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You are a magnificent and unique expression of life

You are a magnificent and unique expression of life...❤️

A unique expression of life that only you can externalise and share with the world🌟

The untruths you have been told up to now are no longer viable in a world that is changing beyond recognition...

A world that is becoming an expression of truth more and more each day... you are witnessing the dismantling of untruth and all that has been created because of us forgetting our divinity while walking in the human form...❤️

It is time for you to remember and own your truth, to stand in your power and express your uniqueness, grace and power through your human self...🌟

It is no longer about hiding, denying or ignoring that inner knowing that there is more..more to life and more to you💝

It is time to start listening, listening to your Heart and Soul, and You will guide You...💜

You can read, study, meditate, explore personal growth, spirituality, and connect with Mother Earth...🌍

But what will be your greatest teacher and guide is You... do discover new knowledge and explore new understandings, but your inner teacher is the only guru you need... and don’t let anyone tell to otherwise...❤️

I explain in my Book 1 how you hold the wisdom of all time in every cell of your being... and that is where you will find everything you every need to express yourself in this lifetime with Grace, joy and abundance...🌟

How do you follow the guidance of your Soul and the True You...?

Well my friend, it is simple beyond words... you see how something feels to you...❤️

That’s it... if you feel energised, happy and it’s something you don’t have to be pushed to do... there is some truth right there!

Feel it within... notice how something affects your energy, guide yourself through your days with this feeling radar in place...💜

Your Heart has thousands of “brain” cells that communicate with you through feeling, intuition and inner knowing... it’s just we haven’t been taught, encouraged to know and understand this part of our selves...💫

Your Heart will never let you down my friend, it is your guide, your library, and it holds your history and truth...💝

When you begin your journey as your unique self in human form, your life starts with your very first breath of life, gifted by Mother Earth... and your Heart responds by activating your divine form as Love...❤️

When you take your last breath on this particular journey in human form, you release from Mother Earth with your last breath... and your heart takes your memories of this lifetime back to your Soul...🌟

Fill your Heart with Life and Love my friend, for it is just a moment in time, that we are graced with this opportunity to express your unique self in human form... 🎁

It’s time my friend, and you have the support of the universe walking right by your side...❤️

It’s Time for the True You to Rise❤️

With much Love from my Heart to yours❤️

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