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Its a Spiritual Showdown

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Its a Spiritual Showdown

Who are You?

Why are you here?

Where are you going next❤️

Who are you really, not the (insert your name here) version, who are you wholly, who were you before you were born into this life as You?🌟

Why are you here?🌟

Who will you become when you leave your human suit?🌟

We have ignored these question’s for so long, too long now. You have lived as the person society expects you to be, lived how you have been taught to live… but not as the truth of who you are, and this is why globally we find ourselves in this situation today🌍

We have been running very fast, literally running to the next thing as quick as we could, on some level we were running from ourselves, too scared to stop and ask questions, too scared to be with ourselves.

Running at a hundred miles an hour via work, family life, whatever fills our life and keeps us busy, has been the outlet to keep us distracted, because then we don’t have time for these bigger questions, we don’t want to ask those bigger questions because it causes fear.

The fear however is unfounded, it is an illusion, fear is a very human emotion, a mis created emotion that has formed because you have lost touch with your history, your Soul’s history, the detail of who you were before you arrived here for this human experience, why you are here, and where you are going next💕

Fear only becomes an issue when you feel out of control, when you aren’t aware of the full facts… because when you have all the facts, when you have the truth at your fingertips and the knowledge of your origins in your heart, there can be no fear💛

When you understand the truth of who you are, who we are… you see fear as the illusion it is.

When you ask who was I before I arrived in my human suit?

* “You/we are eternal beings, we are consciousness before we become form, we are made up of energy, that at its heart is Love, and this energy is deathless… it only ever changes form. There exists a creative conscious intelligence that created everything; you are that very same creative, conscious intelligence, because you came from the same source. So, before you donned your human suit my friend, you were alive! You are consciousness at your very being, with a history, with a past and with the wisdom of all time within your cells, I think that makes you very powerful… and there can be no fear in the face of your divine creator power”❤️

When you ask why am I here?

* ” Do you really think this was a coincidence, the magnificence of creation just happened, for no apparent reason? No planning, no purpose, no reason for earths existence, just some random events that found us being human?🌍

If you were to create something incredible, on the tiniest scale of equivalence, it would start with a purpose and a plan. And of course, there is a plan and a purpose to the creation of our planet, and the universe. There is so much to this life cycle than at this stage, you can remember. The earth the universe, and life itself is no accident. The universe is buzzing with plans; options, planets, and life; we are all directors of the current part we are playing in this plan, not victims… you are a director”.🌟

Where are you going next?

* ” Death is an illusion of the limited human senses and has been translated into the termination of all life, because in our present, “I am totally human”, self-obsessed state, we cannot see around the corner of death to reveal what lies ahead. We no longer perceive death as part of a natural process within the bigger cycle of universal existence, because we have lost all connection to our origins, and our place in the universe. Your human form is just one vibrational expression of who you are, you are a mass of vibrating energy, and anyone who transitions from their human body is still a mass of vibrating energy, and at the core of that is consciousness.🌟

When a person transitions, there is no death, only life and of course Love”.❤️

So, we find ourselves at this point in human history, because we had to stop the rush, the distractions, the blinkered existence, because globally we came to a choice point, something had to give, because where we were heading was not a place where Mother Earth could survive, our home is dying, we are all aware of this on some level but our busyness stopped us from being able to react and to act🌍

This pause in human life also means we have the opportunity to open our hearts through care, compassion and love towards others… and when your heart is forced open the memories and reality of who you are, begin to be revealed… because the knowledge and understanding of the True You, and the Truth of our Universal Community… is hidden in plain sight, within the human heart💝

It’s a Spiritual Showdown in motion… it’s time for The True You Rise, it’s time for The True Us to Rise, and Time for you to start remembering your home, your place in the Universe, where there is no fear…. only Love❤️

With love from my heart to yours❤️

* taken from The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything, chapters 18 & 19, you can order your copy here https://www.soulsugar.co.uk/books

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Photo acknowledgement Pinterest - Yanpro

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