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The deepest part of this process

Tuning into humanities energy this is what I was given for today...

we are in the deepest point of this process❤️

We are in the thick of it now, this human plan “Return to Love”, we really are at one of the deepest deepest points in the process... and you may well be feeling it my friend💚

We are all at different stages, and that is perfection in itself, so be kind to you, and understand others are where they are as part of this process too...

But the reminder today has come in because of the depth point of this process... and I am told many are feeling deep emotions, and mental triggers this situation is presenting...🤍

I am being told that the energy circulating in the areas of clearance within this process are those of deep frustration, pain, apathy, lack of enthusiasm for any part of life, feeling trapped, and sadness without cause...

My friend if any of these are within you at this time, it is time to remember... those feelings represent something other than your true self... they are a reflection of the deep soul searching every human being on this planet has been forced to confront, consciously or not, everyone has been affected, triggered, somehow, someway...❤️

But remember these particular feelings, and all that have reared their head during this past year... are nothing new, you have lived with them consistently, you are just being made so much more aware of them... and how uncomfortable they make you, and how out of line they are in the face of our true selves...

“in the face of human perfection they hold no truth, no place and are of no service” ❤️

So this is the point my friend, these emotions are here to be explored but no longer owned, whatever the emotion, if it’s uncomfortable it is of no use or service to you...

“it is present because of previous misunderstanding of a situation and belief of having no control...

And all of them only hide your original perfection”.

These are emotions and behaviours that have been created because you have amnesia regarding your origins, your history and the truth of your power as a creator within this world...

amnesia creates fear and this fear creates emotions for you to try and feel in control of your life, in control of your external circumstances, to try and feel safe, significant and loved...❤️

But my friend, you will never find that outside yourself, that is the false belief we have created for ourselves...

There is so much you just don’t see and feel, due to these mis created emotions, but if you only take the time, I know in my heart... you will find You and never go back💕

I know, without doubt, you hold within you... the universal and human records and wisdom of all time, and a connection to the whole universe...🌟

It can be no other way, you are the exact energy that created EVERYTHING my friend... ✨✨✨


So take the time to get to a new point for you, a new point of creation, a new point of understanding... and any mis created emotion that is troubling you, will not raise its head again, because you will know, you will understand, and you will stand in your power with Grace💫

So how do you do this... how do you make a start? With just half an hour a day, thats all ...

Start your day with a routine, grab the time you need, and make this time for you non negotiable... 💯

So just take 10 mins (or more whatever fits your schedule) on each point below, apart from the first one...

  1. Breathe...This one only takes a moment or two... as soon as you get up open a window or door and take a deep breath, take in the fresh morning air and take a moment to acknowledge the breath of life... in the same way you took your very first breath that gave you life, you breath life into your new day, just take a few deep breaths of morning air before you do anything else🌟

  1. Read, study, learn, listen to an audio book by someone who inspires you, and stand on the shoulders of giants... “they inspire you because the exact same qualities you see in them are within you”! Think about that for a moment🌟

  1. Move... a little something that gets your heart rate up, a walk, a run, yoga, walking up and down the stairs, free mini YouTube workout... anything that gets you moving, it will ground you into your body for physical and emotional stability🌟

  1. Reflection time... sit on the floor or somewhere comfortable, breath in and open your heart and crown to the highest guidance... then allow yourself to ramble on in your head, express anything that is bothering you, annoying you, any emotions that are unbalanced, this is your opportunity to have a bit of a clear out of the mood and emotions that you don’t want to take into the new day. Then breath again, relax your whole body, and then give thanks from your heart for all that is precious in your life, from the smallest thing to the biggest, fill yourself up with the Love, this will build into your energy, and help you to operate from an energy point that will put out, and attract, the comparable energy of higher guidance, self intuition, happiness, abundance and Love. And lastly pray... ask for guidance on anything worrying you, anything you want answers to, anything you need support on... and know WITHOUT doubt you will be answered by your higher self and the team of incredible guidance you have around you🌟

If you take the time to Follow these 4 things for as little as 31 minutes in the morning... you will find You, each day you will feel and hear your true self and all the wisdom a little bit more...💫

And once you do, you will not be overwhelmed by external circumstances, and you will never go back into those shadows of emotions that cause the amnesia of your greatness...

If you choose You over the distractions of the shadows... you will have full sovereignty over this current experience and way beyond...🌟

It’s time to honour You... and this my friend now needs to be non negotiable


The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything is your handbook for this life and for connecting you to You... it is the most complete book on this subject I know of. If you feel it’s now time to include this in your reading routine, look out for the special VALENTINES SALE price being published here tomorrow...❤️

With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️

It’s time for the True You to Rise❤️

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