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A reminder for you...❤️

Despite what you are witnessing, there is a plan, it is on going and being guided by many in this world and in worlds beyond this world...💝

There are different stages to this plan because... you cannot transform your personal energy in the blink of an eye, your physical body couldn’t cope...💚

We cannot transition the lower energy out in one go... the world and society couldn’t cope, mentally and emotionally we would crumble...❤️

We have tried for many lifetimes to once again re create our divine home here on earth and within us while in our human suits...💝

But all times previous, the energy of the the world, and humanity wasn’t ready...

but now it is...❤️

This week there has been another success in the Human Plan, all holding space for the lower energies has been dismantled...🤍

There is now no longer anything feeding those behaviours, thoughts, and actions...

This can translate as desperation in the outside world as these lower energies try to hang on, and things can get louder as the old make a last ditch attempt to keep control...❤️

But a new template is now in place within the earth, this grid is being activated now...

The old grid that used to flow with the lower energy of control is now dismantled...💖

The new grid structures are coming on line and will begin to feed the earth with the energy, love and light of creation...🌎❤️

With the aim to infuse our earth and everything on the earth, us included, with the original life force energy that keeps us connected to each other, our eternal selves and our place in the universe...💚

So, when you feel like it’s closing in and nothing is moving forward, or you have concerns about the future... the plan is in place, it is successfully moving forward... and all is well...❤️

While it is uncomfortable and painful at times... but without this plan, where we were heading was much worse... 💙

We now have a future, the Earth has a future, life has a future ...🌟

So remember...

💫This is an incredible plan to save our earth and humanity

💫The plan is here as an opportunity

💫The plan is here to highlight to us that living with lower emotions, belief’s and actions had become our normal

💫This plan was designed by all of us

💫This plan will highlight what your lower emotions and beliefs are, and that everyone’s will be different

💫This plan, along with all the help from worlds beyond our world, is designed to ensure we uncover and see the truth of who we are...

💫This plan is a process to trigger the exact lower emotions and belief’s that have been hiding your beauty as a creator, by highlighting them...

💫This plan will highlight these things for you and provide opportunities to heal them and release them...

💫As this plan progress’s the world will open up to you with a fulfilling life experience...

💫As this plan progresses more and more people will remember and tune back into their truth and assist others to do the same...

💫This plan will ultimately save humanity, the earth and preserve the opportunity that is life...

💫and is something to be celebrated.

When this plan appears to be challenging you on many levels, just remember this is the plan to get us home to truth and love ❤️

It is time for the True Us to Rise❤️

With love from my heart to yours❤️

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Photo curtesy of Pinterest

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