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Sundays Learning From Our Current Global Teacher

It’s Mothers Day here in the UK... no coincidence that our current global teacher is highlighting how connecting with others, sharing moments, love, laughter and being fully present are in fact, (despite our forgetting) the most important things to us as human beings.

I don’t know about you, but I am already missing the hugs and exchange of conversation from all sorts of people I usually come into contact with... I am known as a hugger, and I’m beginning to find out how life sustaining it is. Literally life sustaining...without Love in whatever form, we can not survive. 🤗

Our current global teacher is reminding us of the things we have distracted out of our lives, and that are crucial to our survival... love being the most important, love of self, love of others, and love of Mother Earth.

While most of us show love and care to others, we do so during a race to the next thing, as we leave for work, rush to get the children to bed, as we try to cook dinner, as we worry about what we need to get done... we do show love, but we don’t always do it with connection and commitment... we don’t always actually feel it, really feel it in our being.

This is not a local lesson, in that we only have links with, and love for, our closest family. This is a global lesson, to remind us that no matter where in the world you are, your pain is their pain, and their pain is your pain, their love is your love, and your love is their love.

We are all one, and we are currently being shown this, because no matter where you are in the world, we are sharing the same virus. I can’t help but wonder if we had been more appreciative and aware of our interconnectedness, it may be love connecting us right now and not a virus.

Today in this less busy space, be fully connected and committed in the moment, when you show your love and care for others... and take a minute to replicate that love you feel for your family, pets, spring flowers etc... and send it out to the world, it will be extremely powerful... and our current global teacher will begin to be dispersed by love, the most powerful energy in the universe.

Sending huge love...

and of course hugs, from my heart to yours❤️

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