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Tuning into the energy of humanity

Tuning into the energy of humanity this morning...❤️

You are in between, in between you, and the outside world... there is dependence and guidance from both but neither...

This world that we have falsely relied on for so long to serve us, satisfy us, the world we have looked to, reached out to as our source of being is dismantling itself...💛

You aren’t getting your usual fix from sources outside yourself... and yet you aren’t quite hearing your inner self either...

You are in transition, you are being forced to withdraw from the drug that has been keeping you tied to so many untruths and learned behaviour... and that is uncomfortable for you, and you may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms... 💞

You can feel lost, uncomfortable, nervous, unsure, angry, even unclear on how to cope...

But the message for you today is clear...

You are holding your own through this, you are opening to hear something that will feed you from truth and creative power..🌟

You are learning about yourself and how to navigate this world from a point of truth for yourself, not dependency on things and circumstances outside yourself...💪

If you continue to be honest with yourself, look at what emotions this situation triggers for you... and why... what part of your life experience so far created this emotion in you?

You are being offered the opportunity to recognise anything that troubles you and see it for what it is... 💫

It doesn’t have to be a massive thing, but it can take some work to notice unbalanced emotions daily, and acknowledge the circumstances that still form your reactions to other circumstances now, all this time later...

Now is the time to have your fresh start, to create you, not as your past, we are all in a major reset opportunity... withdrawn from the world, to for once, see and hear ourselves...🌟

When you see this time as an opportunity to explore the things that come up for you... and throw them up to the sky to be carried away on the breeze, you will breath differently, you will feel differently, you will hear yourself again... more and more each day❤️

As your mind becomes quieter, without all the chatter of old beliefs playing on loop, you will hear yourself and the beautiful guidance of your inner intuition...🤍

As you master yourself, and stand grounded in the storm now...

You will create miracles, and who knows what miracles you will achieve as you begin to live again in the world...💫

Can you imagine the person you could be moving out of this after months of opportunity to see yourself...❤️

It’s easy to give into your fears, to sink into the pain... but navigate this and when the world ‘opens’ up again... you will be ready, ready as you, to create from a place of knowing, inner guidance and strength...

Ready to live as the beautiful YOU... no longer weighed down by the shadows of the past...

Just believe... and it is so, life is just waiting for you to step in and claim it... claim your true self, and it will rise to meet you... at a great height... 🌟

and that mountain view of the world will be the most beautiful view you have ever seen...💚

Believe, claim you, and expect miracles...

It’s time for The True You to Rise❤️

With Love from my Heart to Yours❤️

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