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Tuning into humanities energy this morning

Updated: Jan 29

Tuning into humanities energy this morning...❤️ This is what I found...

each stage of this human plan, and your part in it, has to be done step by step... your physical body can only take these leaps in consciousness, and physical and emotional releases a bit at a time...💛

So today I am very aware of the emotional shifting in the lower areas of the the body, the stomach and lower abdomen...🧡

The old emotions rising relating to this area that are...

how in control you feel of your external environment which is reflected in:

💫your family, and personal relationships

💫your relationship and beliefs around money

💫 your self belief and self confidence

💫your internal power vs how much power you give away to others and the outside world

💫self esteem

💫self Love

💫how secure you feel in this world, based on how much of your power you give away to it

This is a big push for the releasing of these emotions... we have already done a stage of this release a few weeks ago, but now we go deeper...🙏🏻

As always... “the world reflects exactly what we as individuals are clearing”, and provides the triggers to enable us to once again make our decisions, based on our truth...

and to uncover that very truth, strength and knowing, that has been shadowed by these old, unbalanced emotions...❤️

Emotions that we created as coping mechanisms, in a world that made no sense to us, a world based on finding our significance in a material existence...💜

When we originally held the truth of who we are in place, we had no need to prove anything, no need to create these emotions based in fear... fear of not remembering our beauty, and not remembering where we came from... 🌟

We are on the road home my friend, we are working to once again house our connection to home, our original perfection, our connection to our Soul... while walking the Earth in human form...💜

that is when you realise you are significance, you hold the wisdom of all time within every cell of your body, and that you are Love...❤️

So if you are feeling any of the above emotions coming to the fore in your life at the moment, self doubt, lack of control of your external environment, fear... know that these are false emotions that have been created in order to try and survive using the external as your truth...❤️

When in fact your are the answer, you are the miracle, you are the creator of your dreams...


“You will never find what you are looking for in the external... it is created within you, internally...When you create from within, following what feels right, following Love... the external will rise to meet you where you are at...”


So don’t be unnerved by the emotions being triggered, be gentle with them and yourself, acknowledge them, thank them for getting you this far, and allow them to just drift... because they will💫

And the external world will rise to meet you my friend... in incredible ways❤️

It’s time for the True You to Rise❤️

With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️

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