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Tuning into humanities energy this morning

Tuning into humanities energy this morning...❤️

I was asked to pass on the following update...

It’s taken an eternity to loose yourselves... but that changes now💫

As the years have gone by, and with each generation, every human has forgotten more and more of their true selves, and this is why you find yourself here now at this time in human history...💜

Your history, your story and your truth need to be uncovered, and we, and the whole universal community are in awe of your relentless commitment to be part of this human plan to bring heaven back to earth, and remember...

We know that you need to hear this more than ever at this moment, and to know that everything is in order, and to be reminded that you are a shining example of commitment to being part of the success of the biggest plan ever attempted in any part of the universe...❤️

It is time for suffering to end, it is time for every person to remember their brilliance, their divine creatorship, and to remember their place within the universe...🌟

It is time to remember what the gift life is, but also to remember that the human life you are so immersed in is actually just a moment in time...💜

And to this end, it is important to understand that the upset and worry that you may experience, is no more than a misunderstanding of your human make up... you have an incredible mind that is designed to ‘assist’ your Heart ❤️ ...

But as your Heart has become silenced by the noise of the world, your mind has become your navigator, your commentator and your guide...

This was never your original design... your Heart holds the truth of who you are, the knowledge of home, and the wisdom of all time...❤️

When humans lived by their Heart they had it all... unrivalled happiness, joy, health, no disease or worry, abundance in every area of life, and a deep respect and reverence for all life, and the gift that life is...💚

The emotional unbalance you suffer from is merely down to forgetting who you are and the power you hold within...🌟

But to be here now, we must tell you that you are a being filled with extraordinary divine power, or you wouldn’t be here now...💫

You are part of an army of Souls who volunteered to be here now, at this specific time, to help humanity remember what is important, to be the light when the shadows are rising...💛

So hold tight my friend, and know that you have a universe of support walking right by your side...❤️

You chose to be here because you are strong, you are an evolved being who’s light is deeply needed here on earth right now...❤️

So keep your focus, allow yourself times of quiet when things feel a little too much, but never forget, even if you don’t fully understand everything at this moment...

You are Loved more than you can imagine, you are supported in every moment, and appreciated and admired for playing your part in this magnificent human plan, Return to Love...❤️

We thank you from our place in the universe...and remind you all Is well❤️

You are making the difference my friend, and for that you will go down in history❤️

It’s Time for the True You to Rise, and it’s Time for Humanity to remember❤️

With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️

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