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New Opportunities

Something miraculous is happening...💛

This is a momentous turning point this weekend, Easter Sunday signals the activation and awakening of your true heart...💛

This has been made possible due to the pause, and subsequent space created by the individual and global interruption of our living and existing... 🌍

This pause has created a break in the perpetual feed of learned behaviours that we have carried through many generations and lifetimes, on auto pilot... 🔁

March is a month well known for its ability to birth the new within us and within the world, March is always a time of transition and transformation... 💛

Following on from this powerful month is Easter Sunday 4/4, that brings with it new higher dna activations within us...💛

These activations will bring more remembering, truth and balance within you...🌟

This is truly momentous, because from this point so much is now possible should you wish to take the opportunity of a new start, a second life while still in your original human suit...

While there is still things to do relating to your own personal design of inherited learned living... now when you choose differently, get brave, get belief that new things are possible for you, and take steps in new bold directions...

those steps will no longer be like wading through the darkest, thickest, stickiest treacle... 😓

If you are ready to create a “new normal” for yourself, to not step back into that same living on loop, and now thrive in the manifestation of your real desires for this lifetime...

your freshly cleared path, for your unique personal journey, will rise to meet you...❤️

You are a changed person from a year ago, you have been through and/or witnessed a lot, and you are being called to step into your life a new... if you so desire🐣

The time is now, from today... the gates to the life you desire have just swung wide open... for your personal creation journey to begin🌟

This is the opportunity for you to step away from the noise and create your Youniverse...❤️

Ahead of you is only support and miracles just waiting for you to step in...

Take full advantage of the powerful and beautiful energy that is bathing you today, I recommend you create some space for yourself today, and just sit in contemplation...💚

Use a view, a candle, a flower for your focus point and ask what are your next best steps...?

You will hear the answer, have a pen to hand to write whatever comes to you, or just allow the feeling or thought to arise within...

This is, I promise, and incredible way to stop forcing what you think you should be doing, and allow the flow of a life you designed for yourself... take you by the hand for the most magnificent experience...❤️

Happy Easter my friend, much Love ❤️

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