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Day 1 Tip - Write!

Discovering yourself in this space
Tip 1 - Write

Tips to help you discover new possibilities…


At the end of the day, when the house is quiet and your day of doing is done. Take a pen and note-book, earphones in with relaxing/meditation type music and put pen to paper.

Use this time to practice connecting to the higher guidance of yourself, guidance that is always in you, but you are often too busy to notice it. At first it is helpful to focus on what you need guidance on, inspiration or help with, and then over time you can just take a pen and see what happens.

Set the intention of having a strong connection with your Higher Guidance, take some breaths to connect with your heart, just place your gentle focus there. If it feels right, you can also ask for other spiritual help that you feel comfortable with, and just write. See what comes to you.

Don’t over think it, there is no right or wrong way, and over time you will create a great rapport with yourself and gain top advice!

You might find as you write, there is a mixture of recording feelings and emotions around a subject, event or question, followed by clearer vision/advice.

This is an invaluable tool to have, as you do this you are setting the intention to hear your inner wisdom and knowledge, over time this will begin to naturally filter into your everyday living, you will become practiced at hearing your intuition and what is true for you.

So, keep it simple…

  • Relax

  • Focus on intention

  • Ask a question/seek inspiration

  • Write

Last thing I would say is set aside time for this, we have great intentions, but without setting aside a specific time, its quite likely the voice in your head will distract you with something else to do. This is meant to be a relaxed way of you connecting with your inner guidance, and intuition… so have fun with it, and enjoy the process x

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