share it everywhere you go...

This is an energy game now, and the energy of higher Love is the highest energy you can bring into this world...💝

It will dismantle the darkest of energy, the lowest of energy...💚

As humans, we are born from higher Love, we live off Love, and we pass as Love and we continue as Higher Love...🤍


It is time to turn this upside down, once and for all...💛

And place higher Love on top... 🤍

With LOVE from my heart to yours❤️

It’s time for the True You to Rise...

AS LOVE...❤️

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