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World Earth Day - Rescue and Reset… do not miss this 444 finale today


Rescue and Reset…

do not miss this 444 finale today 🎇

22/4/2020 … the 3rd and final opening of the 444 portal is today 💫

This energy portal opened at the beginning of this month 4/4/2020 (4, 4, 2 + 2 = 4), followed by the second opening 13/4/2020 (1 + 3 = 4, 4, 2 + 2 = 4) and the energy has been building steadily every day until today🌟

For anyone who isn’t familiar with energy portals, they are powerful points of energy within the Earth, their energy circulates clockwise, and anti-clockwise. They are also known as energy vortices. They are like the chakras or acupuncture points in the human body, flowing energy with central vortexes of energy.

These energy portals/centres are connected by an energy grid running through the earth. There are crystals within the earth that receive and transmit energy and send it through the grids. Portals are also aligned with the solar system, Galaxy, and the Cosmos, and also align with particular star systems.

Portals can be found all over the Earth, and there are some powerful, and well known ones in various parts of the world such as Stone Henge UK, Macchu Picchu in Peru, The Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

These portals, along with the grid system, balance the divine feminine and masculine energy, and connect ‘heaven’ (universe) to earth and earth to ‘heaven’. Everything in the universe is energy, and energy systems such as this one on earth, can be found throughout the universe, and is what connects us, the other planets and also lost worlds, it is like and energy motorway system that connects everything in the universe... wow💙

The 444 portal that is open today in conjunction with the new moon, is offering us energy that is vibrating at a frequency to support our current journey of elevation out of the lower energy world, and the situation we find ourselves in. It is guiding us through the shifts, changes, releasing, and pivoting of our lives.

During this 444 portal finale, you are encouraged to •observe where you are, and •set intentions as you move through this crucial and fundamental reset, and regeneration period 🤔

444 is also significant in that it signifies that your angels, guides, and universal community are by your side... and we are not alone as we take this journey 😇

The universal community including other star systems are not only watching and learning from this unique transition in human history, but we also have bands of organised help infusing our planet with energy to support the stages of our transmutation and transformation🌍

Know that you are supported at all times, not just by your human family and friends, you are also supported and guided by the universal community🤗

* “The world away from this world, is not separate from us, it is not some far away mystery, it is a logical, functioning, populated, progressive, divine place. Much like here on earth, except here on earth we have temporarily forgotten the divine and infinite parts of ourselves”.

On World Earth Day, as our planet and human bodies are showered by an influx of energy to support us, it is worth remembering this life on earth is a blessing, we have turned our experience into something it was never meant to be, and in this period of earth and humanities rescue and reset, we need to remind ourselves of the obligation we have to once again live with, and alongside Mother Earth, in a cycle of mutual service and respect💫🌍

Take comfort from the fact that you are part of something so well organised, and you are supported by unimaginable numbers of the universal family.

The whole universe is watching, supporting and learning from this time in human history… let’s make ourselves, and them proud 🥇

Take advantage of the energy today and tonight when it is at its most powerful, but you can also take advantage of it over the next few days to observe where you are, set intentions, and hold a space in your heart of gratitude and healing for Mother Earth💚

Its time for Mother Earth to be allowed to once again rise, and it’s time for the True You to once again rise❤️

With love from my heart to yours❤️

Side note, if you can access an episode or two of David Attenborough’s series such as Planet Earth, Our Planet, Blue Planet or Seven Worlds, One Planet, it will connect you to the absolute beauty and mysteries of Mother Earth, and connect your heart with Mother Earths heart… on World Earth Day.

*paragraph taken from Chapter 18, The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything

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