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Day 4 Tip - it’s only ever about the love

Tips to help you discover new possibilities…

it’s only ever about the love 💓

So today’s post is probably the shortest, but maybe the most powerful of all.

Because today it is about reminding yourself of the powerhouse of love that you are, and the power you have to change the world through your actions and energy.

Im talking about the all-powerful, deeply respectful, deeply reverent, and the original ultimate powerhouse of Love, that is our authentic self and at the core of everything in our world.

When we are in the middle of difficult times, challenges and uncertainty we often feel powerless to help ourselves or help others. This is a complete misconception, how could you possibly be powerless when you come from the same love and intelligence that created everything?

You are that very same all-powerful unconditional Love! And every time you send someone love, do something with love, the energy of love ripples out to the world via the space that we all share, while also resonating through your very own energy field to lift and feed you emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Today’s Tip 4 is about standing in your power once again as a creator, as someone who has the ability to help change the world.

So today my tip for you is just to spread some love, in whatever way you can, because you can ❤️

Thank you for joining me today for Tip 3. In case you are too busy with your new inspiration to check in on Facebook, pop your details in the subscribe box below, and I will send tomorrows Tip straight to your inbox when it’s ready.

With love from my heart to yours,


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