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Day 2 Tip - Get a Head Full of Inspiration

Tips to help you discover new possibilities…

Get a Head Full of Inspiration...

We spoke about the voice in your head in the first post of this series of tips link

We currently find ourselves in a time of big change, with different routines, and it can bring up fears and uncertainty. Trust me on this, the voice in your head will grasp this opportunity with both hands and will take you down all kinds of narrow alleyways!

This is where your Tip 2 comes into play. If you are going to fill your head with something, let’s make it uplifting, inspiring and empowering?

So, Tip 2: read, study, learn, listen to audio books and podcasts by great educators, people who inspire you, about subjects that excite you, because... even if you are not surrounded by inspiration, listen to others who inspire you… and you will become that very same inspirational energy!

Whether you have always wanted to learn about floristry, car mechanics, reiki healing or animal behaviour… whatever it is there is almost certainly a course or podcast on it.  

You grow by experiencing new things, by being open to sources that support your vision, and help you to get where you want to be. We all have a passion and even a purpose within us, and even if you have no clue what that is, the clue will be in how something makes you feel, if you feel something it’s a clue.

You are depriving yourself, and the world, if you don’t honour yourself by living what makes you feel most alive, whether it’s a hobby or a job, there is only one of you and whatever you do, it is special and unique.

Whether this time opens up a desire in you to change career, to do something that excites you and causes you to feel more creative, or something that just shapes your day in a positive way… upgrading what you expose yourself to in terms of inspiration, will only ever enhance your life every single day.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of free material on line, as well as paid courses. If you feel you want to learn something new, but are unsure what, search through some of the on-line course providers, Udemy have up to 100,000+ on line courses, and some courses can be as little as £9.99. It is similar with podcasts, there are so many to choose from, plus is so much free content out there, just like this 😃

If you have the time to immerse yourself in something new that is great, but even if you only have limited time, perhaps swap some screen time, listening to the news time, or tv time, into your time! Take this time to feed yourself with inspiration and it will be a game changer.

Whatever you feed yourself with mentally and emotionally creates your world, if you are exposed to inspiration and creativity you will become that very same energy. If you demonstrate to the universe that you want to make some positive choices and changes, and actually take a big or a tiny step, it will respond because you sent an instruction out into the field of energy that creates your reality and, never doubt or underestimate this… you are a creator… truth!

There we are, Tip 2 done! So, what are you going to look up today, and listen to or read?

Remember, that voice in your head will find a reason why you shouldn’t or can’t, so make sure you run those reasons past your heart, and not just your head, for an honest check in!

I want you to have just the best life and experiences ever, I absolutely know 1000% without any shadow of a doubt, you are a creator, and this time is offering us all something more, it is offering us a change in routine, a routine that most of us have been doing on auto pilot, and that isn’t just a routine on auto pilot… that is your life!

It really is time for the true you to rise, so take a step today using Tip 2 and let me know what you are doing. Contact me (via my website) or comment on this blog… whatever it is you choose, a short podcast, a chapter of a book or registering for a course… I want to know, because if you are accountable, you are much more likely to take the step, and I also want to hear from you… because you matter to me!

Thank you for joining me today, and Tip 3 will be with you tomorrow. In case you are too busy with your new inspiration to check in on Facebook, pop your details in the subscribe box below, and I will send tomorrows Tip straight to your inbox when it’s ready.

With Love from my heart to yours


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