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Lack of self worth, not feeling good enough...

Chapter 17 of The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything
Health, Dis-ease and Loving You

there’s a lot of it about 😮

Society gives recognition, praise, approval, acceptance, and love to a false materialistic identity, the very same identity we then accept as ourselves🤔.

Society gives recognition, praise, approval, acceptance, and love to a false materialistic identity 💰 as a measure of us as human beings 👫

We are measured by our external achievements, and have lost appreciation and gratitude for ourselves as a whole. You see we can never truly love something that is false, and this is where the stumbling block occurs.

To love ourselves unconditionally for the perfect beings that we are, and to fully appreciate and respect ourselves, we need to lose the false self with which we judge ourselves and on which we are judged.

Real Self Love, Self Acceptance, and Self Respect is a very difficult thing for us to achieve because we see ourselves as solely human, and carry with us all the distorted beliefs we have been given about ourselves, and our world.

These beliefs are far removed from the beauty that each one of us actually is... and therefore WE STRUGGLE TO LOVE THAT WHICH IS NOT TRUTH.

This is why we have an epidemic of self-neglect, wether it be neglect through substance use, diet, exercise, alcohol, smoking, unbalanced behaviour/thoughts, or any other area of self care.

If we grasped the utter magnitude of who we actually are, and the miracle of our physical and eternal existence, we would never, ever, treat ourselves with anything other than self love and respect🌟❤️🙏🏻

Fundamentally, our lack of self-love is created, by our loss of identity. We are trying to love other people’s stuff that has become who we think we are, and we can’t ever fully love that which is not authentic.

(From chapter 17 of The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything, Book 1)


So here we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, and one of the emotions and belief systems that are coming up for many, is one of not being good enough, and struggling with self worth. This is a very common theme right now.

Why is this being highlighted for so many?

Because most of what we identify ourselves with, the labels we carry to bolster our purely ‘human’ identity has been stripped away. Whether it is our job, our  routine, our role within the family... things have changed, and what many of us base our identity on has been swept away, leaving us exposed, fearful, a bit lost, and insecure.

This global teacher has been sent to help us to connect with something more within ourselves, this teacher is asking us, telling us it’s time, time to be with ourselves and discover a bit more about ourselves, so we can create a new way of being, and a new earth. It is making us question our lives, and the role we play to fit in and satisfy society’s expectations.

This is why you may feel insecure and even a bit worthless, because the false you is not being reinforced by routine at this time.

But the blessing in all of this is, as scary as it may be, you have the opportunity to investigate what you really want your life to look like, while living your short life here on Earth.

Do you want to leave a legacy of love, and support to others? Do you want to leave knowing you got brave and lived what you loved?

If the answer is yes, start investigating now, a tiny or big amount each day, let the universe and the energy of possibilities we all live in know you want something more, and you are ready. It doesn’t have to be big and bold, it can be a tiny thing, but consistency is the key... ❤️ I will share some tips on how to support this even more tomorrow.


And for you, if it’s time to really find out who you are and how to live a new beautiful life, created by you... take advantage of everything I have found within myself and through the privilege of sharing others life experiences. I offer all the information in Book 1 freely to you and with an open heart. With my blessing use everything you can to create your best life and the best version of you possible.

Start finding the answers to those important questions now, so when your time comes to leave this earth and return Home, you will know you have lived the best life ever and your passing will be as natural as awakening to the sunrise.

I invite you to be a part of the experience this book has to offer, it’s opportunities to embrace your potential, finally realise your incredible worth, and have an beautiful life through YOUR own empowerment... as the incredible, creative and eternal being that you are ❤️

It really really is the time, and the opportunity you have been waiting for... for the True You to Rise ❤️

With much love from my heart to yours ❤️

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