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Wow, we’ve been through a lot!

There have been dramatic changes in just a few weeks to how we live, how we interact with others, and how we see our world🌎

We have been placed in a forced time out, forced to detach ourselves from pretty much everything that we identified with, and everything that gave us our identity. There have been an array of highs, numbness, some wtf moments, some lows, and some who on earth am I if I’m not all this stuff that I have been chasing on my treadmill of life🙏🏻

But you know what, you’re doing it, we are doing it, detaching from the relentless, stressful, and destructive world we had created, and we are seeing some light emerging. There is talk of riding the wave that has been created, with plans to continue to protect our beautiful planet, plans to look after the people who look after us, plans to look at our health and wellbeing, plans to look at farer ways of running the major institutions that have dominated and controlled for so long… it is actually happening, a bright new world is peeping through the clouds, and that new world will just get brighter and brighter 🌟!

As I have written about in previous blogs, the time is now, the work has already been done to move us to the point of creating the new, and the doors to the old ego driven, destructive ways of living are well and truly closed, and in fact bolted too. What we see playing out is the residue of what has been created up to now, and what must be dissolved. The old ways are no longer being fuelled and cannot be resurrected again, ever🙏🏻

This residue will take time to release, but release it will, ego-based behaviour and actions that are out of balance with the new, will stick out like a sore thumb, in fact I’m sure you have noticed it already, its being magnified and you will find it more unacceptable and offensive than ever before. But as you begin to see the injustices and ego driven behaviour so much more clearly now, you must remember your job is not to get involved in it, not to give your energy to it, or fuel it, because it is not your business. Everyone is releasing the old, the old programming and imbalances are leaving the cells of every human, along with the earth too, and some will have more to work through than others, and also some will be in a position as a trigger for others, to help them recognise imbalances within themselves💛

As I always advise, whether it be media sources, family contacts or other, do not bring what is playing out in their space into your space, because ultimately it just distracts you from your part in all of this, which is to become the creative being of perfection that you are, that is capable of not only living the beautiful life you are here to live, but you are also part of the team bringing in the new world (how awesome is that)… and that is where your focus needs to remain, that is where you will be happiest, not involved in the distracting opinions of others playing out their individual story. Keep your reactions as love, for every negative you hear or have presented send out a loving response wherever it is needed💚

We all have an incredible sanctuary of energy surrounding us, it is literally your very own mini universe, and you are in control of how your universe feels, and how your universe creates 🌎

Your universe now has the potential to lose all the drama, fear, stress and miscreated emotions that have been circulating within, they can literally just fall away now and you will be left with clear, vibrant, flowing energy, energy that is your life force, your connection to everything, and your space in the space that we all share, your universe of creation… you choose how your mini universe evolves from this point, from this new opportunity 💓

You deserve to give yourself a huge pat on the back, you and everyone on this planet has been forced into a situation that is totally out of our comfort zone, because we had all become comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation for way too long, and via some intense emotions, and situations, you have begun to feel the old ways, feel the old routines, old patterns fall away, while emerging all around us is a new dawn, a new dawn that contains compassion, love and respect for each other and Mother Earth… you are doing your bit, and together we are not only healing the world but creating a new one🌟

Know that every care giver, every person who is unwell, and every person who transitions at this time, is in every moment surrounded by the most powerful embrace of higher support and unconditional love, we are part of a much bigger community than we currently allow ourselves to see, but be assured the love, care and support is there to support every one of us through this process🤍

My friend be proud of how far you have come, of how you are healing for yourself and for the world, and in times when things in the outside world look like they are in turmoil, remember it is the old leaving, because love is now back in charge… there is no going back, the doors are shut🙏🏻

It’s time for the True You to Rise❤️

With much love from my heart to yours❤️

#trueyou #timeforthetrueyoutorise #trueyourevolution

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