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Day 6 Tip - How do your surroundings support you?

Tips to help you discover new possibilities…

How do your surroundings

support you



This is my final tip in this week-long series… and Tip 6 is about regularly reinforcing everything we have covered, both in these tips, and also in my other Blogs over the past month.

So, todays tip is; whenever you can, re read the tips and blogs so you can keep all the positive life supporting information at the front of your mind, not only during this time of restrictions, but also as we move out of this too, especially as we move out of this, and your life begins to become filled up again 😅

Often when you re read something you will get something completely different from it the second, third, or even fourth time🤩

As well as re reading this and other inspirational stuff, the other tip I would give you is to surround yourself at all times with positive tools to reinforce and assist the True You to Rise and keep you on track. It is so easy to just get caught up when your life gets filled up, and as we discussed, auto pilot is not going to give us a life to remember 💫

Surrounding yourself with positive tools can include, anything from post-it notes around your home and workspace, they could have just one word on it that reminds you to maybe just breath and look around so you are present, it could be a sentence that reminds you to think, act, and react from your heart not the voice in your head, a word or phrase that reminds you to choose love over fear… the options are endless 👍🏻

What you fill your home with is important, positive TV programmes, books, natural house products, and even a couple of small vases or glasses with some foliage from nature, it will bring the vibe of nature into your house, doesn’t have to be expensive flowers, just greenery from outside or a small bunch of flowers filled out with greenery, it really lifts your house, and all these things will affect your environment and the energy you create 🌿

Support your true energy by having clean, living, sparkly food (see Tip 4) available to enjoy, get out in nature, get your feet on the ground (see Tip 5)🍎

If you haven’t already, start to build a network of people who support your vision, who support and encourage you to unwrap the True You. Either through local interest groups, on-line groups… just keep the vibe high with the people in your life 💕

And finally, to end this series of Tips, I say;

Guard your thoughts, and where they are taking you, at all times. Never again let fear be your motivating factor in life, and stand in your power, even if initially, you have no clue what that means or feels like 🌟

Stand Tall, and you will become tall. Practice self-love, and you will become love. Practice self-belief, and you will believe in yourself. Practice creating from your heart, and you will create 💝

It’s time for the True You to Create and Rise ❤️


I hope you have enjoyed these past weeks of Tips and sharing, as always you can pop your details in the subscribe box www.soulsugar.co.uk/blog and I will automatically send over any updates and Blogs, so you don’t miss anything that could support and inspire you.

You can find some of what we have talked about in more detail, and much much more, in The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything Book 1, in which I share everything I can, to help you remember who you actually are, not just what society has told you you are, it’s fascinating and liberating… I promise, or your money back!

With love from my heart to yours

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