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Listen without Judgment Update…

Firstly, thank you to all that responded with messages to the post and video “Listen Without Judgment” on the 8th June 2020.

(watch it again HERE)

The timing of the post fell well, looking out at the world stage, we have some deep-seated memories and ingrained programming arising for transformation. To Listen Without Judgment helps to release these outdated thoughts, behaviours, and beliefs.

There was a variety of subjects that arose via your messages, but one observation that was mentioned a number of times, and had a big impact was ‘Listening Without Judgement’ to oneself.

Emotional and physical differences were noted during this process, and one thing in particular was that when people listened to their thoughts, reactions and opinions without judgement, it revealed that a great part of the time, a person didn’t know why they were reacting in a certain way, or what the reaction was based on, it was an automatic reaction, judgment, thought or emotion. I had a comment from one of the lovely Soul Sugar tribe that said, “when I listened to myself closely and without judgment, it felt like a stranger was reacting to and navigating my world”!  Quite a powerful statement.

So, this blog has focused on this point in particular for today.

When we listen to, and observe the outside world without judgment, we no longer fuel the exact behaviour we see playing out, behaviour that feels so far removed from what we feel in our hearts.

What we have been taught as truth, through our education system, medical system, and virtually all societies systems, is that life stems from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (which is now in fact scientifically unravelling), and Newtons Theories (also now unravelled) that have created a now ingrained belief that tells us life comes down to survival of the fittest, you against me, them against us, the earthly elements against us, and that all life can be explained by mathematics…and a person’s experience has become considered as purely anecdotal . Combine this with the loss of our truth, with the forgetting, and to an extent the hiding of the truth of our origins and power as creator beings, we have a powerful mix to create and ingrain in us as truth… feelings of insignificance, and the need to struggle through life and fight for our survival, whatever the cost.

While not everyone will exhibit to the same degree, and type of unrest and anger we are seeing play out now, without the knowledge of our real heritage and divine power, we all play this defensive role of needing to survive in our lives, to varying degrees everyday… because without the knowledge of our real heritage, our story, and divine power we are constantly fighting with feelings of threat and insignificance.

You know on some level there is more, you know on some level you are more, you know on some level the world and universe is more… and this is what this new world is here to reveal. But we have to go through this period or transition and transformation.

And while this is occurring, listening without judgment will be one of the greatest tools you can use to move you through these transmutation points with greater ease, and allow you to help with the global effort by bringing your focus to healing these events as they arise, not fuelling them as they arise with judgment and opinion… judgments and opinions that will be based in the outdated teachings we have just referred to.

This is also where Listening Without Judgment comes in when referring to yourself, listening without judgment of yourself, your feelings, thoughts, emotions and judgments. This can be a difficult one for the mind and our ingrained teachings to adjust to, because we have learnt to listen and observe ‘with judgment’, it’s how we have been taught and programmed to survive.

As part of this exploration of Listening Without Judgement, I invite you to observe yourself, and your reactions to world events and all interactions. Listen carefully without judgment to your first instinctive thoughts in relation to things you are observing and reacting too, especially opinions… and I think you will be surprised at how often your reactions and opinions are based around defending, protecting, and preserving something that is in the past.

When we can ‘Listen Without Judgment’ with an open heart and with honesty, we will light up and bring into focus the stories we have been told that keep us small, insignificant, and believing that our existence is down to survival of the fittest.

As you move forward, not just for today but for every day, see how your inner world and consequently the outer world transforms when you listen to where you take yourself at any given time, without Judgment.

When you listen… hear the words beyond the words.

Interact with every person as a friend, not as competition.

Observe and react, without using judgment based on outdated belief systems of you against me, survival of the strongest, survival of the fittest, using opinions to feel certainty and significance.

As I wrote in an early chapter of The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything, Book 1 …

“We live life guided by the voice in our head. The voice that likes to keep things the same, keep you in the same place, experiencing life through repetitive reactions. Reactions to various outside sources, and pre-programmed behaviour, going way, way back.

Be aware that for the majority of the time you have not actually been the one making the decisions that matter most in your life.

Be vigilant! The voice in your head, aka your Ego, has all sorts of mad conclusions to base its commentary on.

This commentary keeps you living your life making the same decisions, having the same reactions, and continuously plays its commentary on repeat. The Ego voice will be one of your greatest obstacle’s when transforming yourself. Ego is a fear-based personality we have invented to survive in a world where we feel out of control”.

And what I also wrote is:

“If you are prepared to be open and to listen consciously (Listen Without Judgment), your Intuition will guide you towards all that you want, all that you need, and all that you can be.

Our entire planet comes from and therefore is, the same awe-inspiring intelligence that created everything. You and me, we are that same creative intelligence, and you simply won’t get any more significant than that”!

So, move forward Listening Without Judgment to the whole of yourself, and the whole of the world… and you might just, most certainly, begin living with a new found understanding and freedom.

Learn, Love and Live without Judgment my friend, it will change everything.

With much Love from my Heart to Yours

It’s time for the True You to Rise

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