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Lost In Fear and Missing The Point

Pheonix and a woman
True You Rising

Stopping the fear right here…

Many who are bringing us information, are either missing the point or are forgetting.

Everywhere we look, even in places of information that we usually go for support, solitude, and spiritual guidance, are drawing our focus to lower emotions, especially fear.

So, let’s get straight to the point and remind ourselves what this is actually about…

We need this to happen, what these global situations are bringing up for us is nothing new, to reiterate this is nothing new. It’s just highlighting what is already there within us, but on a much bigger scale so we can once again recognise things that we have become immune to, things we have just accepted as normal.

Dealing with fear in your day to day life experience is not normal, worry isn’t normal, feeling out of control isn’t normal, feeling powerless isn’t normal, and missing life because these emotions invade your life isn’t normal. But we had stopped reacting to these things… and something had to show us that this is not ok, and something had to give us the opportunity to wake us up to what we had forgotten… that living our lives are about experiencing life from a point of abundance, joy, happiness, reverence and respect… through our very own creation.

So, in comes the Global Opportunity, we are here to change the whole world and that is a global effort, so the opportunity had to be global… what an incredible plan… we are actually quite clever!

Do not misinterpret my comments as not acknowledging this process is challenging, but the alternative to not having this great human plan in place was a lot worse, so again this is an opportunity.

The intricate detail of the plan can be witnessed, this has taken years to put together, and we are all walking the earth at this time because we know on some level there is more, we know we are a part of something far greater, and we chose this time because we wanted to be here to do our bit, and we will go down in history for our determination to enable humankind and earth to survive, and rise again!

The intricacy of the plan can be seen in how it moves in waves, we are bombarded with one event/incident after another that triggers us, our physical bodies are infused with huge amounts of higher energy and we get to a point where we need to recover, recoup, cleanse, and release before we move to the next stage… and these are the breathing spaces you see of which we are in our second one here in the UK, when understood from this point of view it’s not so scary!

And this is the point that many are forgetting, the most important point of all… this is not something to be scared of, this is not some random set of events here to terrify us and ruin our lives. This is an opportunity, and this opportunity was perfectly designed to trigger us, to recognise, release and heal what is not truly who we are. And suffering, fear, lack, insecurity, feeling powerless, etc etc is NOT who we are and now is the time to release these unbalanced emotions in order to recover as a planet, as human beings, to remember our place in the universe and re create the life and world that we once walked with Lovr, joy, happiness, respect, abundance and reverence for all.

Every event and incident will trigger each person in different ways according to their own life experience and consequent beliefs, that have become ingrained, due to us forgetting who we truly are… and have been created as coping mechanisms in a world that doesn’t make sense, because we have forgotten our place within it.

This is why you see such opposing views to current events, because we have all had different life experiences that trigger different emotional reaction to the very same thing… and this is where it is beyond important that you focus on your triggers that cause your opinions and emotions to rise, not other peoples… allow other people to have their own opinions and thought’s, because you then honour their life experiences that have produced these emotions and opinions, and allow them to focus on healing them and not reinforcing them through disagreements.

I am not suggesting you have to happily accept whatever the latest “rule” is… BUT what I am saying is don’t miss the point here, these incidents are here to trigger you, and you will know when you have been triggered because you will feel emotionally unbalanced and reactive, and this is your opportunity to examine the belief system behind the emotion, and neutralise it.

When you neutralise it for yourself you neutralise it for the whole world… powerful huh!

While we are here reminding ourselves of this opportunity, and why we do not have to be scared or fearful… remember the outside world creates according to our inner world belief’s… and what are we seeing reflecting back at us? Fear, insecurity, uncertainty, worry, feeling powerless, insecurity… and most of us can lay claim to having at least one of these emptions governing their lives at any given time, and that is not on, not why you are here, not what life is about and certainly not at the core of who you are… so in comes the opportunity to reflect all this back at you as your inner belief system, via life experience, and offer you the opportunity to choose again, to reframe your life and reclaim your truth.

And the comforting thing is you aren’t alone, we are all going through this together, all of us…because we have designed this plan together, to heal together, in order to heal the world.

So, you can use the tools being offered to relieve the fear and lower emotions that you might be feeling, but they are not sustainable unless you have the foundation of understanding to build on, that this is NOT about the fear… this is about an intricate plan to release all these lower emotion’s and belief’s, clear them out, and create an incredible world, with a population of humans living from their truth, in a world of connectedness, abundance, joy, grace, reverence for all, and Love, through your own true creatorship…

· This is an incredible plan to save our earth and humanity - not something to be scared of.

· The plan is here as an opportunity - not something to be scared of.

· The plan is here to highlight to us that living with lower emotions, belief’s and actions had become our normal – it is not something to be scared of.

· This plan was designed by all of us – it is not something to be scared of.

· This plan will highlight what your lower emotions and beliefs are, and that everyone’s will be different – this is not something to be scared of.

· This plan, along with all the help from worlds beyond our world, is designed to ensure we uncover and see the truth of who we are… this is not something to be scared of.

· This plan is a process to trigger the exact lower emotions and belief’s that have been hiding your beauty as a creator, by highlighting them – this is not something to be scared of.

· This plan will highlight these things for you and provide opportunities to heal them and release them – this is not something to be scared of.

· As this plan progress’s the world will open up to you with a fulfilling life experience – this is not something to be scared of.

· As this plan progresses more and more people will remember and tune back into their truth and assist others to do the same – this is not something to be scared of.

· This plan will ultimately save humanity, the earth and preserve the opportunity that is life - that is not something to be scared of…

but something to be celebrated.

When this plan appears to be challenging you on many levels, just remember this is the plan to get us home to truth and Love.

It is time for the True You and the True Us to Rise.

With much love from my heart to yours.

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