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Tuning into humanities energy tonight 02/02/21

The following information is critical for moving forward in 2021...❤️

One of the biggest difficulties humanity has been plagued with was highlighted in 2020... and that is Separation

Separation of the human family...

The lower energy (ego) that has held us captive to human conflict, survival of the fittest, judgment and comparison has caused incredible difficulties within human relationships, both close to home and in the wider world...

In 2020 the depth of separation and judgment was highlighted continuously on the world stage with some horrific events for all to witness...

bringing forth some of the most difficult and heartbreaking expressions of separation between the human family...

But during these times of witnessed separation as people’s emotional Heart centres were being stimulated and opened, it paved the way for a higher frequency of energy to enter every person on the planet... the higher energy vibration of unity❤️

These events now need to be learnt from, the separation we have considered as normal is now up for healing, and the next stage of this human plane is to build and set in stone the foundation of unity...💝

Unity will pave the way for the next stages of our ascension towards heaven on earth, for us all to house our connection to our Soul and the Universe while walking in human form...🌟

Unity will light us up with Love, and as we see and feel that Love within ourselves... we will once again see it in others💫

As we recognise the Love and Truth within our brothers and sisters... we will see nothing but ourselves❤️

As we look into another’s eyes we will see the light and Love that connects us all...💜

The ego has had us all in a bidding war against each other, in every area of our lives... due to your need to feel significant

And no one has been immune from this need to feel significant... because the truth of who we are has been hidden for so long, and we have been trying to feel something that we will never get from the outside word...❤️

There has been (and continues to be) some events at the present moment in time that are still stimulating and encouraging judgment between us all...👭

But the key to 2021 and the human plan is to weave Unity back into the fabric of human life... so do not be pulled into the strong opinionated energy of the ego, this will not help you or the world...💚

Your energy affects the speed at which the human plan moves forward, and judgment of others is really just judgment of self... and because of this, your energy needs to be directed inwards...❤️

As each one of us becomes the master of our reality, we change the collective reality...🌍

As you connect with Love for yourself and drop the judgment, you will offer that gift to others, because as you see the light in them you will help them to recognise the human family that was always united as one...

So your focus must include encouraging, practicing, and actioning Unity...❤️

Because separation is an illusion created by lower ego energy that has kept all of our lights under the veil of shadow...

My friend, you are part of me and I am part of you, there can be no separation...💜

When you take your last breath I will be waiting to take your hand, and you mine... because at that point there will be no separation👭

It’s time to stand together, stand in the energy of Love... and we will lead this human plan forward with a solid foundation for ourselves and all others who are trying to make their way through the shadows...

It is Time for the True You to Rise❤️

With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️

Photo curtesy of Mother Earth while walking with her 🌈

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