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Tuning into humanities energy this morning...my advice is... Hold on to your Heart my friend...❤️ As I tuned in I felt a surge of emotion in my chest/heart area, a deep sadness, and grief... November’s full moon eclipse is bringing the biggest of Heart openings ever experienced by any person in human form... ever🌟 You have been storing up these types of emotions for lifetimes upon lifetimes... Grief for the loss of yourself, the dying of our earth, seeing your brothers and sisters in pain and suffering, being cut off from home...❤️ What ever your experiences in this lifetime and all your other lifetimes... IT IS TIME TO LET GO OF IT ALL, every bit of you that is not settled in higher Love and Joy... TODAY is the time to drop the cape of disguise... You don’t have to hide anymore, it’s safe to show yourself, it is safe to be you, it is safe to Love unconditionally, and it is safe to be that unconditional Love...💜 I promise, it is safe my friend...❤️ How do you release these lifetimes of grief and emotion? 💫TODAY... pause regularly, breath in a little bit deeper, and exhale any unbalanced feelings that are present within you or in ANY interaction with anyone or anything... 💫With every word you speak today... Every action you take... Every emotion you experience... physically feel it come from the voice of your heart, and if not breath again and go again... 💫Stop and feel where every action, word, thought and emotion, if it’s not from Love and nutrality... breath and reframe it 💫welcome in this stunningly beautiful energy, wether you sense it or not... intention is EVERYTHING When I turned in and I felt the emotion sweep through me, I asked for something I could pass on to assist you today, and the photo is what I was given...🎁 The exact point of the sun in this photo is energy filled, if you use this and focus on the central sun, the energy will naturally infuse you with these incredible energies we have access to today... meditate on it, stare at it, appreciate it... ☀️ TODAY IS THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY.. you easily get to make space and take on this higher energy by just welcoming it in...🤍 Your physical body is ready to take on this energy of the higher you, your light body... that you and the whole of the universal community have been working to get you to this point for many years...💚 CELEBRATE the fact that YOU and Mother Earth, can today, monumentally begin to reinstate your original energy of Love and higher perfection...🎉💜 This is a massive milestone in our progress, and as you move your energy up a notch so does the whole of humanity...👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨 It’s a collective thing, we’ve had the collective lower energy around for eons of time... BUT TODAY THE TIDE TURNS... FOREVER... Thank you for your part in this...❤️ With massive Love from my heart to Yours on this most momentous of days... ever❤️

A reminder for you...❤️

Despite what you are witnessing, there is a plan, it is on going and being guided by many in this world and in worlds beyond this world...💝 There are different stages to this plan because... you cannot transform your personal energy in the blink of an eye, your physical body couldn’t cope...💚 We cannot transition the lower energy out in one go... the world and society couldn’t cope, mentally and emotionally we would crumble...❤️ We have tried for many lifetimes to once again re create our divine home here on earth and within us while in our human suits...💝 But all times previous, the energy of the the world, and humanity wasn’t ready... but now it is...❤️ This week there has been another success in the Human Plan, all holding space for the lower energies has been dismantled...🤍 There is now no longer anything feeding those behaviours, thoughts, and actions... This can translate as desperation in the outside world as these lower energies try to hang on, and things can get louder as the old make a last ditch attempt to keep control...❤️ But a new template is now in place within the earth, this grid is being activated now... The old grid that used to flow with the lower energy of control is now dismantled...💖 The new grid structures are coming on line and will begin to feed the earth with the energy, love and light of creation...🌎❤️ With the aim to infuse our earth and everything on the earth, us included, with the original life force energy that keeps us connected to each other, our eternal selves and our place in the universe...💚 So, when you feel like it’s closing in and nothing is moving forward, or you have concerns about the future... the plan is in place, it is successfully moving forward... and all is well...❤️ While it is uncomfortable and painful at times... but without this plan, where we were heading was much worse... 💙 We now have a future, the Earth has a future, life has a future ...🌟 So remember... 💫This is an incredible plan to save our earth and humanity 💫The plan is here as an opportunity 💫The plan is here to highlight to us that living with lower emotions, belief’s and actions had become our normal 💫This plan was designed by all of us 💫This plan will highlight what your lower emotions and beliefs are, and that everyone’s will be different 💫This plan, along with all the help from worlds beyond our world, is designed to ensure we uncover and see the truth of who we are... 💫This plan is a process to trigger the exact lower emotions and belief’s that have been hiding your beauty as a creator, by highlighting them... 💫This plan will highlight these things for you and provide opportunities to heal them and release them... 💫As this plan progress’s the world will open up to you with a fulfilling life experience... 💫As this plan progresses more and more people will remember and tune back into their truth and assist others to do the same... 💫This plan will ultimately save humanity, the earth and preserve the opportunity that is life... 💫and is something to be celebrated. When this plan appears to be challenging you on many levels, just remember this is the plan to get us home to truth and love ❤️ It is time for the True Us to Rise❤️ With love from my heart to yours❤️ #humanplan #divineplan #trueyou #timetorise #love #onlylove #newearth #timeforthrtrueyoutorise Photo curtesy of Pinterest

It is time... it is now... time to react...❤️

Higher Love is intertwined within every cell, every thread of existence and without it, there is no life...❤️ Higher Love is what gives us life, it is our breath, it is our beginnings and it is our transition from this life...💫 The lower energies of female and male are hanging on by a thread, they were especially thrashing around this weekend... It is the last blast of lower energy trying to control and cling on...🙏🏻 But we have the strongest transformational tool in the universe... higher Love...❤️ We have seen it everywhere through this year, trying to hang on to control, trying to starve us of our life force... higher Love❤️ Trying to deny us the whole point of our existence... Love❤️ Trying to starve us of the most important human emotion, feeling, action... Love❤️ Attempting to cut of the connection between our brothers, sisters, family, friends, and strangers... Love❤️ The most powerful force of union, connection, life, survival, happiness, and growth... Love❤️ We will not allow the most process part of us to be diluted, the most precious part of our existence be removed, the most precious gift that is life be taken... Love❤️ We will stand together in Love, we will be as one in Love...❤️ We will not allow life to be withdrawn from us, the life support that is Love to be taken from us...❤️ Whatever your circumstances, take your stand for Life as Love with your profession, your family, your day to day experiences... Now is the time to draw on the most ancient and truthful part of you, deep inside You...❤️ Show your Love, display your Love, be Love...❤️ Do Not Withhold your Love... Without Love there is no Life... As we are let loose to shop, spend, eat... Do not be distracted from the fact that Higher Love is our breath, our circulation, our life...❤️ Those who try to withhold that know there is nothing more powerful... So whatever it means for you... Display your Love everyday, in every moment...❤️ To care, to stand up, to release us from this old old old destructive lower energy of control...🤍 WHAT CAN YOU DO... When you wake send higher Love to the earth and all on it...❤️ When you go through your day infuse every moment and situation you can with higher Love...🧡 Before you sleep infuse the world and everything on it with higher Love...💖 Nothing fancy just intention will do it... We are done with starving the world of Love... Share it everywhere you go... This is an energy game now, and the energy of higher Love is the highest energy you can bring into this world...💝 It will dismantle the darkest of energy, the lowest of energy...💚 As humans, we are born from higher Love, we live off Love, and we pass as Love and we continue as Higher Love...🤍 ANY AGENDA THAT INCLUDES WITH HOLDING LOVE IS NOT FROM TRUTH... It is time to turn this upside down, once and for all...💛 And place higher Love on top... 🤍 With LOVE from my heart to yours❤️ It’s time for the True You to Rise... AS LOVE...❤️ #timetorise #love #lovewins #loveislife #loveconnects #loveconquers #timetorise #timeforthetrueyoutorise #trueyou #newworld #riseup #loveearth Photo curtesy Pinterest spiritual Unite

VLOG - Soul Sugar Update 10-11-2020

Click on the logo to play Stopping the fear right here

Lost In Fear and Missing The Point

Stopping the fear right here… Many who are bringing us information, are either missing the point or are forgetting. Everywhere we look, even in places of information that we usually go for support, solitude, and spiritual guidance, are drawing our focus to lower emotions, especially fear. So, let’s get straight to the point and remind ourselves what this is actually about… We need this to happen, what these global situations are bringing up for us is nothing new, to reiterate this is nothing new. It’s just highlighting what is already there within us, but on a much bigger scale so we can once again recognise things that we have become immune to, things we have just accepted as normal. Dealing with fear in your day to day life experience is not normal, worry isn’t normal, feeling out of control isn’t normal, feeling powerless isn’t normal, and missing life because these emotions invade your life isn’t normal. But we had stopped reacting to these things… and something had to show us that this is not ok, and something had to give us the opportunity to wake us up to what we had forgotten… that living our lives are about experiencing life from a point of abundance, joy, happiness, reverence and respect… through our very own creation. So, in comes the Global Opportunity, we are here to change the whole world and that is a global effort, so the opportunity had to be global… what an incredible plan… we are actually quite clever! Do not misinterpret my comments as not acknowledging this process is challenging, but the alternative to not having this great human plan in place was a lot worse, so again this is an opportunity. The intricate detail of the plan can be witnessed, this has taken years to put together, and we are all walking the earth at this time because we know on some level there is more, we know we are a part of something far greater, and we chose this time because we wanted to be here to do our bit, and we will go down in history for our determination to enable humankind and earth to survive, and rise again! The intricacy of the plan can be seen in how it moves in waves, we are bombarded with one event/incident after another that triggers us, our physical bodies are infused with huge amounts of higher energy and we get to a point where we need to recover, recoup, cleanse, and release before we move to the next stage… and these are the breathing spaces you see of which we are in our second one here in the UK, when understood from this point of view it’s not so scary! And this is the point that many are forgetting, the most important point of all… this is not something to be scared of, this is not some random set of events here to terrify us and ruin our lives. This is an opportunity, and this opportunity was perfectly designed to trigger us, to recognise, release and heal what is not truly who we are. And suffering, fear, lack, insecurity, feeling powerless, etc etc is NOT who we are and now is the time to release these unbalanced emotions in order to recover as a planet, as human beings, to remember our place in the universe and re create the life and world that we once walked with Lovr, joy, happiness, respect, abundance and reverence for all. Every event and incident will trigger each person in different ways according to their own life experience and consequent beliefs, that have become ingrained, due to us forgetting who we truly are… and have been created as coping mechanisms in a world that doesn’t make sense, because we have forgotten our place within it. This is why you see such opposing views to current events, because we have all had different life experiences that trigger different emotional reaction to the very same thing… and this is where it is beyond important that you focus on your triggers that cause your opinions and emotions to rise, not other peoples… allow other people to have their own opinions and thought’s, because you then honour their life experiences that have produced these emotions and opinions, and allow them to focus on healing them and not reinforcing them through disagreements. I am not suggesting you have to happily accept whatever the latest “rule” is… BUT what I am saying is don’t miss the point here, these incidents are here to trigger you, and you will know when you have been triggered because you will feel emotionally unbalanced and reactive, and this is your opportunity to examine the belief system behind the emotion, and neutralise it. When you neutralise it for yourself you neutralise it for the whole world… powerful huh! While we are here reminding ourselves of this opportunity, and why we do not have to be scared or fearful… remember the outside world creates according to our inner world belief’s… and what are we seeing reflecting back at us? Fear, insecurity, uncertainty, worry, feeling powerless, insecurity… and most of us can lay claim to having at least one of these emptions governing their lives at any given time, and that is not on, not why you are here, not what life is about and certainly not at the core of who you are… so in comes the opportunity to reflect all this back at you as your inner belief system, via life experience, and offer you the opportunity to choose again, to reframe your life and reclaim your truth. And the comforting thing is you aren’t alone, we are all going through this together, all of us…because we have designed this plan together, to heal together, in order to heal the world. So, you can use the tools being offered to relieve the fear and lower emotions that you might be feeling, but they are not sustainable unless you have the foundation of understanding to build on, that this is NOT about the fear… this is about an intricate plan to release all these lower emotion’s and belief’s, clear them out, and create an incredible world, with a population of humans living from their truth, in a world of connectedness, abundance, joy, grace, reverence for all, and Love, through your own true creatorship… · This is an incredible plan to save our earth and humanity - not something to be scared of. · The plan is here as an opportunity - not something to be scared of. · The plan is here to highlight to us that living with lower emotions, belief’s and actions had become our normal – it is not something to be scared of. · This plan was designed by all of us – it is not something to be scared of. · This plan will highlight what your lower emotions and beliefs are, and that everyone’s will be different – this is not something to be scared of. · This plan, along with all the help from worlds beyond our world, is designed to ensure we uncover and see the truth of who we are… this is not something to be scared of. · This plan is a process to trigger the exact lower emotions and belief’s that have been hiding your beauty as a creator, by highlighting them – this is not something to be scared of. · This plan will highlight these things for you and provide opportunities to heal them and release them – this is not something to be scared of. · As this plan progress’s the world will open up to you with a fulfilling life experience – this is not something to be scared of. · As this plan progresses more and more people will remember and tune back into their truth and assist others to do the same – this is not something to be scared of. · This plan will ultimately save humanity, the earth and preserve the opportunity that is life - that is not something to be scared of… but something to be celebrated. When this plan appears to be challenging you on many levels, just remember this is the plan to get us home to truth and Love. It is time for the True You and the True Us to Rise. With much love from my heart to yours.

Soul Sugar Update 30th October 2020 - Where us humans are at in this process…

Halloween today, full moon today, a coincidence, hmmm I think not. I know many of you have days when you feel like you are hanging on by your finger nails, others are frustrated, some are just plain angry, others fearful, and many just can’t see where the future is taking us. Well I’m here to grab your hand and tell you all is in order and all WILL be ok. This is an update of where we are at in this particular part of The Great Human Plan, the great human plan to get us once and for all out of the shit… Those of you who have worked with me, read Book 1, studied with me, will know what you see playing out on Earth is no random cluster of events, this is a PLANNED evolution, revolution, and ascension, planned down to the absolute finest detail. You and everyone on the earth at this time has volunteered, chosen, and been chosen to be here at this time, because of your ability to hold your particular space while all hell breaks loose! Everyone has their role to play, some are here because of their ability to hold the light in place while everything crumbles, and use that light to bring in the new. Others are here to agitate the old aggression, hatred, control, discrimination etc aka the Ego, that has governed us within and without for so long. Others are here as the support team to the game changers doing their thing, others are here to communicate with and bring in the assistance of the rest of the universal community from the worlds beyond our world. And many are her to ‘just’ evolve within themselves (don’t underestimate that job), release, and grow into and merge with, their True Primary Selves… which then enable’s others to do the same. All in all, we are all intertwined, and it is the honoured few that made it here to deal with this shit… that ultimately is leading us to eventual Utopia. In Book 2, that I am currently writing, I will be covering every single detail, experience and event that I can share with you to clarify this Human Plan, from the beginning of everything, the real beginning of the Human Story, to where we are at now, it’s going to give you the answers, understanding and clarification to all of this, and you are going to love it… raw, honest and certainly lots of information that you will never have been told. That will take a book, but it doesn’t stop me sharing now, updates of relevant and current progress in the Great Human Plan. So where are we at on October 30th 2020… After many years of collaborative work by many in human form, and those not incarnate at this time, what is known as the True Feminine Energy was reinstated after eons of time (massive achievement). This has been a time consuming and challenging project, however as we moved into the new decade, in January 2020 the True Feminine Energy was fully present again within every one of us on earth, and every person had the extreme polarities of Lower Male and Female Energies within them rebalanced. What does that mean exactly? Well in our original state of creation as humans, we had the combined and intertwined perfect balance of True Male Energy and True Female Energy. Our physical bodies operated here on earth with both energies perfectly in balance, this meant that the respect, strength and honour related to the male was a strong and honourable part of our guidance in human form. The True female Energy was the nurturing, soft, all powerful Love energy that not only guided us beautifully powerfully in our human experiences, this Feminine Energy was also responsible for our connection to the whole of the universe. This True Feminine Energy was crucially our connection to the whole universe while in physical form, via our physical ‘spiritual glands’ of the pituitary, Pineal, and Thymus glands. Most importantly the True Feminine Energy held in place the violet coloured energy chord from our Heart, that connected us to the records of the whole of Universal History, the knowledge of who we truly are, and to the ultimate energy of creation. When our True Feminine and True Masculine energy were in place, we had the perfect balance of care, respect, strength, and Love… for everything, because we knew that we are everything, and everything is us. So, what happened… where is all the Love, care, nurturing, respect and honouring of all life gone? Well… In the early stages of our human existence, free will took a bit of a wrong turn, by many humans it was decided that free will could and would be used for personal gain while here on earth (very simplified, but accurate description of our demise). During this process the more we operated from the energy of personal gain, respect for the whole became more and more a thing of the past. How did this affect us? The more this unbalanced energy was used, the stronger and more dominant it became… we became our thoughts and actions. More and more the Lower Male Energy took the reins, and this wasn’t the original True male Energy, and so we collectively became the distorted Male energy you now know as Ego. The distorted energy of the Lower Male Energy gradually began to overshadow and dilute the True Female Energy, which was part of our original design and make up while in human form, until it had become completely dominant. This meant that anything outside our ’Human’ form became hidden, shielded from us, and completely overshadowed (shadow indeed)… we could no longer hear ourselves, it all went dark and very quiet. So, with the new belief that our human form was all there was, we became obsessed with the illusion that our only purpose for being here was to gratify and serve our human self and human senses, and succeed at whatever cost… very bad move indeed! With the Lower Male Energy dominant, with no guidance or even memory of our true origins and connection to everything, we slid down hill pretty fast into the Ego behaviour of dog eat dog, control, hatred, discrimination, I’m better than you, and fear… basically anything different from ourselves became an unacceptable threat to be judged and warned off. We’ve had some pretty dark times in human history, and when you go over the events that made history, you will see all actions were taken out of fear and the need to control. So how is this relevant to now, the day before Halloween and beyond? Because at last, after a number of years, the True (divine) Feminine is back in place! We are not trying to balance the energy of the True male and Female, we aren’t in the process of balancing… it was done at the end of last year, and fully integrated back into every person on earth. In December/January 2020 when the True Male and Female were bought back into balance, the low energy of the old Male Ego Energy was unclipped, its energy could no longer survive… and this is what you see playing out as part of the Human Plan now. During the spring months of March (lockdown) many of us where forced into a time out, in order for these energy’s to balance themselves and for the human body to be able to reintegrate them without overloading the physical body, and at the same time it triggered our inner knowing that there was more to ‘life’… so many of us became very reflective regarding our lives during lockdown… this was due to you feeling/acknowledging the reintegration of your True Female Energy and connection to something more. Now while this is momentous and incredible, there is a process that has to be completed regarding this side of our evolution/ascension back to our True selves and place within the Universe. This is a Universal Plan, a Global Event, everyone is part of this integration process, everyone is playing their part, your confirmation... in comes the ‘Global Pandemic”! You see it’s all in order, what a plan eh! With the global pandemic came reminders that we are all connected, all one, our earth matters, our brothers and sisters are not just by human birth, but also by universal connection… and you have witnessed every one of these aspects come up for recognition over these past months through various events and incidents, as the Female and Male energies went through the re balancing process. As the lower energies released and the true Female Energy began regaining its place… compassion, care for something other than ourselves became important, care for our carers became paramount, our neighbour’s became something to cherish, and horrible events that had been going on for decade’s were coming to the surface (and still are) to be aired and highlighted for the low energy they are… and not something this new part of us is willing to accept. All the confirmation you need of this process is there in plain sight. With the successful integration of the True Feminine part of ourselves the Ego energy can no longer survive in this higher energy, it is being pushed, forced, and transmuted to the surface. That is what all the perceived chaos and uncomfortable events are about, they have been there for decades, but they have been allowed to go unrecognised for what they truly are… because through the lens of the Ego we had no ability to see anything other than our human existence and human selves. So as something far more respectful and beautiful takes its place, this old Ego Male Energy that has been dominant for so long, has lost its seat in the parliament of humanity and has no place in the energy of the new world. All the work has been done to guarantee our successful, happy ending… however we need to allow ourselves to glide through this painful spot popping process (apologies for the analogy) until all the disgusting gunk has been released, the surface healed over and sealed for good… and only NEW skin will exist. All is absolutely, positively ok, and perfect, The Great Human plan is on course, in fact more than on course back to an existence that makes much more sense and is fuelled by Love (True Female Energy) and Respectful Strength (True Male Energy)… in perfect balance. With much Love from My Heart to Yours *As I was writing this a sign of confirmation came in for us, I had an unusual Black Butterfly fly past my window…the Black Butterfly represents change, transition, freedom and rebirth! Its time for the True You to Rise Picture Credit: Pintrest Watt Pad

Listen without Judgment Update…

Firstly, thank you to all that responded with messages to the post and video “Listen Without Judgment” on the 8th June 2020. (watch it again HERE) The timing of the post fell well, looking out at the world stage, we have some deep-seated memories and ingrained programming arising for transformation. To Listen Without Judgment helps to release these outdated thoughts, behaviours, and beliefs. There was a variety of subjects that arose via your messages, but one observation that was mentioned a number of times, and had a big impact was ‘Listening Without Judgement’ to oneself. Emotional and physical differences were noted during this process, and one thing in particular was that when people listened to their thoughts, reactions and opinions without judgement, it revealed that a great part of the time, a person didn’t know why they were reacting in a certain way, or what the reaction was based on, it was an automatic reaction, judgment, thought or emotion. I had a comment from one of the lovely Soul Sugar tribe that said, “when I listened to myself closely and without judgment, it felt like a stranger was reacting to and navigating my world”!  Quite a powerful statement. So, this blog has focused on this point in particular for today. When we listen to, and observe the outside world without judgment, we no longer fuel the exact behaviour we see playing out, behaviour that feels so far removed from what we feel in our hearts. What we have been taught as truth, through our education system, medical system, and virtually all societies systems, is that life stems from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (which is now in fact scientifically unravelling), and Newtons Theories (also now unravelled) that have created a now ingrained belief that tells us life comes down to survival of the fittest, you against me, them against us, the earthly elements against us, and that all life can be explained by mathematics…and a person’s experience has become considered as purely anecdotal . Combine this with the loss of our truth, with the forgetting, and to an extent the hiding of the truth of our origins and power as creator beings, we have a powerful mix to create and ingrain in us as truth… feelings of insignificance, and the need to struggle through life and fight for our survival, whatever the cost. While not everyone will exhibit to the same degree, and type of unrest and anger we are seeing play out now, without the knowledge of our real heritage and divine power, we all play this defensive role of needing to survive in our lives, to varying degrees everyday… because without the knowledge of our real heritage, our story, and divine power we are constantly fighting with feelings of threat and insignificance. You know on some level there is more, you know on some level you are more, you know on some level the world and universe is more… and this is what this new world is here to reveal. But we have to go through this period or transition and transformation. And while this is occurring, listening without judgment will be one of the greatest tools you can use to move you through these transmutation points with greater ease, and allow you to help with the global effort by bringing your focus to healing these events as they arise, not fuelling them as they arise with judgment and opinion… judgments and opinions that will be based in the outdated teachings we have just referred to. This is also where Listening Without Judgment comes in when referring to yourself, listening without judgment of yourself, your feelings, thoughts, emotions and judgments. This can be a difficult one for the mind and our ingrained teachings to adjust to, because we have learnt to listen and observe ‘with judgment’, it’s how we have been taught and programmed to survive. As part of this exploration of Listening Without Judgement, I invite you to observe yourself, and your reactions to world events and all interactions. Listen carefully without judgment to your first instinctive thoughts in relation to things you are observing and reacting too, especially opinions… and I think you will be surprised at how often your reactions and opinions are based around defending, protecting, and preserving something that is in the past. When we can ‘Listen Without Judgment’ with an open heart and with honesty, we will light up and bring into focus the stories we have been told that keep us small, insignificant, and believing that our existence is down to survival of the fittest. As you move forward, not just for today but for every day, see how your inner world and consequently the outer world transforms when you listen to where you take yourself at any given time, without Judgment. When you listen… hear the words beyond the words. Interact with every person as a friend, not as competition. Observe and react, without using judgment based on outdated belief systems of you against me, survival of the strongest, survival of the fittest, using opinions to feel certainty and significance. As I wrote in an early chapter of The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything, Book 1 … “We live life guided by the voice in our head. The voice that likes to keep things the same, keep you in the same place, experiencing life through repetitive reactions. Reactions to various outside sources, and pre-programmed behaviour, going way, way back. Be aware that for the majority of the time you have not actually been the one making the decisions that matter most in your life. Be vigilant! The voice in your head, aka your Ego, has all sorts of mad conclusions to base its commentary on. This commentary keeps you living your life making the same decisions, having the same reactions, and continuously plays its commentary on repeat. The Ego voice will be one of your greatest obstacle’s when transforming yourself. Ego is a fear-based personality we have invented to survive in a world where we feel out of control”. And what I also wrote is: “If you are prepared to be open and to listen consciously (Listen Without Judgment), your Intuition will guide you towards all that you want, all that you need, and all that you can be. Our entire planet comes from and therefore is, the same awe-inspiring intelligence that created everything. You and me, we are that same creative intelligence, and you simply won’t get any more significant than that”! So, move forward Listening Without Judgment to the whole of yourself, and the whole of the world… and you might just, most certainly, begin living with a new found understanding and freedom. Learn, Love and Live without Judgment my friend, it will change everything. With much Love from my Heart to Yours It’s time for the True You to Rise

You Are No Longer Your Past…

We needed to recognise, deconstruct, and then rebuild a new. This whole situation is about bringing ourselves, our actions and our lives into clear focus, in order for us to see what needs to be acknowledged. To then have the courage to see everything for what it was, and recognise it is not who you necessarily wanted to be, what you wanted to create, or where you want to head towards. This has been an ‘enlightening’ time, and now we are reaching a point where we are each unclipping from the past, releasing from what has been, and a life and world of actions that have now expired. Today, May 31st 2020, is a very significant point in this human growth/reclamation plan, as today brings the end of a 3 year cycle of the reintegration of the Cosmic Mother back into our lives and our world. As we refer to our human home as Mother Earth, due to it being the planet that gives us life, nurtures and nourishes us, the Cosmic Mother is the Mother energy of the Universe, the Mother energy of creation, that we shut ourselves off from (while in our self-obsessed human state), and therefore have been closed to this creative, nurturing, guidance of the universe. This completion and reconnection gives us the opportunity to use this energy of creation, new life, and nurturing to release from the past, leave it behind, and create again. We will be supported in this process via a triple eclipse cycle as we move into June 2020, 5th June 2020, 21st June 2020, and 4th July 2020. These combined eclipses will support us with the emotional and physical unclipping of the past from our physical body, and also support the creation of new beginnings. So, your call to action for today is to: 1. Consciously think/verbalise and affirm the release of all that no longer serves you in in your new life creation. 2. Release, and unclip the past with Gratitude, Unconditional Love, and Grace. 3. Open your heart space to the new, and welcome in the assistance and energy of the Cosmic Mother to nurture and guide the emergence of the True You, into the new world. And finally as we move out of May 2020 and into June, please take some time to think about the following statement, it might possibly be one of the most important to enable you to begin to build a life and co create a world, that up to this point, you have only ever dreamed possible, and with all the continued and constant support we receive from the universe and our friends in spirit, we can and will create a new world based on love, compassion and mutual respect for everything and everyone… “You are NO longer creating based on your past. As you move forward, the past with all its outdated learnt behaviour and emotions, is NO longer a reference point. Live your life based on now, based on this moment, based on how this moment feels for you, and what your heart is currently telling you”. YOU ARE NO LONGER YOUR PAST Its time for the True You To Rise With much Love from my Heart to Yours

We Will Stand Together, and We Will Not Go Back…

For ourselves, for mother earth, for future generations…we will not go backwards.

I hear some areas of our society’s systems have begun trying to distract us from our new, clearer views of life and the world, and pull us back into old patterns and old ways, the ego bickering is rearing its head in parts of our political system, and some areas of the news feed organisations have begun their ego battles to win the best headlines, whatever the cost. The initial shock and newness of the current situation has somewhat subsided, and the old ego ways are trying to keep their head above water and take us all back down into that dark abyss.

In the past weeks, actually in just a few weeks, we have built a world that reflects more compassion, a world that has witnessed nature and our earth coming back to life, and we see the prospect of our survival in a new world not just as a possibility, but actually achievable.

We will not go back, this is our time to rise, and rise we will.

At this point we have to constantly remind ourselves that this is all about moving into a better world, a better place for all. We have witnessed the incredible coming together of the human global population, with exchanges of care and compassion. We have witnessed the earth starting to take her deep breaths once again, filling her lungs with cleaner air, and we have witnessed so many sacrifices by so many in order to help our world survive. We all have a responsibility to move this new world forward, because the place we were headed, on so many levels, was not conducive to our survival.

So, this is a call to action to not get distracted by any old ego negatively which raises its head that:

1. You cannot control
2. You do not have personal experience of the exact facts
3. You cannot directly change or have an impact on

Because when we are in a state of distraction, from something that we cannot control or cannot directly have an impact on, we feel out of control and that causes fear. Fear is an immobiliser, it steels so much of your life, it stops you moving forward, it stops you having clear thoughts… and it stops you taking action in the direction of a life that means something to you and the world.

This is the hold that ego has had over you before this point in human history, it thrives on fear and drama, because it knows you will become distracted and therefore paralysed in the same spot for the whole of your life… and this paralysed state, we had become numb to.

Now, don’t confuse the above points with apathy, oh no it is most definitely not apathy. What I am asking is that you do not waste your focus or energy on something you cannot directly change, and cannot control, because if you cannot control or change something it is a direct message to you that it is not your purpose and quite frankly not your business. What you must do is focus on what you can control and have a direct impact on because that is your business and your purpose.

So, for an example, taking this current situation into account, you cannot personally change everything that is happening globally or even locally, if you are not a medical specialist in one the areas of focus you cannot have a direct impact in that way, and if you aren’t a statistician you do not have the exact facts regarding numbers surrounding this situation.

But you will never the less, be bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information, that you cannot possibly process, and you have no control over any of it. This is the point where I suggest you only take the bullet points from a news update online, which means you can adhere to what affects you, and leave the rest.

By doing this, whatever the distraction is, you will not be filled with anxiety and fear over something that you cannot control, and do not have experience of the full facts. You become less distracted and therefore more present, more relaxed and you have a clearer thought process around what is important for your life and the people most important to you.

We live in a world of distractions, but those distractions will only affect you if you invest in them. In times like these your energy can be invested in resetting your future into something you love the look of, for being there for people in your community and family and making a difference with small acts that you can control and influence. Fill this world with actions and creativity based in Love not fear.

To remind you; from this moment, do not invest your beautiful self into negative distractions that you cannot control, do not have personal experience of the exact facts, and anything that you cannot directly change or have an impact on.

The one very important point I will add is; whatever the situation you are watching play out, you may have no direct control over it, but what you do have is a beautiful heart that is more powerful than you could ever grasp, so sending Love and healing assistance via your heart energy will be one of the most powerful gifts you can offer to any individual, incident or situation. Your healing thoughts will be carried on the vibration of energy that we all share, to exactly where it is needed. This way of focusing your energy will expand your heart intelligence and your energy in positive ways, as well as assist and support others.

You have your own gifts, uniqueness and reason for being here, and that is where your thoughts and energy should now live. Invest your energy in things you can influence, and things that will make a life you look back on with a smile, knowing you didn’t give your energy and power to the illusion that is fear, but stayed true to yourself and to this world we get to call home.

It is most definitely time for the True You to Rise

Your Holding Space is Here

Here we are a couple of months into the biggest reset in human history. How are you doing? We have all done amazingly well through what has been the toughest of weeks for individuals and for the world, even now I find it incredible that when we talk about this situation, we are referring to the world, not just a person, not just a family but the whole world… makes you realise this can’t possibly be just a random event, and that is why I want to remind you to hold tight onto hope, and know that a better life is emerging. Having got through the initial shock of things changing so drastically overnight, having your world turned upside down, everything that you were used to adjusted, we now move into a slightly different phase of this situation. Its surprising how quickly we adjust to a new normal, when what was familiar to you changed overnight, your routine, your habits, everything. Yet a few weeks down the line, we have collectively adjusted to new habits, and new routines, because we had too, we were forced to. Many of us were living lives with routines that didn’t serve us, didn’t allow us to thrive, didn’t allow us to express our unique gifts that we are here to share with the world. We weren’t connecting fully to the people we love, sharing our hearts with each other, being a presence for our children, doing jobs that were making us unhappy and unfulfilled, and we have been building grief within for a long time… knowing on some level that all was not well, all was not how we wanted it to be. Much of the emotional ups and downs we have been going through have been a reflection of this grief. Grief is generated because we perceive change as loss. We have translated much of this change as loss, loss of routine, loss of connection, loss of identity. But this change in circumstances has also reflected at us on a deeper level lives that changed a long time ago so dramatically, individually and collectively we had already lost so much. We lost much of who we are, lost who we want to be for ourselves and for others, we have seen our beautiful world dying in front of our eyes, and we have also sensed that humanity was also slipping away, because our lives have become unsustainable. Mentally, emotionally, physical we have become more unwell than ever before, who we truly are has been disappearing in front of our eyes… and this is much of the emotion that you have been feeling, a deep grief for the gradual loss of our beautiful selves and world, the loss of our original patterns of perfection… we all knew it was happening, but our routines and habits were so imbedded, and the speed at which we were living gave us no time to stop and find a way out… in comes the assistance of a global shutdown. As I mentioned in the first part of this post new habits and routines have become the new normal, some of these new routines we will want to keep forever, and others have appeared to highlight to us what we no longer want or need… but the point is these new routines and habits were forced on us, and this is so crucial to recognise. Despite being unhappy with areas of our lives we continued, despite having a beautiful physical body that via big or small symptoms was trying to tell us it was no longer able to cope we continued, despite having mental health challenges we continued, despite having all kinds of struggles we continued… and this is why we have been forced into a global reset, a global review, a global deep breath. So, at this point, we find ourselves in a holding space, we have gone through the initial drama, trauma and shock of the early part of this situation, and now we are at the in-between stage, not in the early dramatic stages, but not out the other side either… this is your holding space. The holding space follows on from the initial unsettled feelings of change, but comes before breakthrough and resolve, and that is where we are right now. A holding space is the most important part of any emerging new situation or change.  It is the space presented to offer you the opportunity to decide how you want to move forward from here, it doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers right now, but to work out what you would like a new life to look like. The initial drama has calmed, the prospect of moving forward with life again is beginning to appear on the horizon, and this holding space is the no man’s land in between. It holds the least amount of distractions and drama in order for you to decide, to offer you the holding space to decide where you want to be when that horizon rises up to greet you, this holding space is your turning point. Whether it is a good habit or routine, or even a not so good habit or routine, when we live something every day it becomes part of us, and when we become busy we don’t even notice it, so take this gift of the holding space, not necessarily as a time for massive action, as a holding space often brings with it feelings of numbness, a nothing kind of feeling, a no direction kind of feeling… but that’s the point, you are in a space of nothing so you can create your something. When the world once again wakes up, don’t wait to be forced into a difficult space because you haven’t heard your bodies whispers, or your mental health’s cries for help, or your hearts feeling of being unfulfilled or unhappy. We did the hardest part getting here, arriving on earth, we arrived as creators and we live every single second as creators, even if you have no clue what that means (because you haven’t read my book 😂 link), stand in you power as a creator, repeatedly state in your head and out loud if you like “I am a creator”… and the universe of possibilities will hear your instruction and begin to align with your new instructions, it can’t do anything else than align to your authentic instruction, and that is scientific fact! Take notice of your feelings, your emotions and your heart… IT IS YOUR TIME.

Wow, we’ve been through a lot!

There have been dramatic changes in just a few weeks to how we live, how we interact with others, and how we see our world🌎 We have been placed in a forced time out, forced to detach ourselves from pretty much everything that we identified with, and everything that gave us our identity. There have been an array of highs, numbness, some wtf moments, some lows, and some who on earth am I if I’m not all this stuff that I have been chasing on my treadmill of life🙏🏻 But you know what, you’re doing it, we are doing it, detaching from the relentless, stressful, and destructive world we had created, and we are seeing some light emerging. There is talk of riding the wave that has been created, with plans to continue to protect our beautiful planet, plans to look after the people who look after us, plans to look at our health and wellbeing, plans to look at farer ways of running the major institutions that have dominated and controlled for so long… it is actually happening, a bright new world is peeping through the clouds, and that new world will just get brighter and brighter 🌟! As I have written about in previous blogs, the time is now, the work has already been done to move us to the point of creating the new, and the doors to the old ego driven, destructive ways of living are well and truly closed, and in fact bolted too. What we see playing out is the residue of what has been created up to now, and what must be dissolved. The old ways are no longer being fuelled and cannot be resurrected again, ever🙏🏻 This residue will take time to release, but release it will, ego-based behaviour and actions that are out of balance with the new, will stick out like a sore thumb, in fact I’m sure you have noticed it already, its being magnified and you will find it more unacceptable and offensive than ever before. But as you begin to see the injustices and ego driven behaviour so much more clearly now, you must remember your job is not to get involved in it, not to give your energy to it, or fuel it, because it is not your business. Everyone is releasing the old, the old programming and imbalances are leaving the cells of every human, along with the earth too, and some will have more to work through than others, and also some will be in a position as a trigger for others, to help them recognise imbalances within themselves💛 As I always advise, whether it be media sources, family contacts or other, do not bring what is playing out in their space into your space, because ultimately it just distracts you from your part in all of this, which is to become the creative being of perfection that you are, that is capable of not only living the beautiful life you are here to live, but you are also part of the team bringing in the new world (how awesome is that)… and that is where your focus needs to remain, that is where you will be happiest, not involved in the distracting opinions of others playing out their individual story. Keep your reactions as love, for every negative you hear or have presented send out a loving response wherever it is needed💚 We all have an incredible sanctuary of energy surrounding us, it is literally your very own mini universe, and you are in control of how your universe feels, and how your universe creates 🌎 Your universe now has the potential to lose all the drama, fear, stress and miscreated emotions that have been circulating within, they can literally just fall away now and you will be left with clear, vibrant, flowing energy, energy that is your life force, your connection to everything, and your space in the space that we all share, your universe of creation… you choose how your mini universe evolves from this point, from this new opportunity 💓 You deserve to give yourself a huge pat on the back, you and everyone on this planet has been forced into a situation that is totally out of our comfort zone, because we had all become comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation for way too long, and via some intense emotions, and situations, you have begun to feel the old ways, feel the old routines, old patterns fall away, while emerging all around us is a new dawn, a new dawn that contains compassion, love and respect for each other and Mother Earth… you are doing your bit, and together we are not only healing the world but creating a new one🌟 Know that every care giver, every person who is unwell, and every person who transitions at this time, is in every moment surrounded by the most powerful embrace of higher support and unconditional love, we are part of a much bigger community than we currently allow ourselves to see, but be assured the love, care and support is there to support every one of us through this process🤍 My friend be proud of how far you have come, of how you are healing for yourself and for the world, and in times when things in the outside world look like they are in turmoil, remember it is the old leaving, because love is now back in charge… there is no going back, the doors are shut🙏🏻 It’s time for the True You to Rise❤️ With much love from my heart to yours❤️ #trueyou #timeforthetrueyoutorise #trueyourevolution Photo credit Pinterest Displate Prints

Its a Spiritual Showdown

Who are You? Why are you here? Where are you going next❤️ Who are you really, not the (insert your name here) version, who are you wholly, who were you before you were born into this life as You?🌟 Why are you here?🌟 Who will you become when you leave your human suit?🌟 We have ignored these question’s for so long, too long now. You have lived as the person society expects you to be, lived how you have been taught to live… but not as the truth of who you are, and this is why globally we find ourselves in this situation today🌍 We have been running very fast, literally running to the next thing as quick as we could, on some level we were running from ourselves, too scared to stop and ask questions, too scared to be with ourselves. Running at a hundred miles an hour via work, family life, whatever fills our life and keeps us busy, has been the outlet to keep us distracted, because then we don’t have time for these bigger questions, we don’t want to ask those bigger questions because it causes fear. The fear however is unfounded, it is an illusion, fear is a very human emotion, a mis created emotion that has formed because you have lost touch with your history, your Soul’s history, the detail of who you were before you arrived here for this human experience, why you are here, and where you are going next💕 Fear only becomes an issue when you feel out of control, when you aren’t aware of the full facts… because when you have all the facts, when you have the truth at your fingertips and the knowledge of your origins in your heart, there can be no fear💛 When you understand the truth of who you are, who we are… you see fear as the illusion it is. When you ask who was I before I arrived in my human suit? * “You/we are eternal beings, we are consciousness before we become form, we are made up of energy, that at its heart is Love, and this energy is deathless… it only ever changes form. There exists a creative conscious intelligence that created everything; you are that very same creative, conscious intelligence, because you came from the same source. So, before you donned your human suit my friend, you were alive! You are consciousness at your very being, with a history, with a past and with the wisdom of all time within your cells, I think that makes you very powerful… and there can be no fear in the face of your divine creator power”❤️ When you ask why am I here? * ” Do you really think this was a coincidence, the magnificence of creation just happened, for no apparent reason? No planning, no purpose, no reason for earths existence, just some random events that found us being human?🌍 If you were to create something incredible, on the tiniest scale of equivalence, it would start with a purpose and a plan. And of course, there is a plan and a purpose to the creation of our planet, and the universe. There is so much to this life cycle than at this stage, you can remember. The earth the universe, and life itself is no accident. The universe is buzzing with plans; options, planets, and life; we are all directors of the current part we are playing in this plan, not victims… you are a director”.🌟 Where are you going next? * ” Death is an illusion of the limited human senses and has been translated into the termination of all life, because in our present, “I am totally human”, self-obsessed state, we cannot see around the corner of death to reveal what lies ahead. We no longer perceive death as part of a natural process within the bigger cycle of universal existence, because we have lost all connection to our origins, and our place in the universe. Your human form is just one vibrational expression of who you are, you are a mass of vibrating energy, and anyone who transitions from their human body is still a mass of vibrating energy, and at the core of that is consciousness.🌟 When a person transitions, there is no death, only life and of course Love”.❤️ So, we find ourselves at this point in human history, because we had to stop the rush, the distractions, the blinkered existence, because globally we came to a choice point, something had to give, because where we were heading was not a place where Mother Earth could survive, our home is dying, we are all aware of this on some level but our busyness stopped us from being able to react and to act🌍 This pause in human life also means we have the opportunity to open our hearts through care, compassion and love towards others… and when your heart is forced open the memories and reality of who you are, begin to be revealed… because the knowledge and understanding of the True You, and the Truth of our Universal Community… is hidden in plain sight, within the human heart💝 It’s a Spiritual Showdown in motion… it’s time for The True You Rise, it’s time for The True Us to Rise, and Time for you to start remembering your home, your place in the Universe, where there is no fear…. only Love❤️ With love from my heart to yours❤️ * taken from The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything, chapters 18 & 19, you can order your copy here https://www.soulsugar.co.uk/books Read and digest at your own pace, pop your details in the subscribe box and I’ll automatically send articles and blogs over when they are ready, I will never share your information with anyone else https://www.soulsugar.co.uk/blog Photo acknowledgement Pinterest - Yanpro








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