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Building a new world

Firstly, thank you for all your responses and support for my first post in a while.

This has been the push I needed to just move, even if things are not quite as professionally presented or working as slickly as I was aiming for, but that is the whole point, it is no longer about perfection, it is about what is important.

For me, it is about getting information out to those who need it most, because between us we have a new world to build.

Be assured that many of us in human form have been preparing for this moment for many years, along with Mother Earth, and the Universal Community. Take comfort that while the world is turning upside down, the strength we gain during this time, will enable us to have the power to turn it right side up, to reveal the new world.🌟

So from today, we start creating this new world together. The only way to move forward and embrace what this situation has to offer is to work on yourself, to get to know yourself once more on a much deeper level, you will then become part of the collective recovery of our world. 🌍

As we have more time to reflect, we will become aware of the things that are really important to us, and we will realise once again how important we are to each other. 👭

We will become acutely aware of how much our community means to us, our family and friends, our social interactions, and the people we see every day travelling to and from work, on school runs, those familiar smiles, waves, hugs and hello’s… will be absent from our lives for a while.

We are being forced apart in order to realise, the interactions we share with each other, however small, in whatever capacity, are the precious moments that make up our days.👭

I want to use this time to take you on a voyage of discovery over these coming weeks, I want us to connect through my posts, learn, remember, open our hearts…so when we go back to our routines once more, we will have deeply embedded in our hearts, the beauty and importance of our relationships with each other, the earth, and the Universe. 💜

With every post I share, short or long... see and feel what meaning it holds for you. Feel free to ask questions, and maybe in time I can create a group to support each other, and exchange thoughts and wisdom… how wonderful that would be to have a Soul Sugar Community. 🌟

It started with love...we kind of messed things up... but love is back in charge once again ❤️ It is time for the True You to Rise, and the True Us to Rise together❤️

Welcome to the Soul Sugar Family💝

Huge love from my heart to yours ❤️

See you tomorrow

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