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Listen without Judgment Update…

Firstly, thank you to all that responded with messages to the post and video “Listen Without Judgment” on the 8th June 2020. (watch it again HERE) The timing of the post fell well, looking out at the world stage, we have some deep-seated memories and ingrained programming arising for transformation. To Listen Without Judgment helps to release these outdated thoughts, behaviours, and beliefs. There was a variety of subjects that arose via your messages, but one observation that was mentioned a number of times, and had a big impact was ‘Listening Without Judgement’ to oneself. Emotional and physical differences were noted during this process, and one thing in particular was that when people listened to their thoughts, reactions and opinions without judgement, it revealed that a great part of the time, a person didn’t know why they were reacting in a certain way, or what the reaction was based on, it was an automatic reaction, judgment, thought or emotion. I had a comment from one of the lovely Soul Sugar tribe that said, “when I listened to myself closely and without judgment, it felt like a stranger was reacting to and navigating my world”!  Quite a powerful statement. So, this blog has focused on this point in particular for today. When we listen to, and observe the outside world without judgment, we no longer fuel the exact behaviour we see playing out, behaviour that feels so far removed from what we feel in our hearts. What we have been taught as truth, through our education system, medical system, and virtually all societies systems, is that life stems from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (which is now in fact scientifically unravelling), and Newtons Theories (also now unravelled) that have created a now ingrained belief that tells us life comes down to survival of the fittest, you against me, them against us, the earthly elements against us, and that all life can be explained by mathematics…and a person’s experience has become considered as purely anecdotal . Combine this with the loss of our truth, with the forgetting, and to an extent the hiding of the truth of our origins and power as creator beings, we have a powerful mix to create and ingrain in us as truth… feelings of insignificance, and the need to struggle through life and fight for our survival, whatever the cost. While not everyone will exhibit to the same degree, and type of unrest and anger we are seeing play out now, without the knowledge of our real heritage and divine power, we all play this defensive role of needing to survive in our lives, to varying degrees everyday… because without the knowledge of our real heritage, our story, and divine power we are constantly fighting with feelings of threat and insignificance. You know on some level there is more, you know on some level you are more, you know on some level the world and universe is more… and this is what this new world is here to reveal. But we have to go through this period or transition and transformation. And while this is occurring, listening without judgment will be one of the greatest tools you can use to move you through these transmutation points with greater ease, and allow you to help with the global effort by bringing your focus to healing these events as they arise, not fuelling them as they arise with judgment and opinion… judgments and opinions that will be based in the outdated teachings we have just referred to. This is also where Listening Without Judgment comes in when referring to yourself, listening without judgment of yourself, your feelings, thoughts, emotions and judgments. This can be a difficult one for the mind and our ingrained teachings to adjust to, because we have learnt to listen and observe ‘with judgment’, it’s how we have been taught and programmed to survive. As part of this exploration of Listening Without Judgement, I invite you to observe yourself, and your reactions to world events and all interactions. Listen carefully without judgment to your first instinctive thoughts in relation to things you are observing and reacting too, especially opinions… and I think you will be surprised at how often your reactions and opinions are based around defending, protecting, and preserving something that is in the past. When we can ‘Listen Without Judgment’ with an open heart and with honesty, we will light up and bring into focus the stories we have been told that keep us small, insignificant, and believing that our existence is down to survival of the fittest. As you move forward, not just for today but for every day, see how your inner world and consequently the outer world transforms when you listen to where you take yourself at any given time, without Judgment. When you listen… hear the words beyond the words. Interact with every person as a friend, not as competition. Observe and react, without using judgment based on outdated belief systems of you against me, survival of the strongest, survival of the fittest, using opinions to feel certainty and significance. As I wrote in an early chapter of The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything, Book 1 … “We live life guided by the voice in our head. The voice that likes to keep things the same, keep you in the same place, experiencing life through repetitive reactions. Reactions to various outside sources, and pre-programmed behaviour, going way, way back. Be aware that for the majority of the time you have not actually been the one making the decisions that matter most in your life. Be vigilant! The voice in your head, aka your Ego, has all sorts of mad conclusions to base its commentary on. This commentary keeps you living your life making the same decisions, having the same reactions, and continuously plays its commentary on repeat. The Ego voice will be one of your greatest obstacle’s when transforming yourself. Ego is a fear-based personality we have invented to survive in a world where we feel out of control”. And what I also wrote is: “If you are prepared to be open and to listen consciously (Listen Without Judgment), your Intuition will guide you towards all that you want, all that you need, and all that you can be. Our entire planet comes from and therefore is, the same awe-inspiring intelligence that created everything. You and me, we are that same creative intelligence, and you simply won’t get any more significant than that”! So, move forward Listening Without Judgment to the whole of yourself, and the whole of the world… and you might just, most certainly, begin living with a new found understanding and freedom. Learn, Love and Live without Judgment my friend, it will change everything. With much Love from my Heart to Yours It’s time for the True You to Rise

You Are No Longer Your Past…

We needed to recognise, deconstruct, and then rebuild a new. This whole situation is about bringing ourselves, our actions and our lives into clear focus, in order for us to see what needs to be acknowledged. To then have the courage to see everything for what it was, and recognise it is not who you necessarily wanted to be, what you wanted to create, or where you want to head towards. This has been an ‘enlightening’ time, and now we are reaching a point where we are each unclipping from the past, releasing from what has been, and a life and world of actions that have now expired. Today, May 31st 2020, is a very significant point in this human growth/reclamation plan, as today brings the end of a 3 year cycle of the reintegration of the Cosmic Mother back into our lives and our world. As we refer to our human home as Mother Earth, due to it being the planet that gives us life, nurtures and nourishes us, the Cosmic Mother is the Mother energy of the Universe, the Mother energy of creation, that we shut ourselves off from (while in our self-obsessed human state), and therefore have been closed to this creative, nurturing, guidance of the universe. This completion and reconnection gives us the opportunity to use this energy of creation, new life, and nurturing to release from the past, leave it behind, and create again. We will be supported in this process via a triple eclipse cycle as we move into June 2020, 5th June 2020, 21st June 2020, and 4th July 2020. These combined eclipses will support us with the emotional and physical unclipping of the past from our physical body, and also support the creation of new beginnings. So, your call to action for today is to: 1. Consciously think/verbalise and affirm the release of all that no longer serves you in in your new life creation. 2. Release, and unclip the past with Gratitude, Unconditional Love, and Grace. 3. Open your heart space to the new, and welcome in the assistance and energy of the Cosmic Mother to nurture and guide the emergence of the True You, into the new world. And finally as we move out of May 2020 and into June, please take some time to think about the following statement, it might possibly be one of the most important to enable you to begin to build a life and co create a world, that up to this point, you have only ever dreamed possible, and with all the continued and constant support we receive from the universe and our friends in spirit, we can and will create a new world based on love, compassion and mutual respect for everything and everyone… “You are NO longer creating based on your past. As you move forward, the past with all its outdated learnt behaviour and emotions, is NO longer a reference point. Live your life based on now, based on this moment, based on how this moment feels for you, and what your heart is currently telling you”. YOU ARE NO LONGER YOUR PAST Its time for the True You To Rise With much Love from my Heart to Yours

We Will Stand Together, and We Will Not Go Back…

For ourselves, for mother earth, for future generations…we will not go backwards.

I hear some areas of our society’s systems have begun trying to distract us from our new, clearer views of life and the world, and pull us back into old patterns and old ways, the ego bickering is rearing its head in parts of our political system, and some areas of the news feed organisations have begun their ego battles to win the best headlines, whatever the cost. The initial shock and newness of the current situation has somewhat subsided, and the old ego ways are trying to keep their head above water and take us all back down into that dark abyss.

In the past weeks, actually in just a few weeks, we have built a world that reflects more compassion, a world that has witnessed nature and our earth coming back to life, and we see the prospect of our survival in a new world not just as a possibility, but actually achievable.

We will not go back, this is our time to rise, and rise we will.

At this point we have to constantly remind ourselves that this is all about moving into a better world, a better place for all. We have witnessed the incredible coming together of the human global population, with exchanges of care and compassion. We have witnessed the earth starting to take her deep breaths once again, filling her lungs with cleaner air, and we have witnessed so many sacrifices by so many in order to help our world survive. We all have a responsibility to move this new world forward, because the place we were headed, on so many levels, was not conducive to our survival.

So, this is a call to action to not get distracted by any old ego negatively which raises its head that:

1. You cannot control
2. You do not have personal experience of the exact facts
3. You cannot directly change or have an impact on

Because when we are in a state of distraction, from something that we cannot control or cannot directly have an impact on, we feel out of control and that causes fear. Fear is an immobiliser, it steels so much of your life, it stops you moving forward, it stops you having clear thoughts… and it stops you taking action in the direction of a life that means something to you and the world.

This is the hold that ego has had over you before this point in human history, it thrives on fear and drama, because it knows you will become distracted and therefore paralysed in the same spot for the whole of your life… and this paralysed state, we had become numb to.

Now, don’t confuse the above points with apathy, oh no it is most definitely not apathy. What I am asking is that you do not waste your focus or energy on something you cannot directly change, and cannot control, because if you cannot control or change something it is a direct message to you that it is not your purpose and quite frankly not your business. What you must do is focus on what you can control and have a direct impact on because that is your business and your purpose.

So, for an example, taking this current situation into account, you cannot personally change everything that is happening globally or even locally, if you are not a medical specialist in one the areas of focus you cannot have a direct impact in that way, and if you aren’t a statistician you do not have the exact facts regarding numbers surrounding this situation.

But you will never the less, be bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information, that you cannot possibly process, and you have no control over any of it. This is the point where I suggest you only take the bullet points from a news update online, which means you can adhere to what affects you, and leave the rest.

By doing this, whatever the distraction is, you will not be filled with anxiety and fear over something that you cannot control, and do not have experience of the full facts. You become less distracted and therefore more present, more relaxed and you have a clearer thought process around what is important for your life and the people most important to you.

We live in a world of distractions, but those distractions will only affect you if you invest in them. In times like these your energy can be invested in resetting your future into something you love the look of, for being there for people in your community and family and making a difference with small acts that you can control and influence. Fill this world with actions and creativity based in Love not fear.

To remind you; from this moment, do not invest your beautiful self into negative distractions that you cannot control, do not have personal experience of the exact facts, and anything that you cannot directly change or have an impact on.

The one very important point I will add is; whatever the situation you are watching play out, you may have no direct control over it, but what you do have is a beautiful heart that is more powerful than you could ever grasp, so sending Love and healing assistance via your heart energy will be one of the most powerful gifts you can offer to any individual, incident or situation. Your healing thoughts will be carried on the vibration of energy that we all share, to exactly where it is needed. This way of focusing your energy will expand your heart intelligence and your energy in positive ways, as well as assist and support others.

You have your own gifts, uniqueness and reason for being here, and that is where your thoughts and energy should now live. Invest your energy in things you can influence, and things that will make a life you look back on with a smile, knowing you didn’t give your energy and power to the illusion that is fear, but stayed true to yourself and to this world we get to call home.

It is most definitely time for the True You to Rise

Your Holding Space is Here

Here we are a couple of months into the biggest reset in human history. How are you doing? We have all done amazingly well through what has been the toughest of weeks for individuals and for the world, even now I find it incredible that when we talk about this situation, we are referring to the world, not just a person, not just a family but the whole world… makes you realise this can’t possibly be just a random event, and that is why I want to remind you to hold tight onto hope, and know that a better life is emerging. Having got through the initial shock of things changing so drastically overnight, having your world turned upside down, everything that you were used to adjusted, we now move into a slightly different phase of this situation. Its surprising how quickly we adjust to a new normal, when what was familiar to you changed overnight, your routine, your habits, everything. Yet a few weeks down the line, we have collectively adjusted to new habits, and new routines, because we had too, we were forced to. Many of us were living lives with routines that didn’t serve us, didn’t allow us to thrive, didn’t allow us to express our unique gifts that we are here to share with the world. We weren’t connecting fully to the people we love, sharing our hearts with each other, being a presence for our children, doing jobs that were making us unhappy and unfulfilled, and we have been building grief within for a long time… knowing on some level that all was not well, all was not how we wanted it to be. Much of the emotional ups and downs we have been going through have been a reflection of this grief. Grief is generated because we perceive change as loss. We have translated much of this change as loss, loss of routine, loss of connection, loss of identity. But this change in circumstances has also reflected at us on a deeper level lives that changed a long time ago so dramatically, individually and collectively we had already lost so much. We lost much of who we are, lost who we want to be for ourselves and for others, we have seen our beautiful world dying in front of our eyes, and we have also sensed that humanity was also slipping away, because our lives have become unsustainable. Mentally, emotionally, physical we have become more unwell than ever before, who we truly are has been disappearing in front of our eyes… and this is much of the emotion that you have been feeling, a deep grief for the gradual loss of our beautiful selves and world, the loss of our original patterns of perfection… we all knew it was happening, but our routines and habits were so imbedded, and the speed at which we were living gave us no time to stop and find a way out… in comes the assistance of a global shutdown. As I mentioned in the first part of this post new habits and routines have become the new normal, some of these new routines we will want to keep forever, and others have appeared to highlight to us what we no longer want or need… but the point is these new routines and habits were forced on us, and this is so crucial to recognise. Despite being unhappy with areas of our lives we continued, despite having a beautiful physical body that via big or small symptoms was trying to tell us it was no longer able to cope we continued, despite having mental health challenges we continued, despite having all kinds of struggles we continued… and this is why we have been forced into a global reset, a global review, a global deep breath. So, at this point, we find ourselves in a holding space, we have gone through the initial drama, trauma and shock of the early part of this situation, and now we are at the in-between stage, not in the early dramatic stages, but not out the other side either… this is your holding space. The holding space follows on from the initial unsettled feelings of change, but comes before breakthrough and resolve, and that is where we are right now. A holding space is the most important part of any emerging new situation or change.  It is the space presented to offer you the opportunity to decide how you want to move forward from here, it doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers right now, but to work out what you would like a new life to look like. The initial drama has calmed, the prospect of moving forward with life again is beginning to appear on the horizon, and this holding space is the no man’s land in between. It holds the least amount of distractions and drama in order for you to decide, to offer you the holding space to decide where you want to be when that horizon rises up to greet you, this holding space is your turning point. Whether it is a good habit or routine, or even a not so good habit or routine, when we live something every day it becomes part of us, and when we become busy we don’t even notice it, so take this gift of the holding space, not necessarily as a time for massive action, as a holding space often brings with it feelings of numbness, a nothing kind of feeling, a no direction kind of feeling… but that’s the point, you are in a space of nothing so you can create your something. When the world once again wakes up, don’t wait to be forced into a difficult space because you haven’t heard your bodies whispers, or your mental health’s cries for help, or your hearts feeling of being unfulfilled or unhappy. We did the hardest part getting here, arriving on earth, we arrived as creators and we live every single second as creators, even if you have no clue what that means (because you haven’t read my book 😂 link), stand in you power as a creator, repeatedly state in your head and out loud if you like “I am a creator”… and the universe of possibilities will hear your instruction and begin to align with your new instructions, it can’t do anything else than align to your authentic instruction, and that is scientific fact! Take notice of your feelings, your emotions and your heart… IT IS YOUR TIME.

Wow, we’ve been through a lot!

There have been dramatic changes in just a few weeks to how we live, how we interact with others, and how we see our world🌎 We have been placed in a forced time out, forced to detach ourselves from pretty much everything that we identified with, and everything that gave us our identity. There have been an array of highs, numbness, some wtf moments, some lows, and some who on earth am I if I’m not all this stuff that I have been chasing on my treadmill of life🙏🏻 But you know what, you’re doing it, we are doing it, detaching from the relentless, stressful, and destructive world we had created, and we are seeing some light emerging. There is talk of riding the wave that has been created, with plans to continue to protect our beautiful planet, plans to look after the people who look after us, plans to look at our health and wellbeing, plans to look at farer ways of running the major institutions that have dominated and controlled for so long… it is actually happening, a bright new world is peeping through the clouds, and that new world will just get brighter and brighter 🌟! As I have written about in previous blogs, the time is now, the work has already been done to move us to the point of creating the new, and the doors to the old ego driven, destructive ways of living are well and truly closed, and in fact bolted too. What we see playing out is the residue of what has been created up to now, and what must be dissolved. The old ways are no longer being fuelled and cannot be resurrected again, ever🙏🏻 This residue will take time to release, but release it will, ego-based behaviour and actions that are out of balance with the new, will stick out like a sore thumb, in fact I’m sure you have noticed it already, its being magnified and you will find it more unacceptable and offensive than ever before. But as you begin to see the injustices and ego driven behaviour so much more clearly now, you must remember your job is not to get involved in it, not to give your energy to it, or fuel it, because it is not your business. Everyone is releasing the old, the old programming and imbalances are leaving the cells of every human, along with the earth too, and some will have more to work through than others, and also some will be in a position as a trigger for others, to help them recognise imbalances within themselves💛 As I always advise, whether it be media sources, family contacts or other, do not bring what is playing out in their space into your space, because ultimately it just distracts you from your part in all of this, which is to become the creative being of perfection that you are, that is capable of not only living the beautiful life you are here to live, but you are also part of the team bringing in the new world (how awesome is that)… and that is where your focus needs to remain, that is where you will be happiest, not involved in the distracting opinions of others playing out their individual story. Keep your reactions as love, for every negative you hear or have presented send out a loving response wherever it is needed💚 We all have an incredible sanctuary of energy surrounding us, it is literally your very own mini universe, and you are in control of how your universe feels, and how your universe creates 🌎 Your universe now has the potential to lose all the drama, fear, stress and miscreated emotions that have been circulating within, they can literally just fall away now and you will be left with clear, vibrant, flowing energy, energy that is your life force, your connection to everything, and your space in the space that we all share, your universe of creation… you choose how your mini universe evolves from this point, from this new opportunity 💓 You deserve to give yourself a huge pat on the back, you and everyone on this planet has been forced into a situation that is totally out of our comfort zone, because we had all become comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation for way too long, and via some intense emotions, and situations, you have begun to feel the old ways, feel the old routines, old patterns fall away, while emerging all around us is a new dawn, a new dawn that contains compassion, love and respect for each other and Mother Earth… you are doing your bit, and together we are not only healing the world but creating a new one🌟 Know that every care giver, every person who is unwell, and every person who transitions at this time, is in every moment surrounded by the most powerful embrace of higher support and unconditional love, we are part of a much bigger community than we currently allow ourselves to see, but be assured the love, care and support is there to support every one of us through this process🤍 My friend be proud of how far you have come, of how you are healing for yourself and for the world, and in times when things in the outside world look like they are in turmoil, remember it is the old leaving, because love is now back in charge… there is no going back, the doors are shut🙏🏻 It’s time for the True You to Rise❤️ With much love from my heart to yours❤️ #trueyou #timeforthetrueyoutorise #trueyourevolution Photo credit Pinterest Displate Prints

Its a Spiritual Showdown

Who are You? Why are you here? Where are you going next❤️ Who are you really, not the (insert your name here) version, who are you wholly, who were you before you were born into this life as You?🌟 Why are you here?🌟 Who will you become when you leave your human suit?🌟 We have ignored these question’s for so long, too long now. You have lived as the person society expects you to be, lived how you have been taught to live… but not as the truth of who you are, and this is why globally we find ourselves in this situation today🌍 We have been running very fast, literally running to the next thing as quick as we could, on some level we were running from ourselves, too scared to stop and ask questions, too scared to be with ourselves. Running at a hundred miles an hour via work, family life, whatever fills our life and keeps us busy, has been the outlet to keep us distracted, because then we don’t have time for these bigger questions, we don’t want to ask those bigger questions because it causes fear. The fear however is unfounded, it is an illusion, fear is a very human emotion, a mis created emotion that has formed because you have lost touch with your history, your Soul’s history, the detail of who you were before you arrived here for this human experience, why you are here, and where you are going next💕 Fear only becomes an issue when you feel out of control, when you aren’t aware of the full facts… because when you have all the facts, when you have the truth at your fingertips and the knowledge of your origins in your heart, there can be no fear💛 When you understand the truth of who you are, who we are… you see fear as the illusion it is. When you ask who was I before I arrived in my human suit? * “You/we are eternal beings, we are consciousness before we become form, we are made up of energy, that at its heart is Love, and this energy is deathless… it only ever changes form. There exists a creative conscious intelligence that created everything; you are that very same creative, conscious intelligence, because you came from the same source. So, before you donned your human suit my friend, you were alive! You are consciousness at your very being, with a history, with a past and with the wisdom of all time within your cells, I think that makes you very powerful… and there can be no fear in the face of your divine creator power”❤️ When you ask why am I here? * ” Do you really think this was a coincidence, the magnificence of creation just happened, for no apparent reason? No planning, no purpose, no reason for earths existence, just some random events that found us being human?🌍 If you were to create something incredible, on the tiniest scale of equivalence, it would start with a purpose and a plan. And of course, there is a plan and a purpose to the creation of our planet, and the universe. There is so much to this life cycle than at this stage, you can remember. The earth the universe, and life itself is no accident. The universe is buzzing with plans; options, planets, and life; we are all directors of the current part we are playing in this plan, not victims… you are a director”.🌟 Where are you going next? * ” Death is an illusion of the limited human senses and has been translated into the termination of all life, because in our present, “I am totally human”, self-obsessed state, we cannot see around the corner of death to reveal what lies ahead. We no longer perceive death as part of a natural process within the bigger cycle of universal existence, because we have lost all connection to our origins, and our place in the universe. Your human form is just one vibrational expression of who you are, you are a mass of vibrating energy, and anyone who transitions from their human body is still a mass of vibrating energy, and at the core of that is consciousness.🌟 When a person transitions, there is no death, only life and of course Love”.❤️ So, we find ourselves at this point in human history, because we had to stop the rush, the distractions, the blinkered existence, because globally we came to a choice point, something had to give, because where we were heading was not a place where Mother Earth could survive, our home is dying, we are all aware of this on some level but our busyness stopped us from being able to react and to act🌍 This pause in human life also means we have the opportunity to open our hearts through care, compassion and love towards others… and when your heart is forced open the memories and reality of who you are, begin to be revealed… because the knowledge and understanding of the True You, and the Truth of our Universal Community… is hidden in plain sight, within the human heart💝 It’s a Spiritual Showdown in motion… it’s time for The True You Rise, it’s time for The True Us to Rise, and Time for you to start remembering your home, your place in the Universe, where there is no fear…. only Love❤️ With love from my heart to yours❤️ * taken from The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything, chapters 18 & 19, you can order your copy here https://www.soulsugar.co.uk/books Read and digest at your own pace, pop your details in the subscribe box and I’ll automatically send articles and blogs over when they are ready, I will never share your information with anyone else https://www.soulsugar.co.uk/blog Photo acknowledgement Pinterest - Yanpro

Creating Your Green Dream

After days and days of super sunny weather, today we had our first real rainy day. I was out dog walking this morning, in the lighter rainfall of the morning… you know the drizzle that doesn’t quite warrant an umbrella but is enough to turn your straight hair into frizz, or in my case my big hair even bigger 😊 Anyway, although not the bright blue sunny sky that we all love so much, it was still such a beautiful day, it was still an opportunity to be enveloped by nature, the smell of fresh rain that seemed to release the smell of the new leaves and fresh growing grass… and the colour was just mesmerising, all the incredibly vibrant shades of green were stunning. And this got me thinking, I have the opportunity to walk through a strip of woodland every day, I get to see the changing colours, the seasons, the trees and plants go to sleep for winter, and burst forth in spring. I felt so present and alive as I walked through this canopy of vibrant green, and then one of those head conversations/opportunity’s crept in, it’s alright you feeling so happy to have such beauty to walk through, what about those that don’t have that, those that would love to have nature close to them! Then for a split second I noticed I started to feel a bit guilty about being able to enjoy this, while others can’t. But thankfully I have trained myself to recognise when thoughts are coming from a place of just the ‘head’, and I know that my feeling guilty for enjoying mother nature while others can’t is not a helpful way to go. You see whatever it is that you are able to enjoy, taking the enjoyment away from yourself doesn’t solve anything for others, and holds you in a place of negativity and not deserving! What you must remember is that if you are feeling happy, appreciative of a situation, joyful and grateful, this becomes your energy and your energy translates out into the world, it is fed into the energy space of possibility that we all share and where we create. By feeling gratitude and appreciation for beautiful things in life this sends out the energy of these emotions, so they can be shared, they can be replicated, and all the positive happy feelings that are created and felt by you have a ripple effect out into the world. So, this means you have an important role to play here, not only by allowing yourself to feel happy in this situation, which is an act of self-respect, you are teaching others on an energetic level that it is ok to be happy too. By choosing happy you are supporting others to achieve happy, you are infusing the world with the energy vibration of happiness and abundance… and boy do we need that right now! You have a responsibility here, to not only not deprive yourself of beautiful feelings and experiences, but to change the energy of the collective world by sending out the energy of happy! As you feel you create… and as you create, you raise the energy of the world accordingly! Now if you are one of the many people who have kind of lost track of your creator abilities, let’s use this nature Green Dream to highlight your creator power. Let’s say you are the one in a situation without green space, this can also relate to any situation where there are positive and negative options, but for example purposes I’ll follow the Green Dream nature example. So, a woman who has access to nature, says in a passing conversation with a stranger, how beautiful nature looked today during her woodland walk, and how everything was a beautiful stunning green colour. Unknown to her the women she was talking to doesn’t live in a nature abundant situation, so her understandable reply was “But I live in a flat, and can’t see any green, its ok for you, I can’t see nature”. While this comment was understandable, the point I want to make here is that while the negative response was technically correct, this response can also be a statement, a statement that will continue to be a belief system, because the understanding we have of ourselves and our world does not include our ability to create something other than the lack society has taught is truth, and that some things just happen for other people and not us, and we have no real ability to change things. Do you see how this could relate to how you feel about your dreams, your aspirations, and even the smaller happy things in life, when thinking about something that you would like to experience, the restrictive thoughts in your head can be similar, for example; “I live in a flat so can’t see any green, I can’t see nature” = stating these are my circumstances and I can’t see what you can, and that’s that, that’s the way it is. “It’s ok for you” = stating it’s ok for you, someone else has that, not me. If creating the Green Dream is for you, living somewhere that had a garden, a woods nearby or a park… but when you thought about the possibility, your head said “but I live in a flat, theres no way”… see what happened? Straight to your head for the answer, the voice in your head is on it, and boom, dreams shattered, no possibilities, because the voice in your head will state all the reasons why you shouldn’t and couldn’t. But this is not how it needs to be, because you are not that voice in your head, you are not that programmed behaviour and emotions, you are a creator! * "The world has a blueprint of many, many possibilities and it is you that can activate the energy of these blueprints to form your world. Your beliefs and therefore your expectations instruct the vibrational energy of the world to form matter, to form everything in your life. The whole universe is comprised of vibrating particles of energy, everything we need to create the most magical life and world is here right now, all around you, little vibrating particles of potential. Everything that makes up our planet and our human selves starts off as an energetic blueprint of potential, awaiting our instructions. How we ‘see’ and create our experiences in life is based purely on our expectations. Particles of potential that react to our expectations to form what we believe or expect we will see and experience”. You see, you are a creator, fact! So, if your dream is the Green Dream or any other dream, use the above paragraphs to reassure yourself, and reinforce the fact that you can create that which you wish for. The how… start where you are now, and with what resources you have, but the most important thing is remembering at all times you have the power to manifest. If you are living in a flat but are craving the Green Dream start by connecting to nature, take a walk in the park, grow plants at home, watch nature programmes, feel nature energy each day, feel appreciation for nature. Read nature related books, have a coffee table type book that is full of forest photographs and look through it often. What I’m saying here is embrace your love of nature (or whatever your dream experience is) at every opportunity, bring it into your life, make it part of your life, and every night fall asleep to the view in your mind’s eye of the garden, the woodland, or the park that you see yourself living next to, feel the grass under your feet, the smell of nature, the texture, and see yourself there in that spot now in real time. You are telling the field of energy potential that you are at this place, you are connecting with the energy vibration of nature. Alongside this look at all the practical steps you can start to take to manifest your Green Dream, they can be tiny steps or big steps, just according to where you are now. This creator thing is a process, it is a process of learning to change your programmed thoughts of fear, lack, and lack of self-worth, shedding these energy imprints and behaviour and replacing them with positive heart focused creation… it’s a process, but it’s doable, and so worth it. Whatever your Green Dream is for you, use clarity of thought, understanding of your creatorship, and most importantly lead from your heart, not your head, underneath all the outdated learned behaviour you have the inbuilt ability to create, it’s who you are… and the universe is waiting to deliver! It really is time for The True You to Rise and Remember With love from my heart to yours *taken from The Girl Next Door’s Theory of Everything, Chapter 6 ‘How You Bring The World You See Into Form’ available here Soul Sugar Blogs can drop straight into your inbox when they are live, pop your details in the subscribe section below, your details will never ever be shared.

World Earth Day - Rescue and Reset… do not miss this 444 finale today

WORLD EARTH DAY Rescue and Reset… do not miss this 444 finale today 🎇 22/4/2020 … the 3rd and final opening of the 444 portal is today 💫 This energy portal opened at the beginning of this month 4/4/2020 (4, 4, 2 + 2 = 4), followed by the second opening 13/4/2020 (1 + 3 = 4, 4, 2 + 2 = 4) and the energy has been building steadily every day until today🌟 For anyone who isn’t familiar with energy portals, they are powerful points of energy within the Earth, their energy circulates clockwise, and anti-clockwise. They are also known as energy vortices. They are like the chakras or acupuncture points in the human body, flowing energy with central vortexes of energy. These energy portals/centres are connected by an energy grid running through the earth. There are crystals within the earth that receive and transmit energy and send it through the grids. Portals are also aligned with the solar system, Galaxy, and the Cosmos, and also align with particular star systems. Portals can be found all over the Earth, and there are some powerful, and well known ones in various parts of the world such as Stone Henge UK, Macchu Picchu in Peru, The Giza Pyramids in Egypt. These portals, along with the grid system, balance the divine feminine and masculine energy, and connect ‘heaven’ (universe) to earth and earth to ‘heaven’. Everything in the universe is energy, and energy systems such as this one on earth, can be found throughout the universe, and is what connects us, the other planets and also lost worlds, it is like and energy motorway system that connects everything in the universe... wow💙 The 444 portal that is open today in conjunction with the new moon, is offering us energy that is vibrating at a frequency to support our current journey of elevation out of the lower energy world, and the situation we find ourselves in. It is guiding us through the shifts, changes, releasing, and pivoting of our lives. During this 444 portal finale, you are encouraged to •observe where you are, and •set intentions as you move through this crucial and fundamental reset, and regeneration period 🤔 444 is also significant in that it signifies that your angels, guides, and universal community are by your side... and we are not alone as we take this journey 😇 The universal community including other star systems are not only watching and learning from this unique transition in human history, but we also have bands of organised help infusing our planet with energy to support the stages of our transmutation and transformation🌍 Know that you are supported at all times, not just by your human family and friends, you are also supported and guided by the universal community🤗 * “The world away from this world, is not separate from us, it is not some far away mystery, it is a logical, functioning, populated, progressive, divine place. Much like here on earth, except here on earth we have temporarily forgotten the divine and infinite parts of ourselves”. On World Earth Day, as our planet and human bodies are showered by an influx of energy to support us, it is worth remembering this life on earth is a blessing, we have turned our experience into something it was never meant to be, and in this period of earth and humanities rescue and reset, we need to remind ourselves of the obligation we have to once again live with, and alongside Mother Earth, in a cycle of mutual service and respect💫🌍 Take comfort from the fact that you are part of something so well organised, and you are supported by unimaginable numbers of the universal family. The whole universe is watching, supporting and learning from this time in human history… let’s make ourselves, and them proud 🥇 Take advantage of the energy today and tonight when it is at its most powerful, but you can also take advantage of it over the next few days to observe where you are, set intentions, and hold a space in your heart of gratitude and healing for Mother Earth💚 Its time for Mother Earth to be allowed to once again rise, and it’s time for the True You to once again rise❤️ With love from my heart to yours❤️ Side note, if you can access an episode or two of David Attenborough’s series such as Planet Earth, Our Planet, Blue Planet or Seven Worlds, One Planet, it will connect you to the absolute beauty and mysteries of Mother Earth, and connect your heart with Mother Earths heart… on World Earth Day. *paragraph taken from Chapter 18, The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything All blogs can be found here, pop your details in the subscribe box below and I’ll deliver blogs straight to you when they are released. Photo acknowledgement: Etsy

Day 6 Tip - How do your surroundings support you?

Tips to help you discover new possibilities… How do your surroundings support you 🤔 💐 This is my final tip in this week-long series… and Tip 6 is about regularly reinforcing everything we have covered, both in these tips, and also in my other Blogs over the past month. So, todays tip is; whenever you can, re read the tips and blogs so you can keep all the positive life supporting information at the front of your mind, not only during this time of restrictions, but also as we move out of this too, especially as we move out of this, and your life begins to become filled up again 😅 Often when you re read something you will get something completely different from it the second, third, or even fourth time🤩 As well as re reading this and other inspirational stuff, the other tip I would give you is to surround yourself at all times with positive tools to reinforce and assist the True You to Rise and keep you on track. It is so easy to just get caught up when your life gets filled up, and as we discussed, auto pilot is not going to give us a life to remember 💫 Surrounding yourself with positive tools can include, anything from post-it notes around your home and workspace, they could have just one word on it that reminds you to maybe just breath and look around so you are present, it could be a sentence that reminds you to think, act, and react from your heart not the voice in your head, a word or phrase that reminds you to choose love over fear… the options are endless 👍🏻 What you fill your home with is important, positive TV programmes, books, natural house products, and even a couple of small vases or glasses with some foliage from nature, it will bring the vibe of nature into your house, doesn’t have to be expensive flowers, just greenery from outside or a small bunch of flowers filled out with greenery, it really lifts your house, and all these things will affect your environment and the energy you create 🌿 Support your true energy by having clean, living, sparkly food (see Tip 4) available to enjoy, get out in nature, get your feet on the ground (see Tip 5)🍎 If you haven’t already, start to build a network of people who support your vision, who support and encourage you to unwrap the True You. Either through local interest groups, on-line groups… just keep the vibe high with the people in your life 💕 And finally, to end this series of Tips, I say; Guard your thoughts, and where they are taking you, at all times. Never again let fear be your motivating factor in life, and stand in your power, even if initially, you have no clue what that means or feels like 🌟 Stand Tall, and you will become tall. Practice self-love, and you will become love. Practice self-belief, and you will believe in yourself. Practice creating from your heart, and you will create 💝 It’s time for the True You to Create and Rise ❤️ 🌟🌟🌟 I hope you have enjoyed these past weeks of Tips and sharing, as always you can pop your details in the subscribe box www.soulsugar.co.uk/blog and I will automatically send over any updates and Blogs, so you don’t miss anything that could support and inspire you. You can find some of what we have talked about in more detail, and much much more, in The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything Book 1, in which I share everything I can, to help you remember who you actually are, not just what society has told you you are, it’s fascinating and liberating… I promise, or your money back! With love from my heart to yours

Day 5 Tip - Get Your Feet out

Tips to help you discover new possibilities… Get Your Feet Out! 🦶😁 Spend time in nature, get your feet connected to the earth and allow the natural surroundings to offer you clarity and peace. Simply sitting in your garden at any time of day, but it can be especially relaxing at the end of the day under the night sky, with you bare feet connected to the earth, it will build a renewed connection with mother earth and can offer great benefits to your health🌍 More and more science is confirming (what the indigenous peoples always new), that our need to be connected to the earth each day is important to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. This method of connecting to the earth is known as grounding. The following excerpt is from the book ‘Earthing, The most important health discovery ever? 💚 “Earthing is simple, basic and powerful. We regard it as a genuine missing link in the health equation, something with astounding potential to do so much for humanity.
Connecting to the earth either by being barefooted outside or in contact with a grounded device inside, reunites you with the natural electrical signals from the Earth that govern all organisms dwelling upon it. It restores your body’s natural internal electrical stability and rhythms, which in turn promote normal functioning of the body systems, including the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems👍🏻 It remedies an electron deficiency to reduce inflammation – the common cause of disease. It shifts the nervous system from a stress dominated mode to one of calmness, and you sleep better 😴 By reconnecting, you enable your body to return to its normal electrical state, better able to self-regulate and self-heal”. 🙏🏻 -Earthing, by Clinton Ober, Stephen T Sinatra MD, Martin Zucker
🌟🌟🌟 So, this simple act of getting outside, feet on the ground has huge benefits. I find the best time is when everyone is settled at night. To be in the garden for a while connected to the earth, while looking up at the night sky gives me the opportunity to connect with the earth and also with the the universe… in other words feed my soul with everything we were designed to be connected to, and to be a part of. Enjoy your barefoot time🦶❤️
Katie x All blogs can be found here, along with a subscribe button so you can get Blogs straight in your in box as soon as they are ready https://www.soulsugar.co.uk/blog

Day 4 Tip - it’s only ever about the love

Tips to help you discover new possibilities… it’s only ever about the love 💓 So today’s post is probably the shortest, but maybe the most powerful of all. Because today it is about reminding yourself of the powerhouse of love that you are, and the power you have to change the world through your actions and energy. Im talking about the all-powerful, deeply respectful, deeply reverent, and the original ultimate powerhouse of Love, that is our authentic self and at the core of everything in our world. When we are in the middle of difficult times, challenges and uncertainty we often feel powerless to help ourselves or help others. This is a complete misconception, how could you possibly be powerless when you come from the same love and intelligence that created everything? You are that very same all-powerful unconditional Love! And every time you send someone love, do something with love, the energy of love ripples out to the world via the space that we all share, while also resonating through your very own energy field to lift and feed you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Today’s Tip 4 is about standing in your power once again as a creator, as someone who has the ability to help change the world. So today my tip for you is just to spread some love, in whatever way you can, because you can ❤️ Thank you for joining me today for Tip 3. In case you are too busy with your new inspiration to check in on Facebook, pop your details in the subscribe box below, and I will send tomorrows Tip straight to your inbox when it’s ready. With love from my heart to yours, Katie

A message from the Universe for Doctors, Nurses and all Care givers…

A message from the Universe for Doctors, Nurses and all Care givers…❤️ Do not underestimate your role in the bigger picture of things…🙏🏻 Nurses in particular have always been described as Angels, this Angel reference has been the representation for all Doctors, Nurses and Care givers, and this is no coincidence. At this time, I want to ask you to not underestimate your role in the bigger picture of things. YOU are showing the global population Love in its full glory, you are reminding every human being on this planet of what is actually important 🌍 As human beings we are born from Love, we are Love and we come here as Love… we have got to this point because we have forgotten this fact. Up to this point we have been a society that has rewarded status, money and materialistic wealth over Love, and this is where we have stumbled. This is where we have turned ourselves and our world into something we no longer recognise or feel connected to. You my dearest friends, you are helping recalibrate our world. The lower energies of fear, lack and ego have been present for many, many, generations, but now it all changes as the New World is created. And you, are the light shining and reminding people of what is actually important, and what is actually at our core, you are reminding us of what we have forgotten... you are reminding us that at our core there is only Love💛 Without Love there is no us, there is no Earth, there is no Life… so when things get tough, and they will at times, breath and draw on the strength from knowing you are actually participating in the most important time in human history, draw strength from the fact that YOU are helping change the world and the path of human history for the better… that is huge🙏🏻 Understand that you have reawakened Love in so many, you are teaching people to recognise that Love, you are helping people to once again open their hearts … and this will change everything. The Love you are opening up in people, they are feeling, everyone is witnessing it, and you know you are awakening the Love that is at the core of peoples being… because they are sending it right back to you. This is incredibly beautiful to witness, You are the initiators for the rise of Love… this Love is what will save humanity and save our planet, because very different decisions will be made when this has passed and people are living from their hearts. Draw strength from the Love that is being sent to you, from all those people’s hearts that are now open… thanks to YOU. Now to you I say… In all of this remember, please remember, that you are also Love, at your core you are Love too. You have also been affected by the programming of fear, lack and ego that has been running for generations. In your heart you always knew you were here to help others, but until now, you probably didn’t know that this point in time, is exactly why you are here. This powerful drive to help is why you are doing what you are doing, but, and there is a but… through this challenging period, you must be aware that this is also teaching you about Love, it is also helping to remind you of things that are important for you to remember. You must now remember that as you give Love to others, you must now relearn to give Love to yourself. So, I ask you to breath for a moment, and remember that you are that Love you feel for, and see in others, that care you give to others must also be given to you, by you. You see while you are helping the world to see the Love within themselves, you must also see that same Love within yourself. While it is your time to help the world, it is also your time to recognise that loving yourself, caring for yourself, is a gift to yourself as well as to the world. It is your time too to remember your worth, remember the beautiful Soul that you are, and honour yourself and the world by loving yourself as you do others. You will come out of this experience a different person, everyone will, but you must also come out of it with your heart also open, and by learning to honour the divine, eternal beauty of yourself… will help you beyond measure💜 One other thing to remember to lighten your load… every single person has their life journey to travel, and that is important for you to remember while doing your wonderful work. What I mean by this is… it is not your job to make everything ‘better’ for everyone you meet, this is not your job. You must understand that what you see as a perfect ending for someone, is actually your perfect ending, it is not your job to change another’s path. It is ok to ‘just’ help someone to have a smoother more comfortable journey to wherever that takes them, and if it is their time to move on… then it was your job to assist them on that journey back home, by making it as comfortable and loving as you could, but please remember it is not your responsibility to make everything ‘alright’, because what is right for them is perhaps not what we think it is. As a carer your drive is always to make everyone better, but allowing them to travel their path, being cared for and loved, wherever that takes them, is a pure gift of Love💕 So, while you are opening others Hearts, while you are reminding others about Love, while you are reminding others how to Love again, while you are reminding others how to look after themselves again with Love and compassion… please remember you must do the same for yourself, it is beyond important, because although you are a teacher at this time, you are also part of this time of great change and remembering… and you must also follow the guidelines and teachings of returning to Love. You are helping to change the World, the Earth, and the course of human history with your Love, and for this the whole Universe honours you, and salutes you… with Love. ❤️ To anyone who feels this could be of support please share freely, by sharing and tagging, recognition of the source is not essential, just send it on with Love xx

Day 3 Tip - Fill Yourself With Sparkle!

Tips to help you discover new possibilities… Fill Yourself With Sparkle! Physicist’s Albert Einstein and Max Planck’s combined discoveries show that, if you look really deeply into the smallest known particle of matter, there is no matter; only vibrating energy! Everything in our universe is made up of these vibrating particles, the slower the vibration of a particle, the denser and heavier something is, the faster the vibration of a particle, the lighter something is. This is the same for everything, whether it be emotions, objects or food. And in Tip 3, I wanted to remind you about making some lovely, sparkly choices, around the food you put in your body. We are all taught that food provides our body with the nutrients we need for good health, which it does, but it actually runs a bit deeper than that. I will discuss in more detail at another time, but while we are all at home with not as much to do as usual, food can often be high our agenda! So, like everything, food carries its own vibration, it is made up of vibrating particles, and what is really helpful to become aware of is that the vibration of your food has a big impact on the vibration of your physical body. If your body is healthy and vibrant, filled with light high vibrational food, your physical body will be vibrating at a beautiful high level too. Your body is designed to be healthy, with a high vibration, but so much of what we are exposed to can lower the vibration of your body, and that is when problems can occur with your health. We are more and more aware that emotions, stress and environmental factors can affect our health, but something you can do to support your body’s vibration is make some conscious food choices, because like everything, food has its very own vibration. The higher the vibration of your food, the higher your vibration will be, so here are some important things to remember when making your food choices; Food has the ability to affect your consciousness, in other words how much you can hear your deeper self, your intuition, the earth and the universe, as well as your physical energy, mood and concentration. When your choices are based around low vibration foods, they have the ability to damp down the high vibration of your physical body. When you choose high sugar, processed, industrially produced ‘dead’ food, that is the vibration you are putting in your body. This lowers your vibration and can suppress you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, because the vibration of these ‘foods’ are so low they bring your sparkly high vibration right down. When you choose fresh, living, local, organic food that is free of harsh chemicals, and is grown with care, and even love… wow your body lights up! This high vibration food literally energetically talks to your body, it shares the gift of the intelligence of Mother Earth right into your body… how amazing is that! And here’s more… Natural food has a deep connection with itself, and the earth. It grows in harmony and unison with its environment, it thrives by being connected and completely in time with its needs. This brings about a super intelligence, life force, and inner balance, which is shared with you when you eat it! Living food grows and is nourished by the earth, by being nourished by real food it eventually connects with your ability to self-nourish. It shares with you the importance and art of self-nourishment… a def wow moment! Eat seasonally, because nature has this totally sorted! A perfect example of this is a grape and a raisin. Nature provides a fresh, light, hydrating grape in the summer and eventually the grape becomes dried by the sun, providing perfect nourishment for the winter. Food talks to your cells, this is a fact. Food gives instructions to your body’s cells. Living food gives instructions your body can understand that encourages your body to thrive, and yep processed foods give instructions to your cells that don’t make sense, and cause disruption to your health. When preparing food do it with good intentions, happy mood, gratitude, you will feel this in your food, because it will affect your food vibrationally. Most people are aware of the saying “there’s nothing like Mums or Grandmothers cooking”, and that’s because its prepared with the energy vibration of love, and the intention to nourish, and that’s exactly the energy that makes the food taste so good, and why your body feels nourished and cared for. It’s all about vibration and intention! You see low vibration food has the potential to hold you in a dark place emotionally and physically because it affects your consciousness, your life spark, your life force, your connection to the earth. Factory food is dead, it contains no life force. The machines used cannot replicate the energy and vibration of Mother Earth. Machines cannot imprint your food with sunshine, rain, and the vitality of the earth. This is energy deprived food, and that lifeless food becomes part of you. Food is so much less complicated than the information we are fed. Take a little breath before deciding on your food choice, start to notice how food makes you feel. Do not put yourself on a restrictive ‘diet’, human nature dictates that if we say don’t… we do! Pile in the living foods that are packed with high vibration energy, come from that angle, no restriction, just pile in the living food… and eventually it will naturally crowd out the low vibration food. You will start to feel better, happier, energetic, positive and your clarity will increase. Beautiful food is a total gift, literally a gift from Mother Nature to support and nourish you through your experience here on earth. There is a reason ‘Mothers cooking tastes so good’… because it is based on the love and care of “Mother Earths Food”. Have fun with your food, love your food, love how your food makes you feel… and for some inspirational, no faff, no fuss cooking ideas, check out this amazingly beautiful human Hannah Munnings, she is literally a shining example of how food can make you radiate health and love. Hannah offers recipes, on line cooking demo’s, and she also does live cooking demo’s too. My personal favourites of hers are Raw carrot Cake Energy Balls and her Sweet Potato and Coconut Dhal… oh and her Apple Overnight Oats… I could go on! You can find her here: Facebook | Instagram | Website Enjoy your sparkly food, because it will help The True You to Rise Thank you for joining me today for Tip 3. In case you are too busy with your new inspiration to check in on Facebook, pop your details in the subscribe box below, and I will send tomorrows Tip straight to your inbox when it’s ready. With love from my heart to yours, Katie

Day 2 Tip - Get a Head Full of Inspiration

Tips to help you discover new possibilities… Get a Head Full of Inspiration... We spoke about the voice in your head in the first post of this series of tips link We currently find ourselves in a time of big change, with different routines, and it can bring up fears and uncertainty. Trust me on this, the voice in your head will grasp this opportunity with both hands and will take you down all kinds of narrow alleyways! This is where your Tip 2 comes into play. If you are going to fill your head with something, let’s make it uplifting, inspiring and empowering? So, Tip 2: read, study, learn, listen to audio books and podcasts by great educators, people who inspire you, about subjects that excite you, because... even if you are not surrounded by inspiration, listen to others who inspire you… and you will become that very same inspirational energy! Whether you have always wanted to learn about floristry, car mechanics, reiki healing or animal behaviour… whatever it is there is almost certainly a course or podcast on it. You grow by experiencing new things, by being open to sources that support your vision, and help you to get where you want to be. We all have a passion and even a purpose within us, and even if you have no clue what that is, the clue will be in how something makes you feel, if you feel something it’s a clue. You are depriving yourself, and the world, if you don’t honour yourself by living what makes you feel most alive, whether it’s a hobby or a job, there is only one of you and whatever you do, it is special and unique. Whether this time opens up a desire in you to change career, to do something that excites you and causes you to feel more creative, or something that just shapes your day in a positive way… upgrading what you expose yourself to in terms of inspiration, will only ever enhance your life every single day. There has never been a better time to take advantage of free material on line, as well as paid courses. If you feel you want to learn something new, but are unsure what, search through some of the on-line course providers, Udemy have up to 100,000+ on line courses, and some courses can be as little as £9.99. It is similar with podcasts, there are so many to choose from, plus is so much free content out there, just like this 😃 If you have the time to immerse yourself in something new that is great, but even if you only have limited time, perhaps swap some screen time, listening to the news time, or tv time, into your time! Take this time to feed yourself with inspiration and it will be a game changer. Whatever you feed yourself with mentally and emotionally creates your world, if you are exposed to inspiration and creativity you will become that very same energy. If you demonstrate to the universe that you want to make some positive choices and changes, and actually take a big or a tiny step, it will respond because you sent an instruction out into the field of energy that creates your reality and, never doubt or underestimate this… you are a creator… truth! There we are, Tip 2 done! So, what are you going to look up today, and listen to or read? Remember, that voice in your head will find a reason why you shouldn’t or can’t, so make sure you run those reasons past your heart, and not just your head, for an honest check in! I want you to have just the best life and experiences ever, I absolutely know 1000% without any shadow of a doubt, you are a creator, and this time is offering us all something more, it is offering us a change in routine, a routine that most of us have been doing on auto pilot, and that isn’t just a routine on auto pilot… that is your life! It really is time for the true you to rise, so take a step today using Tip 2 and let me know what you are doing. Contact me (via my website) or comment on this blog… whatever it is you choose, a short podcast, a chapter of a book or registering for a course… I want to know, because if you are accountable, you are much more likely to take the step, and I also want to hear from you… because you matter to me! Thank you for joining me today, and Tip 3 will be with you tomorrow. In case you are too busy with your new inspiration to check in on Facebook, pop your details in the subscribe box below, and I will send tomorrows Tip straight to your inbox when it’s ready. With Love from my heart to yours Katie

Day 1 Tip - Write!

Tips to help you discover new possibilities… WRITE... At the end of the day, when the house is quiet and your day of doing is done. Take a pen and note-book, earphones in with relaxing/meditation type music and put pen to paper. Use this time to practice connecting to the higher guidance of yourself, guidance that is always in you, but you are often too busy to notice it. At first it is helpful to focus on what you need guidance on, inspiration or help with, and then over time you can just take a pen and see what happens. Set the intention of having a strong connection with your Higher Guidance, take some breaths to connect with your heart, just place your gentle focus there. If it feels right, you can also ask for other spiritual help that you feel comfortable with, and just write. See what comes to you. Don’t over think it, there is no right or wrong way, and over time you will create a great rapport with yourself and gain top advice! You might find as you write, there is a mixture of recording feelings and emotions around a subject, event or question, followed by clearer vision/advice. This is an invaluable tool to have, as you do this you are setting the intention to hear your inner wisdom and knowledge, over time this will begin to naturally filter into your everyday living, you will become practiced at hearing your intuition and what is true for you. So, keep it simple… Relax Focus on intention Ask a question/seek inspiration Write Last thing I would say is set aside time for this, we have great intentions, but without setting aside a specific time, its quite likely the voice in your head will distract you with something else to do. This is meant to be a relaxed way of you connecting with your inner guidance, and intuition… so have fun with it, and enjoy the process x to instantly receive the next 5 days tips pop your details here (goto page footer to subscribe)

What exactly should you be doing with this time? 🤔😳🙄

Tips as promised in yesterday’s Blog ❤️ ✍️ There are many types of advice doing the rounds regarding what we ‘should’ be doing with the space this global event has created... 🤷‍♀️ We are all individual, all at different places in our lives, in different situations, but we all have something in common. We all want to be fulfilled, happy and dream of living our passion 😊 Equally, we all live with the voice in our head... you know the one, the one that runs on loop with all the what ifs, buts and doubts! It’s been in residence a long time so knows exactly how to keep you where it wants you👎🏻 So, with this quieter life thrust upon us, our change in routine and reflection time. We are encouraged to use it in various ways. Opportunity has come a knocking to review your life and maybe make some positive alterations, to enable you to have a more enriched, fulfilled life. So, while some are saying just do what’s right for you, others are saying change your world in the most dramatic ways you can, and others fall somewhere in between, but there are a couple of things to consider first. Individual circumstance will play a role here, but there is also one big point to be aware of... the voice in your head. All of a sudden we have time, we are feeling empathy, compassion, love and possibilities. These emotions, for the first time in forever, are at the forefront of most people’s mind, and for the first time are actually, a lot of the time, over riding feelings of fear... this is big👏 Now the voice in your head, has been in charge forever, and it’s fuel, it’s food, it’s life line is... fear! So, when you start thinking and feeling from any other perspective other than negativity and fear, the voice in your head is absolutely not happy 😣 My point here is that many of you will want to re access your life and use this pause to instigate new and positive possibilities for your life, and I want you to be aware that the voice in your head will likely have a full on tantrum... this can disguise itself as anything from, I’m not clever enough, I’m too tired, I can’t be bothered, it’s not relevant to me, I’m not well enough, I’m too busy, I’ll definitely do something just not right now, I can’t, I’m nervous, I don’t want to change anyway, I’ll do something once I’ve cooked, cleaned, sorted the kids, caught up with...! You get the idea 🙄😂 So, if you aren’t doing something with this time, using this space to create some new possibilities, that’s fine... just make sure it’s because your heart feels it’s not right, and it’s not the voice in your head... creating excuses, making you think it’s not right for you 🙄 The more you feel you could consider the possibility of creating something more for yourself, the bigger the resistance becomes. But, moving forward anyway, despite the voice in your head and all the commentary’s it will continue to share as to why you can’t... can result in you starting to create something wonderful... so do it anyway! I am going to focus on one tip a day for the next 6 days... it makes it easier to implement one tip at a time and have fun with it. Click here for today’s tip on using this time for you,and open a new world of possibilities... It’s time for the True You to Rise ❤️ With love from my heart to yours ❤️

Lack of self worth, not feeling good enough...

there’s a lot of it about 😮 Society gives recognition, praise, approval, acceptance, and love to a false materialistic identity, the very same identity we then accept as ourselves🤔. Society gives recognition, praise, approval, acceptance, and love to a false materialistic identity 💰 as a measure of us as human beings 👫 We are measured by our external achievements, and have lost appreciation and gratitude for ourselves as a whole. You see we can never truly love something that is false, and this is where the stumbling block occurs. To love ourselves unconditionally for the perfect beings that we are, and to fully appreciate and respect ourselves, we need to lose the false self with which we judge ourselves and on which we are judged. Real Self Love, Self Acceptance, and Self Respect is a very difficult thing for us to achieve because we see ourselves as solely human, and carry with us all the distorted beliefs we have been given about ourselves, and our world. These beliefs are far removed from the beauty that each one of us actually is... and therefore WE STRUGGLE TO LOVE THAT WHICH IS NOT TRUTH. This is why we have an epidemic of self-neglect, wether it be neglect through substance use, diet, exercise, alcohol, smoking, unbalanced behaviour/thoughts, or any other area of self care. If we grasped the utter magnitude of who we actually are, and the miracle of our physical and eternal existence, we would never, ever, treat ourselves with anything other than self love and respect🌟❤️🙏🏻 Fundamentally, our lack of self-love is created, by our loss of identity. We are trying to love other people’s stuff that has become who we think we are, and we can’t ever fully love that which is not authentic. (From chapter 17 of The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything, Book 1) 🌟🌟🌟 So here we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, and one of the emotions and belief systems that are coming up for many, is one of not being good enough, and struggling with self worth. This is a very common theme right now. Why is this being highlighted for so many? Because most of what we identify ourselves with, the labels we carry to bolster our purely ‘human’ identity has been stripped away. Whether it is our job, our  routine, our role within the family... things have changed, and what many of us base our identity on has been swept away, leaving us exposed, fearful, a bit lost, and insecure. This global teacher has been sent to help us to connect with something more within ourselves, this teacher is asking us, telling us it’s time, time to be with ourselves and discover a bit more about ourselves, so we can create a new way of being, and a new earth. It is making us question our lives, and the role we play to fit in and satisfy society’s expectations. This is why you may feel insecure and even a bit worthless, because the false you is not being reinforced by routine at this time. But the blessing in all of this is, as scary as it may be, you have the opportunity to investigate what you really want your life to look like, while living your short life here on Earth. Do you want to leave a legacy of love, and support to others? Do you want to leave knowing you got brave and lived what you loved? If the answer is yes, start investigating now, a tiny or big amount each day, let the universe and the energy of possibilities we all live in know you want something more, and you are ready. It doesn’t have to be big and bold, it can be a tiny thing, but consistency is the key... ❤️ I will share some tips on how to support this even more tomorrow. 🌟🌟🌟 And for you, if it’s time to really find out who you are and how to live a new beautiful life, created by you... take advantage of everything I have found within myself and through the privilege of sharing others life experiences. I offer all the information in Book 1 freely to you and with an open heart. With my blessing use everything you can to create your best life and the best version of you possible. Start finding the answers to those important questions now, so when your time comes to leave this earth and return Home, you will know you have lived the best life ever and your passing will be as natural as awakening to the sunrise. I invite you to be a part of the experience this book has to offer, it’s opportunities to embrace your potential, finally realise your incredible worth, and have an beautiful life through YOUR own empowerment... as the incredible, creative and eternal being that you are ❤️ It really really is the time, and the opportunity you have been waiting for... for the True You to Rise ❤️ With much love from my heart to yours ❤️

This is THE resurrection opportunity for you, me and our world…

The time is in this moment, in this hour and in this weekend.  Never ever has there been a time like this in human history… ever, to begin walking the walk of love, mutual respect for everything and everyone, and allowing joy and freedom to come forth by living as the True You.

You know that a deeper you is inside, you know during your uncomfortable times over these past months, or years, you have been trying to connect with something more.  Whether your struggles are big or small they are reflecting an outdated way of life, that you want to change.  On some level there is a knowing, that the life you are living is too fast, lacking in meaning, stressful, and is depriving you of the things that are most precious to you…

So here we are, in the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of a world shutdown, in the midst of something immense, that is touching everyone on this planet.  This is not an event anyone can deny carries power, it is not an event that affects just one family, it is an event that affects the global family!  This is a time to listen, to be moved towards something more, something that creates deeper meaning for you, and a world that you are deeply connected with.  We all want to be happy, fulfilled, healthy and in love with life.

Well the great news is… it is your birth right, your original design, your original blueprint, to be all the things that deep down you wish for!  You are a creator… fact!

In my post 'Our Current Global Teacher - Part 4' I discussed how we find ourselves at this point in human history, many lifetimes ago, some bad decisions were made, and we created a world ruled by the ego mind, which resulted in our current materialistic and ego fuelled world, that is so far removed from who we are.  But for many years, there have been many people, working tirelessly to raise the energy vibration of humanity and the planet, to a point were the energy vibration of a much lighter level could be sustained, meaning the energy of love, compassion, respect and beauty would now be in charge, would now be the dominant energy vibration of our world.

This is absolutely being confirmed as we see all these divine human traits being resurrected once again, right in front of our eyes, right here, right now.  The rise once again of love, compassion, and respect… you can see it manifesting everywhere.  This gives you confirmation and confidence that this is not just a time of random turmoil, this is the time of resurrection for mother earth and our true selves.

Now the fact that Easter falls in the middle of this pandemic, is no coincidence. There will be prayers going out all over the world for humanity, for peace, for love and for the healing of our world.  These prayers carry an energy vibration, and this vibration will affect everyone of us.  We will also be faced with the physical separation from others who are important in our lives, those we would normally see and celebrate with… we are being reminded of the love that enables us to survive and thrive, the love that we must now, through our thoughts and actions, extend to humanity and our earth.  We must honour what is being highlighted now and begin practicing our new-found appreciation for all life while we have the space to, so when the world re opens we have new thoughts and actions already in place, to keep us in that place of right thoughts and right actions.
Now is the time to master these new thoughts and actions, using the energy vibration that is available to us, available to all in the shared space we live within.  We cannot move out of this and forget, we have no choice, the new world is already here, what you are witnessing now is the release of the lower vibrations, such as fear, lack, illness etc, and the birth of love, respect, compassion and new connections to mother earth.

There is obviously a story attached to the Easter weekend, one of suffering and then resurrection.  This is not just about religion, the story relating to Easter is a mirror of our human situation up to this point… one of suffering, loss and the illusion of death.  Again, this is no coincidence, there is a message in this that is showing us that our life for eons of time has been an illusion… our connection to everything has been buried under layers of lower miscreated beliefs, emotions, and actions.

Easter not only gifts you with the mirror confirmation of your true nature as an eternal creator, but also surrounds you with the exact energy vibration for you to release the mis created emotions, and beliefs within your cells… supporting the resurrection of our True Eternal selves… this is huge.

How can you support this process for your highest good?

The resurrection energy needs to be consciously utilised, it is crucial that you pass through this weekend with awareness.  It will make your journey smoother… as my last post stated, 95% of what we do is unconscious, and we cannot afford to be unconscious anymore.

So tonight, and tomorrow morning, if it resonates with you, feel free to use the following statement:

“I activate the divine intelligence in every cell of my body now. I connect every cell of my being with the infinite source of love and am guided by this love in every moment”.

I recommend you do this before sleep, when you are quiet, take some calm breaths and connect with your heart through thought and gentle breathing.   This is a time when you are more open to guidance on every level, and you are planting the seed of instruction for your cells to work on overnight while you are at rest.

The benefit of repeating in the morning before you get up, is that you are setting a powerful intention for your mind, body and your day ahead.

You can use this statement as frequently as you feel is beneficial, but certainly morning and evening.

By repeating this statement, you are communicating with your cell’s intelligence, and the energy field of possibilities that we all exist in, that you are releasing the old and instructing the True You to once again take its rightful place in your human journey.  You are confirming and committing that you are ready for more from life than the emotional restraints and struggles that have been your programming up to now.
You can see and feel this is not a prophecy anymore, this is not a practice run, this is the real thing, right here, right now, it is undeniable.  Every person in our whole global community is affected in some way, because this is about our global family, and our Earth… and you/we are at a turning point.

You are living through the most extraordinary time in human history, and if you are ready for something more truthful, joyful, abundant and empowering, now is the time to cement those foundations in place… while you have the most incredible energy to support you in your process… back to the True You.

It really is time for the True You to Rise

With much love from my heart to yours

The gift of connection, service and support

Firstly, thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing me into your world and your heart through my blogs over the past few weeks! It truly means the world! Thank you for the feedback, the comments, the messages and to all who responded to my invitation to follow my Soul Sugar page, so I could continue to deliver content of benefit and support to you, automatically, whenever I share it! For those of you who have had an invite, and are yet to click the follow button, I would love for you to connect, and have the opportunity for us to share content on subjects that matter to you. Don’t forget we are in a unique time right now, and when this moves through I will still be here for you… but the focus will shift to subjects and content that are more personally specific to you! So be ready, hit that follow button and I promise to continue to deliver quality content that is relevant to you…content that matters. You will know from my first blog, I wasn’t quite ready to launch my new branding etc, but over the coming weeks and months, you will have access to more and more valuable content, products and services that aim to serve you (some exciting previews to come as we move forward), and to enable the ‘True You to Rise’! So, stick with me… as we move forward together new things will appear, enabling me to serve you through other platforms, products, events, videos, etc, and rest assured I never take your interest, enquiries and loyalty for granted, and am incredibly grateful to you for allowing me into your busy world. I took the decision from the off that all the content I am sharing at this present time would be free, this is a time of uncertainty and worry to many, and I would never ever allow restrictions on who had access to this information to come down to finances, ever. I would also like to mention my genuine ‘money back promise’ on my book The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything. I have had so many messages (prior to these current events) that this book has literally changed people’s lives, on every level of understanding, via information that they had never ever had so openly explained to them before. Following our current situation, readers have messaged to say that the information in this book was written for this exact moment in human history… and I believe it was. We are all at a crucial turning point, and we have no choice but to make new decisions regarding our health, our planet, our lives, and most importantly to upgrade our understanding of ourselves, our world and our universe. Everything this virus is teaching us is to recognise our falsely created fears, and to return to something better… what that is, how we do that, and what it means… is ALL in The Girls Next Doors Theory of Everything. I wrote this book from the heart, and I believe with all my heart, it was written for you, to get you through and out the other side of this global opportunity, and crucially, prepare you to be a part of the vibration of the new world, with the awareness and tools you need. I genuinely believe this book is for this moment in time, and if you read anything over the next few weeks, I encourage you to read this book. This is a crucial time for opening your heart (see blog 5 re the need for heart opening), and my promise to you is that if you buy a copy of this book, and you don’t benefit, or feel it isn’t for you for any reason, just return the book and I will give you 100% of your money back. I am here to help you unlock the unique gifts you carry within, there is not another one of you existing in all time and space, you are beautiful, talented and hold such wisdom within. I constantly see and hear from people just like you, wanting to understand something more, do something more, to make a difference, to serve others, and be the best version of themselves. But life takes over, they’ll do it tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. Via this book I am offering you the space to find that part of you that knows why you are here, I offer you the space to hear the calling of your purpose, big or small, work, family or just for you, and so crucially relevant right now I explain to you how we find ourselves at this point in human history. Please do not waste any more time denying yourself and the world of your unique gift of the truest expression of yourself. My promise to you… Love 'The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything’ 100%, or your money back. When this is over I want to continue to be a consistent and supportive presence in your life through my business services, products, and events, and continued free content that matters to you, connects with you, and makes a difference in the world. Thank you so much for your support, hit the follow button on FB, do a quick subscribe on the website www.soulsugar.co.uk, and you can be ahead of the game by automatically staying up to date and connected… I cannot wait to see where our sharing takes us over the coming weeks, months, and years… because it really is time for the True You to Rise Sending huge love and gratitude from my heart to yours

Our Current global Teacher - Part 5

(Please read Part 4 before Part 5, it will flow much better for you) Todays message:Viruses have guided the path of human evolution, I am here to guide you… Early morning, Monday the 23rd March 2020, while out in nature on a glorious spring morning, I became aware of an energy around me, a supportive energy. “please listen” was the message, “I have something I need to say”. I have become quite practiced after two decades of listening to the sounds of the universe, mother nature, and our friends in spirit. I have learned, with much practice, to know when I need to listen, and I needed to listen to the energy language from our ‘current global teacher’. So, today I share the next part of what I was given, along with addition information from myself, and other energy beings … and as always just take from this what resonates with you x Viruses have guided the path of human evolution, I am here to guide you… Every new life that comes into the world would not be possible if it had not been for a virus. 160 million years ago a small mammal was infected with a form of virus called a retro virus, that enabled it to evolve a placenta. That same evolution is responsible for the human placenta that you see protecting and bringing the miracle of all new human life into the world. Viruses have been a part of our lives forever. Virus particles are capable of releasing their genetic instructions into the hosts (in this instance you) cells, and embed their genetic material in our DNA. While they can cause us to display physical symptoms, their function can be far greater than just activating our immune system. As our Current Global Teacher describes here: I have the ability to enter deep into the cells of your being, I come with messages that I can imprint into your cells. Throughout human history at important times on your journey back to truth, I have presented myself to help reprogram your cells and DNA in order to help you to upgrade to a higher frequency of physical existance and understanding. Each time one of us appears in your life it is a clearing, an upgrade, a releasing of the old. I slow you down when you have been pushing too hard, I appear when you have worked through or resolved trauma or emotional imbalance to cleanse away those imprints. And every so often, when humanity is ready for the next shift, I appear to you globally, when it is time for mass clearing, mass healing and mass transformation… that is why I am here. Every human being is at a unique point in their human and spiritual evolution back to truth, so every human being will be affected in different ways, but know this is all for the greater good of humanity. I am imparting knowledge and wisdom through my DNA transference to your cells, I am creating a higher frequency of vibration within your physical body to bring you closer to the connection between yourself and your soul/higher self and the universe. This is why the children and younger generations are not as affected, they already carry the higher vibration of the new world within their DNA, they are our future and are already programmed with the energy of truth. The truth of my vibration is everywhere for you to see… Number 19 I bring with me the number 19, this is no coincidence. My number is made up of the numbers 1 and 9. The number 1 is the number of New Beginnings, in this case the New World. The number 9 is the last number in any series and represents the End of a Cycle. When the number 1 and 9 come together to form 19 it represents the end of a cycle, and new beginnings. I am letting you know, this is the end of the human cycle of living from ego and disconnection, this is a new beginning, the creation of your new world. The Lungs and Heart, the Physical information The physical area I am specifically working with is also no coincidence. The energy area of the Lungs relates to the physical energy centre known as the Heart Energy Centre, or Fourth Chakra. This area when balanced is associated with Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Joy (all of which have been lacking somewhat within your global family). This area is the source of deep truth, and is the centre of your Heart Brain, your Higher Brain that connects us to everything, and guides you via connection to your Eternal Divine Self, and the whole universe. It is the energy centre that enables us to breath in ‘life’, and it is the bridge between earth and spirit. When your hearts energy is blocked or unbalanced you are closed off from yourself and your higher divine knowledge. It creates feelings and behaviour of unworthiness, low self-esteem, manipulative ego-based behaviours, and your inability to trust yourself or others. When blocked it houses feelings of grief, anger, hatred, insecurity, and jealousy… I see all of these have been very evident in your global society. When your heart centre is open and balanced, you will operate from, create from, and exist as; unconditional love, forgiveness, empathy and compassion… that my friend, is why I have appeared at the centre of the physical being. To open the heart, to clear the lungs, and assist everyone to become the energy of their truth, their higher vibration of unity, oneness and love… that which connects everyone and everything within the universe. I am Love exploding within your global community. My dear friend you are ready, ready for change, ready for the new world… and at this point, whatever form this takes for you… know you are ready. Its time for the True You to Rise Sending love from my heart to yours I look forward to sharing more blogs with you over the coming days... Previous related blogs: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

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