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You were not built to break

Ava is recovering super well... thanks and Love to you all again for your support🙏🏻❤️

So, after being jolted into 2021 which bought about more learnings through sharing Avas experiences... I am back with you again, able to focus on our journey together. I have missed you, I have missed the opportunity to interact with you all, I’ve missed doing what makes me feel alive ❤️

But I am present here for you again, and as always I welcome messages if there is something in particular you are struggling with or need clarity on (just drop me a DM)🌟

I will cover a few areas over the coming days that have come up for people, and if it’s coming up for one person, it will be for others too... so keep an eye out for the Soul Sugar posts❤️

But for now I wanted to take a moment to remind you, why we are at this point, why things are getting louder in the outside world... 🌎

As I spent the first couple of weeks in my own space, within my chosen directed focus for my daughter, I was totally detached from anything that was going on in the outside world💜

As things calmed, I emerged to an even louder, unbalanced situation than before new year... I had to take a couple of days to catch up on rest and also ensure I grounded myself within, before the events of the last weeks came into my focus...🌎

Because I knew I was exhausted and still emotional from my daughters situation... and that meant my judgement and reactions to these events and people orchestrating them would be unbalanced and would through me off, tiredness and emotion has a way of making us choose reactions and actions we wouldn’t normally choose💜

I’ve taken a couple of days out, I’ve reminded myself of the bigger picture, my purpose, my truth and most importantly I have breathed before moving forward❤️

So for today I wanted to remind you, that however you are feeling today, tomorrow, the next day remember...

💫 This is no random set of events, this is the magnificent Human Plan “Return to Love”

💫This has the Soul purpose of reconnecting you to your Soul while in human form

💫This is about you once again Housing your Soul while walking in Human Form

💫This is about once again creating Heaven on Earth

💫This is about once again creating a world of joy, compassion, happiness, abundance, reverence for everything... and Love

💫We are witnessing the old behaviours of control, greed, ego, and untruth rise up to be called out, dismantled and dissolved. This part is nothing to be scared of...this part is perfection

💫This is about you and I Loving each other and all our human family so no one has to experience harm or hurt any more

💫This is about reconnecting us to beautiful Mother Earth, and once again caring for her as she has cared for us... unconditionally

💫This is about remembering you are part of everything, and you hold the wisdom of every moment in time within every cell of your being now

💫This is project “Return to Love” in its full glory

So today we continue to walk the rainbow bridge towards a lighter brighter you, world and us❤️

You are stronger than you know, and each day you will remember a little bit more, you will hear a little more from your heart not your head or the outside world, and you WILL step into your power...

You were not built to break my friend, you were built to soar...and soar you will❤️

Because it’s Time for the True You to Rise❤️

With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️

You can find the Rainbow Bridge Meditation here: https://www.facebook.com/612014075662054/posts/1494402277423225/?d=n

Photo curtesy of Pinterest Imgar

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