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You are the miracle you have been waiting for...❤️

Updated: Jan 23

You are the miracle you have been waiting for...❤️

How is this your truth?

You came from the same source, the same miracle that created everything... ❤️

The miracle you see in a single blade of grass, to the highest mountains in the world... You came from that same source💫

The heart that gives you life every moment of your time here on earth, to the lungs that breath life into your absolute miracle of a physical body..You came from that same source💫

These and every single miracle that is life, came from the miracle point of creation..❤️

And YOU came from that very same miracle source....

that means YOU ARE a miracle...! 🌟

YOUR birthright, your heritage, your creation point is MIRACLES...

You came from a miracle... therefore the TRUTH is... You are a Miracle...💫💫💫

Your life is a miracle, there can be miracles in your life, your life can be miraculous... when you drop the old mis created beliefs of the constraints and lack of this human existence... 🌈

Look around you at this beautiful world.. NO WHERE displayed in natures existence is there lack or constraint...💚

That is simply a mental human creation...


This can be easily changed, so you are once again in line with the rest of creation...

See yourself at the heart of creation once again, see yourself in that incredible single blade of grass, and learn from it... 💚

See yourself as strong and powerful as that highest mountain, see yourself in that mountain and learn from it...🏔

The beauty, power and how mother nature guides itself... is in you, you were created in the same breath...🌟

When you once again believe... think, act and believe like the miracle that you are...

Anything is possible... who knows what you will achieve...🌟🌈

It’s time my friend, Time for The True You to Rise❤️

With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️

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