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Day 3 Tip - Fill Yourself With Sparkle!

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Fill Yourself With Sparkle!

Physicist’s Albert Einstein and Max Planck’s combined discoveries show that, if you look really deeply into the smallest known particle of matter, there is no matter; only vibrating energy!

Everything in our universe is made up of these vibrating particles, the slower the vibration of a particle, the denser and heavier something is, the faster the vibration of a particle, the lighter something is.

This is the same for everything, whether it be emotions, objects or food. And in Tip 3, I wanted to remind you about making some lovely, sparkly choices, around the food you put in your body.

We are all taught that food provides our body with the nutrients we need for good health, which it does, but it actually runs a bit deeper than that. I will discuss in more detail at another time, but while we are all at home with not as much to do as usual, food can often be high our agenda!

So, like everything, food carries its own vibration, it is made up of vibrating particles, and what is really helpful to become aware of is that the vibration of your food has a big impact on the vibration of your physical body. If your body is healthy and vibrant, filled with light high vibrational food, your physical body will be vibrating at a beautiful high level too.

Your body is designed to be healthy, with a high vibration, but so much of what we are exposed to can lower the vibration of your body, and that is when problems can occur with your health. We are more and more aware that emotions, stress and environmental factors can affect our health, but something you can do to support your body’s vibration is make some conscious food choices, because like everything, food has its very own vibration.

The higher the vibration of your food, the higher your vibration will be, so here are some important things to remember when making your food choices;

Food has the ability to affect your consciousness, in other words how much you can hear your deeper self, your intuition, the earth and the universe, as well as your physical energy, mood and concentration. When your choices are based around low vibration foods, they have the ability to damp down the high vibration of your physical body.

When you choose high sugar, processed, industrially produced ‘dead’ food, that is the vibration you are putting in your body. This lowers your vibration and can suppress you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, because the vibration of these ‘foods’ are so low they bring your sparkly high vibration right down.

When you choose fresh, living, local, organic food that is free of harsh chemicals, and is grown with care, and even love… wow your body lights up! This high vibration food literally energetically talks to your body, it shares the gift of the intelligence of Mother Earth right into your body… how amazing is that!

And here’s more…

  • Natural food has a deep connection with itself, and the earth. It grows in harmony and unison with its environment, it thrives by being connected and completely in time with its needs. This brings about a super intelligence, life force, and inner balance, which is shared with you when you eat it!

  • Living food grows and is nourished by the earth, by being nourished by real food it eventually connects with your ability to self-nourish. It shares with you the importance and art of self-nourishment… a def wow moment!

  • Eat seasonally, because nature has this totally sorted! A perfect example of this is a grape and a raisin. Nature provides a fresh, light, hydrating grape in the summer and eventually the grape becomes dried by the sun, providing perfect nourishment for the winter.

  • Food talks to your cells, this is a fact. Food gives instructions to your body’s cells. Living food gives instructions your body can understand that encourages your body to thrive, and yep processed foods give instructions to your cells that don’t make sense, and cause disruption to your health.

  • When preparing food do it with good intentions, happy mood, gratitude, you will feel this in your food, because it will affect your food vibrationally. Most people are aware of the saying “there’s nothing like Mums or Grandmothers cooking”, and that’s because its prepared with the energy vibration of love, and the intention to nourish, and that’s exactly the energy that makes the food taste so good, and why your body feels nourished and cared for.

It’s all about vibration and intention!

You see low vibration food has the potential to hold you in a dark place emotionally and physically because it affects your consciousness, your life spark, your life force, your connection to the earth. Factory food is dead, it contains no life force. The machines used cannot replicate the energy and vibration of Mother Earth. Machines cannot imprint your food with sunshine, rain, and the vitality of the earth. This is energy deprived food, and that lifeless food becomes part of you.

Food is so much less complicated than the information we are fed. Take a little breath before deciding on your food choice, start to notice how food makes you feel. Do not put yourself on a restrictive ‘diet’, human nature dictates that if we say don’t… we do!

Pile in the living foods that are packed with high vibration energy, come from that angle, no restriction, just pile in the living food… and eventually it will naturally crowd out the low vibration food. You will start to feel better, happier, energetic, positive and your clarity will increase.

Beautiful food is a total gift, literally a gift from Mother Nature to support and nourish you through your experience here on earth. There is a reason ‘Mothers cooking tastes so good’… because it is based on the love and care of “Mother Earths Food”.

Have fun with your food, love your food, love how your food makes you feel… and for some inspirational, no faff, no fuss cooking ideas, check out this amazingly beautiful human Hannah Munnings, she is literally a shining example of how food can make you radiate health and love. Hannah offers recipes, on line cooking demo’s, and she also does live cooking demo’s too. My personal favourites of hers are Raw carrot Cake Energy Balls and her Sweet Potato and Coconut Dhal… oh and her Apple Overnight Oats… I could go on!

You can find her here: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Enjoy your sparkly food, because it will help The True You to Rise

Thank you for joining me today for Tip 3. In case you are too busy with your new inspiration to check in on Facebook, pop your details in the subscribe box below, and I will send tomorrows Tip straight to your inbox when it’s ready.

With love from my heart to yours,


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