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Tuning into humanities energy this morning...my advice is...

Hold on to your Heart my friend...❤️

As I tuned in I felt a surge of emotion in my chest/heart area, a deep sadness, and grief...

November’s full moon eclipse is bringing the biggest of Heart openings ever experienced by any person in human form... ever🌟

You have been storing up these types of emotions for lifetimes upon lifetimes...

Grief for the loss of yourself, the dying of our earth, seeing your brothers and sisters in pain and suffering, being cut off from home...❤️

What ever your experiences in this lifetime and all your other lifetimes...

IT IS TIME TO LET GO OF IT ALL, every bit of you that is not settled in higher Love and Joy...

TODAY is the time to drop the cape of disguise...

You don’t have to hide anymore, it’s safe to show yourself, it is safe to be you, it is safe to Love unconditionally, and it is safe to be that unconditional Love...💜

I promise, it is safe my friend...❤️

How do you release these lifetimes of grief and emotion?

💫TODAY... pause regularly, breath in a little bit deeper, and exhale any unbalanced feelings that are present within you or in ANY interaction with anyone or anything...

💫With every word you speak today...

     Every action you take...

     Every emotion you experience...

physically feel it come from the voice of your heart, and if not breath again and go again...

💫Stop and feel where every action, word, thought and emotion, if it’s not from Love and nutrality... breath and reframe it

💫welcome in this stunningly beautiful energy, wether you sense it or not... intention is EVERYTHING

When I turned in and I felt the emotion sweep through me, I asked for something I could pass on to assist you today, and the photo is what I was given...🎁

The exact point of the sun in this photo is energy filled, if you use this and focus on the central sun, the energy will naturally infuse you with these incredible energies we have access to today... meditate on it, stare at it, appreciate it... ☀️

TODAY IS THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY.. you easily get to make space and take on this higher energy by just welcoming it in...🤍

Your physical body is ready to take on this energy of the higher you, your light body... that you and the whole of the universal community have been working to get you to this point for many years...💚

CELEBRATE the fact that YOU and Mother Earth, can today, monumentally begin to reinstate your original energy of Love and higher perfection...🎉💜

This is a massive milestone in our progress, and as you move your energy up a notch so does the whole of humanity...👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨

It’s a collective thing, we’ve had the collective lower energy around for eons of time...



Thank you for your part in this...❤️

With massive Love from my heart to Yours on this most momentous of days... ever❤️

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