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You Are No Longer Your Past…

We needed to recognise, deconstruct, and then rebuild a new.

This whole situation is about bringing ourselves, our actions and our lives into clear focus, in order for us to see what needs to be acknowledged. To then have the courage to see everything for what it was, and recognise it is not who you necessarily wanted to be, what you wanted to create, or where you want to head towards.

This has been an ‘enlightening’ time, and now we are reaching a point where we are each unclipping from the past, releasing from what has been, and a life and world of actions that have now expired.

Today, May 31st 2020, is a very significant point in this human growth/reclamation plan, as today brings the end of a 3 year cycle of the reintegration of the Cosmic Mother back into our lives and our world. As we refer to our human home as Mother Earth, due to it being the planet that gives us life, nurtures and nourishes us, the Cosmic Mother is the Mother energy of the Universe, the Mother energy of creation, that we shut ourselves off from (while in our self-obsessed human state), and therefore have been closed to this creative, nurturing, guidance of the universe.

This completion and reconnection gives us the opportunity to use this energy of creation, new life, and nurturing to release from the past, leave it behind, and create again. 

We will be supported in this process via a triple eclipse cycle as we move into June 2020, 5th June 2020, 21st June 2020, and 4th July 2020. These combined eclipses will support us with the emotional and physical unclipping of the past from our physical body, and also support the creation of new beginnings.

So, your call to action for today is to:

1. Consciously think/verbalise and affirm the release of all that no longer serves you in in your new life creation.

2. Release, and unclip the past with Gratitude, Unconditional Love, and Grace.

3. Open your heart space to the new, and welcome in the assistance and energy of the Cosmic Mother to nurture and guide the emergence of the True You, into the new world.

And finally as we move out of May 2020 and into June, please take some time to think about the following statement, it might possibly be one of the most important to enable you to begin to build a life and co create a world, that up to this point, you have only ever dreamed possible, and with all the continued and constant support we receive from the universe and our friends in spirit, we can and will create a new world based on love, compassion and mutual respect for everything and everyone…

“You are NO longer creating based on your past. As you move forward, the past with all its outdated learnt behaviour and emotions, is NO longer a reference point. Live your life based on now, based on this moment, based on how this moment feels for you, and what your heart is currently telling you”.


Its time for the True You To Rise

With much Love from my Heart to Yours

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