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Soul Sugar Update 30th October 2020 - Where us humans are at in this process…

Halloween today, full moon today, a coincidence, hmmm I think not.

I know many of you have days when you feel like you are hanging on by your finger nails, others are frustrated, some are just plain angry, others fearful, and many just can’t see where the future is taking us.

Well I’m here to grab your hand and tell you all is in order and all WILL be ok.

This is an update of where we are at in this particular part of The Great Human Plan, the great human plan to get us once and for all out of the shit…

Those of you who have worked with me, read Book 1, studied with me, will know what you see playing out on Earth is no random cluster of events, this is a PLANNED evolution, revolution, and ascension, planned down to the absolute finest detail.

You and everyone on the earth at this time has volunteered, chosen, and been chosen to be here at this time, because of your ability to hold your particular space while all hell breaks loose!

Everyone has their role to play, some are here because of their ability to hold the light in place while everything crumbles, and use that light to bring in the new. Others are here to agitate the old aggression, hatred, control, discrimination etc aka the Ego, that has governed us within and without for so long. Others are here as the support team to the game changers doing their thing, others are here to communicate with and bring in the assistance of the rest of the universal community from the worlds beyond our world. And many are her to ‘just’ evolve within themselves (don’t underestimate that job), release, and grow into and merge with, their True Primary Selves… which then enable’s others to do the same.

All in all, we are all intertwined, and it is the honoured few that made it here to deal with this shit… that ultimately is leading us to eventual Utopia.

In Book 2, that I am currently writing, I will be covering every single detail, experience and event that I can share with you to clarify this Human Plan, from the beginning of everything, the real beginning of the Human Story, to where we are at now, it’s going to give you the answers, understanding and clarification to all of this, and you are going to love it… raw, honest and certainly lots of information that you will never have been told.

That will take a book, but it doesn’t stop me sharing now, updates of relevant and current progress in the Great Human Plan.

So where are we at on October 30th 2020…

After many years of collaborative work by many in human form, and those not incarnate at this time, what is known as the True Feminine Energy was reinstated after eons of time (massive achievement). This has been a time consuming and challenging project, however as we moved into the new decade, in January 2020 the True Feminine Energy was fully present again within every one of us on earth, and every person had the extreme polarities of Lower Male and Female Energies within them rebalanced.

What does that mean exactly? Well in our original state of creation as humans, we had the combined and intertwined perfect balance of True Male Energy and True Female Energy.

Our physical bodies operated here on earth with both energies perfectly in balance, this meant that the respect, strength and honour related to the male was a strong and honourable part of our guidance in human form. The True female Energy was the nurturing, soft, all powerful Love energy that not only guided us beautifully powerfully in our human experiences, this Feminine Energy was also responsible for our connection to the whole of the universe.

This True Feminine Energy was crucially our connection to the whole universe while in physical form, via our physical ‘spiritual glands’ of the pituitary, Pineal, and Thymus glands.

Most importantly the True Feminine Energy held in place the violet coloured energy chord from our Heart, that connected us to the records of the whole of Universal History, the knowledge of who we truly are, and to the ultimate energy of creation.

When our True Feminine and True Masculine energy were in place, we had the perfect balance of care, respect, strength, and Love… for everything, because we knew that we are everything, and everything is us.

So, what happened… where is all the Love, care, nurturing, respect and honouring of all life gone? Well…

In the early stages of our human existence, free will took a bit of a wrong turn, by many humans it was decided that free will could and would be used for personal gain while here on earth (very simplified, but accurate description of our demise). During this process the more we operated from the energy of personal gain, respect for the whole became more and more a thing of the past.

How did this affect us? The more this unbalanced energy was used, the stronger and more dominant it became… we became our thoughts and actions. More and more the Lower Male Energy took the reins, and this wasn’t the original True male Energy, and so we collectively became the distorted Male energy you now know as Ego.

The distorted energy of the Lower Male Energy gradually began to overshadow and dilute the True Female Energy, which was part of our original design and make up while in human form, until it had become completely dominant.

This meant that anything outside our ’Human’ form became hidden, shielded from us, and completely overshadowed (shadow indeed)… we could no longer hear ourselves, it all went dark and very quiet.

So, with the new belief that our human form was all there was, we became obsessed with the illusion that our only purpose for being here was to gratify and serve our human self and human senses, and succeed at whatever cost… very bad move indeed!

With the Lower Male Energy dominant, with no guidance or even memory of our true origins and connection to everything, we slid down hill pretty fast into the Ego behaviour of dog eat dog, control, hatred, discrimination, I’m better than you, and fear… basically anything different from ourselves became an unacceptable threat to be judged and warned off. We’ve had some pretty dark times in human history, and when you go over the events that made history, you will see all actions were taken out of fear and the need to control.

So how is this relevant to now, the day before Halloween and beyond? Because at last, after a number of years, the True (divine) Feminine is back in place! We are not trying to balance the energy of the True male and Female, we aren’t in the process of balancing… it was done at the end of last year, and fully integrated back into every person on earth.

In December/January 2020 when the True Male and Female were bought back into balance, the low energy of the old Male Ego Energy was unclipped, its energy could no longer survive… and this is what you see playing out as part of the Human Plan now.

During the spring months of March (lockdown) many of us where forced into a time out, in order for these energy’s to balance themselves and for the human body to be able to reintegrate them without overloading the physical body, and at the same time it triggered our inner knowing that there was more to ‘life’… so many of us became very reflective regarding our lives during lockdown… this was due to you feeling/acknowledging the reintegration of your True Female Energy and connection to something more.

Now while this is momentous and incredible, there is a process that has to be completed regarding this side of our evolution/ascension back to our True selves and place within the Universe.

This is a Universal Plan, a Global Event, everyone is part of this integration process, everyone is playing their part, your confirmation... in comes the ‘Global Pandemic”!

You see it’s all in order, what a plan eh! With the global pandemic came reminders that we are all connected, all one, our earth matters, our brothers and sisters are not just by human birth, but also by universal connection… and you have witnessed every one of these aspects come up for recognition over these past months through various events and incidents, as the Female and Male energies went through the re balancing process.

As the lower energies released and the true Female Energy began regaining its place… compassion, care for something other than ourselves became important, care for our carers became paramount, our neighbour’s became something to cherish, and horrible events that had been going on for decade’s were coming to the surface (and still are) to be aired and highlighted for the low energy they are… and not something this new part of us is willing to accept.

All the confirmation you need of this process is there in plain sight.

With the successful integration of the True Feminine part of ourselves the Ego energy can no longer survive in this higher energy, it is being pushed, forced, and transmuted to the surface. That is what all the perceived chaos and uncomfortable events are about, they have been there for decades, but they have been allowed to go unrecognised for what they truly are… because through the lens of the Ego we had no ability to see anything other than our human existence and human selves.

So as something far more respectful and beautiful takes its place, this old Ego Male Energy that has been dominant for so long, has lost its seat in the parliament of humanity and has no place in the energy of the new world.

All the work has been done to guarantee our successful, happy ending… however we need to allow ourselves to glide through this painful spot popping process (apologies for the analogy) until all the disgusting gunk has been released, the surface healed over and sealed for good… and only NEW skin will exist.

All is absolutely, positively ok, and perfect, The Great Human plan is on course, in fact more than on course back to an existence that makes much more sense and is fuelled by Love (True Female Energy) and Respectful Strength (True Male Energy)… in perfect balance.

With much Love from My Heart to Yours

*As I was writing this a sign of confirmation came in for us, I had an unusua