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Have you heard a new part of yourself lately

Have you heard a new part of yourself lately? It could be appearing in many forms... This past weekend one of the biggest steps towards resolution and reconnection for humanity was achieved... The final parts of the veil of illusion that have been blocking, smothering and controlling humanity via the ego behaviour was lifted for good... This means that every person is now able recognise, to some degree, the part of themselves that is the eternal, divine, part of themselves that is connected to everything... We lost touch with our Souls many lifetimes ago, and it has resulted in the difficulties we have seen grow over generations within ourselves and on our beautiful planet... But as you have discussed in previous Blogs... that all changed a number of years ago, and the earth and ourselves elevated our vibration to a point that meant we could at last start the process of bringing heaven back to earth, and reconnecting ourselves to our a Souls guidance while walking in human form... And this past weekend was another monumental turning point in this human plan, a game changer in fact... What this actually means is that for the first time since the downfall of humanity more people than ever before, now have a clear path to access their divine wisdom and higher guidance... This can be felt in many different ways: 🌟you may be feeling this as a change in how you want to move forward with your life 🌟a feeling of their being something more, and needing to answer that feeling 🌟a change of interests from work, tv programmes, to social interactions 🌟a need for being outside more 🌟a feeling of being a different person than you were a few weeks ago ... and a more emotional one, is that of loosing who you have been up to now, the things that you identified yourself with no longer make sense, your past is still your past but you feel more disconnected from it... almost like an outsider looking in Your identity as [insert your name here] feels like someone else, you know you are still you in human form but the social and personal identity that represented “you” feels like it ls not you anymore, it has gone, and this can be an emotional feeling This change may be just a feeling, an inner knowing, or could be represented by changes in circumstances like a job, or a role you have played such as mother or daughter... this doesn’t mean you aren’t still those things,but on some level you know that these are not completely who you are... some aspects that aren’t your truth may have totally shifted now... presenting you with a new space, or a situation to become more of your true self... to live, and love, the life you are here to live, rather than go through life as society expects you too... This can present like a grieving feeling for yourself, and the life and role you have played up to now... But in fact it is the absolute opposite, the circumstances and parts of you that have overlaid, dominated, distracted you, kept you small, and unable to hear that quite voice within have been vibrationally shaken off... The higher vibration of the earth and collective higher vibration of humanity has got to a level where it is dissolving and shaking off anything that is the lower vibration that has kept you small, your thoughts on loop, and believing that you [insert your name here] are just that human aspect of yourself... Well you know you are far more than that... you are an incredible human being but also a divine eternal being, with a connection to everything, that holds the wisdom of all time within you... And this grieving stage is one that will pass, it is a necessary release of your solely human identity, and presents the opportunity of creating new space to fill you up with the True You... The veil of illusion that was a heavy energy, a dark shadow that hindered your connection to your Soul has been dissolved, the final part has been dispersed... This opens up opportunities that you have not had available to you for many, many lifetimes... this is the opportunity to raise your awareness of your True Self, even just an acknowledgment of something more will encourage the process of reconnection... The reconnection had already started, through the voyage of discovery our world has been on collectively and individually... but now we have a clear path ahead, no road blocks, no trees down, no dense fog... the way ahead is clear... All you have to do now is honour yourself by doing what feels right to you in regards to your growth, expansion, personal/spiritual understanding, and taking those decisions that mean living life on your terms, from your heart... You my friend, are in new energy and new circumstances, never available before, of being able to create an epic life that literally presents as heaven on earth... We were never ever meant to live life suffering in any way, we were never meant to live in lack and need, we were never ever meant to struggle to have the life we desire... These are all part of the illusion, we only believed them because we lost ourselves, and then stopped fully loving ourselves, because we no longer recognised who we had become... we didn’t believe in ourselves any longer... we didn’t believe we deserved the abundant and beautiful life we were designed to live, together as one, as one family, not separated and in inner and outer conflict... Creation is one of abundance and deep Love... just take a minute to look at the real creation, that is our home... the earth is our home and it represents the “gift” that life is every single day.... My friend it’s time to embrace and acknowledge the truth of that gift... and create a life that is a gift to others, and most definitely a gift to yourself... No more playing small my friend... everything is aligned for you, just waiting for you to step in... It is Time for the True You to rise❤️ With love from my Heart to Yours❤️ 🎁 If you would like to take the step to understanding who you really are, I am holding the Special Offer Book Price in place for a little longer... as one reader said “this information was written for this exact time, to help us emerge out of this better than we ever went into it, and I now know how to never go back” The Girl Next Doors Theory Of Everything https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1916351204/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_PANPMY27ZAGDHJHV6CKA

Moving the emotions through

IMPORTANT - Wow.. tuning into humanities energy this morning 🤪 I don’t want to make light of it but for me this morning I had to get up, move and get some great music between my temples... my head and energy woke on a mission this morning to unclip some old stuff... And humanity is doing this in a big way too, and you may well be feeling it! I picked up from the collective energy feelings of fear of the future in many forms from financial, what’s the point, not knowing how we will come back from this, fear of loosing choice, fear of loosing freedom, fear for the younger generations... wow this is a big shift and unclip today... So as I felt my own version of this as well as humanities... my head straight away was today “I can’t be bothered”, it was trying to convince me to keep my head in my pillow, and then it will all go away... BUT that is exactly what these old false ego emotions want me and you to do... If we stay where we are... literally in our head, and physically static...the emotions stay put too... Now I know for myself I have come way to far for any of that BS... this is truly a testing time for all, and I have the benefit of having done a job and personal journey that prepared me for this... and not everyone does or has done... For many this is such deep dive stuff in the emotional pool of humanities mis created emotions, it can feel overwhelming, sometimes occasionally, and sometimes most days... Well I want you to know this WILL pass, everything you are feeling had become normal in your everyday life, and as long as we kept going the way we were, we could never ever live fully in the way we were designed too... If you read my previous post but one (with the pink childhood photo), you will see exactly what I mean... we create our world based on our emotions and beliefs in the world... and that wasn’t going to well for us, our children and Mother Earth... So here we are today my friend, in another 🙄 one of those unclip moments, those emotional surfacing times... You have come to far to fall now, we all have, and this is STILL about building a better world, it’s still about creating heaven on earth... and connecting your Soul with your human self and waking with the guidance and wisdom of the universe fully operational, in a world that is back to its original perfection... You and me, we agreed, to be here right now and be the instruments to bring all this old emotion, ego, mis creates bevaiours and beliefs up and out... it’s a responsibility my friend, but you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t fully equipped to do this most highly honoured job...🌟 So, for this morning it was about moving my body, music, having a good rant in my head, getting all that emotional stuff out while moving... Then I sat for 10 mins, hands in prayer position (it brings grace to your energy), and asked for the answers to the questions I had for today, for the guidance I need right now, and allowed myself to be open to receive the answers whenever they come through... and then I gave thanks for all the things I am so grateful for... and then finished with a thank you...❤️ I find this is a brilliant way to move things out before they get a chance to set in and stay in the place they have always been, dominate your day, your thoughts, and affect your relationships with others... So if it feels right for you get your music sorted, move, have a rant/moan/cry while moving, see the emotions leaving, wave them off in your head... then do some stretches and take yourself through the 10 min reflection time as above... It works... YOU ARE HERE TO BE AN INSTRUMENT TO MOVE THESE EMOTIONS THROUGH... for the collective and for the future of humanity and the earth... you are not them, and they are NOT YOU... And you are fully equipped to do so.... They aren’t real, they aren’t your truth, and when you remember that fact... you are free ❤️ Have a fantastic day... I intend too, despite what the old stuff had planned for me first thing, it’s moved through and I’m ready to create on my terms today...🌟 We are rising in our truth together my friend...❤️ With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ Photo curtesy of my morning movement 😃

Are your experiences your super powers?

Are your life experiences and beliefs your unique super power...?❤️ When you consider up to 80% of your daily thoughts are recycled ones, playing on loop... you need to make sure we have the good stuff circulating...💫 On an individual scale, your world, and your reality are a reflection of how you feel about yourself, and a reflection of the programming you have received about yourself and the world💚 These programmes that have become your life story so far, are what instruct the world of energy to conform and form your reality🌍 The design of us humans, our planet, and the universe is a perfect example of life supporting life on every level. We have been provided with everything we need to thrive on planet Earth, there is nothing missing. Everything is perfection, including YOU, it’s just that we have created a distorted view of ourselves, and the world has conformed to our views. Our significance and identity has been lost in our human experience, and until we humbly embrace our magnificence as creators, and put our creative wizardry into action we will remain in a world of materialistic illusion. You my friend are a creator, who just needs to examine those recycled thoughts and what they are creating... Use your abilities as a creator, and your human reality will manifest into a world of magic and possibilities🌟 Remember these next two sentences, at all times, everyday, every moment... “Any thought/feeling/emotion that is not creating balance within you is not your Authentic Self. Any reaction you have, that is not balanced, is not your Authentic Self”. And you will start to recreate perfection on every level, a life of abundance joy and happiness... My friend you are truth, beauty, and Love on every level... You just need to start remembering these facts...❤️ It’s time for the True You to Rise❤️ With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ Paragraph 3 onwards was taken from chapter 7 of The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything- Book 1... I’m still sharing the Love with over 30% off🎁 The Girl Next Doors Theory Of Everything https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1916351204/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_EJJG344ZXR8RGQAF1XQE Photos curtesy of my Mum and Dad and a much younger me!

The deepest part of this process

Tuning into humanities energy this is what I was given for today... we are in the deepest point of this process❤️ We are in the thick of it now, this human plan “Return to Love”, we really are at one of the deepest deepest points in the process... and you may well be feeling it my friend💚 We are all at different stages, and that is perfection in itself, so be kind to you, and understand others are where they are as part of this process too... But the reminder today has come in because of the depth point of this process... and I am told many are feeling deep emotions, and mental triggers this situation is presenting...🤍 I am being told that the energy circulating in the areas of clearance within this process are those of deep frustration, pain, apathy, lack of enthusiasm for any part of life, feeling trapped, and sadness without cause... My friend if any of these are within you at this time, it is time to remember... those feelings represent something other than your true self... they are a reflection of the deep soul searching every human being on this planet has been forced to confront, consciously or not, everyone has been affected, triggered, somehow, someway...❤️ But remember these particular feelings, and all that have reared their head during this past year... are nothing new, you have lived with them consistently, you are just being made so much more aware of them... and how uncomfortable they make you, and how out of line they are in the face of our true selves... “in the face of human perfection they hold no truth, no place and are of no service” ❤️ So this is the point my friend, these emotions are here to be explored but no longer owned, whatever the emotion, if it’s uncomfortable it is of no use or service to you... “it is present because of previous misunderstanding of a situation and belief of having no control... And all of them only hide your original perfection”. These are emotions and behaviours that have been created because you have amnesia regarding your origins, your history and the truth of your power as a creator within this world... amnesia creates fear and this fear creates emotions for you to try and feel in control of your life, in control of your external circumstances, to try and feel safe, significant and loved...❤️ But my friend, you will never find that outside yourself, that is the false belief we have created for ourselves... There is so much you just don’t see and feel, due to these mis created emotions, but if you only take the time, I know in my heart... you will find You and never go back💕 I know, without doubt, you hold within you... the universal and human records and wisdom of all time, and a connection to the whole universe...🌟 It can be no other way, you are the exact energy that created EVERYTHING my friend... ✨✨✨ THAT IS WHAT IS WITHIN YOU NOW! So take the time to get to a new point for you, a new point of creation, a new point of understanding... and any mis created emotion that is troubling you, will not raise its head again, because you will know, you will understand, and you will stand in your power with Grace💫 So how do you do this... how do you make a start? With just half an hour a day, thats all ... Start your day with a routine, grab the time you need, and make this time for you non negotiable... 💯 So just take 10 mins (or more whatever fits your schedule) on each point below, apart from the first one... Breathe...This one only takes a moment or two... as soon as you get up open a window or door and take a deep breath, take in the fresh morning air and take a moment to acknowledge the breath of life... in the same way you took your very first breath that gave you life, you breath life into your new day, just take a few deep breaths of morning air before you do anything else🌟 Read, study, learn, listen to an audio book by someone who inspires you, and stand on the shoulders of giants... “they inspire you because the exact same qualities you see in them are within you”! Think about that for a moment🌟 Move... a little something that gets your heart rate up, a walk, a run, yoga, walking up and down the stairs, free mini YouTube workout... anything that gets you moving, it will ground you into your body for physical and emotional stability🌟 Reflection time... sit on the floor or somewhere comfortable, breath in and open your heart and crown to the highest guidance... then allow yourself to ramble on in your head, express anything that is bothering you, annoying you, any emotions that are unbalanced, this is your opportunity to have a bit of a clear out of the mood and emotions that you don’t want to take into the new day. Then breath again, relax your whole body, and then give thanks from your heart for all that is precious in your life, from the smallest thing to the biggest, fill yourself up with the Love, this will build into your energy, and help you to operate from an energy point that will put out, and attract, the comparable energy of higher guidance, self intuition, happiness, abundance and Love. And lastly pray... ask for guidance on anything worrying you, anything you want answers to, anything you need support on... and know WITHOUT doubt you will be answered by your higher self and the team of incredible guidance you have around you🌟 If you take the time to Follow these 4 things for as little as 31 minutes in the morning... you will find You, each day you will feel and hear your true self and all the wisdom a little bit more...💫 And once you do, you will not be overwhelmed by external circumstances, and you will never go back into those shadows of emotions that cause the amnesia of your greatness... If you choose You over the distractions of the shadows... you will have full sovereignty over this current experience and way beyond...🌟 It’s time to honour You... and this my friend now needs to be non negotiable ❤️ The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything is your handbook for this life and for connecting you to You... it is the most complete book on this subject I know of. If you feel it’s now time to include this in your reading routine, look out for the special VALENTINES SALE price being published here tomorrow...❤️ With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ It’s time for the True You to Rise❤️

Tuning into humanities energy tonight 02/02/21

The following information is critical for moving forward in 2021...❤️ One of the biggest difficulties humanity has been plagued with was highlighted in 2020... and that is Separation Separation of the human family... The lower energy (ego) that has held us captive to human conflict, survival of the fittest, judgment and comparison has caused incredible difficulties within human relationships, both close to home and in the wider world... In 2020 the depth of separation and judgment was highlighted continuously on the world stage with some horrific events for all to witness... bringing forth some of the most difficult and heartbreaking expressions of separation between the human family... But during these times of witnessed separation as people’s emotional Heart centres were being stimulated and opened, it paved the way for a higher frequency of energy to enter every person on the planet... the higher energy vibration of unity❤️ These events now need to be learnt from, the separation we have considered as normal is now up for healing, and the next stage of this human plane is to build and set in stone the foundation of unity...💝 Unity will pave the way for the next stages of our ascension towards heaven on earth, for us all to house our connection to our Soul and the Universe while walking in human form...🌟 Unity will light us up with Love, and as we see and feel that Love within ourselves... we will once again see it in others💫 As we recognise the Love and Truth within our brothers and sisters... we will see nothing but ourselves❤️ As we look into another’s eyes we will see the light and Love that connects us all...💜 The ego has had us all in a bidding war against each other, in every area of our lives... due to your need to feel significant And no one has been immune from this need to feel significant... because the truth of who we are has been hidden for so long, and we have been trying to feel something that we will never get from the outside word...❤️ There has been (and continues to be) some events at the present moment in time that are still stimulating and encouraging judgment between us all...👭 But the key to 2021 and the human plan is to weave Unity back into the fabric of human life... so do not be pulled into the strong opinionated energy of the ego, this will not help you or the world...💚 Your energy affects the speed at which the human plan moves forward, and judgment of others is really just judgment of self... and because of this, your energy needs to be directed inwards...❤️ As each one of us becomes the master of our reality, we change the collective reality...🌍 As you connect with Love for yourself and drop the judgment, you will offer that gift to others, because as you see the light in them you will help them to recognise the human family that was always united as one... So your focus must include encouraging, practicing, and actioning Unity...❤️ Because separation is an illusion created by lower ego energy that has kept all of our lights under the veil of shadow... My friend, you are part of me and I am part of you, there can be no separation...💜 When you take your last breath I will be waiting to take your hand, and you mine... because at that point there will be no separation👭 It’s time to stand together, stand in the energy of Love... and we will lead this human plan forward with a solid foundation for ourselves and all others who are trying to make their way through the shadows... It is Time for the True You to Rise❤️ With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ Photo curtesy of Mother Earth while walking with her 🌈

You are a magnificent and unique expression of life

You are a magnificent and unique expression of life...❤️ A unique expression of life that only you can externalise and share with the world🌟 The untruths you have been told up to now are no longer viable in a world that is changing beyond recognition... A world that is becoming an expression of truth more and more each day... you are witnessing the dismantling of untruth and all that has been created because of us forgetting our divinity while walking in the human form...❤️ It is time for you to remember and own your truth, to stand in your power and express your uniqueness, grace and power through your human self...🌟 It is no longer about hiding, denying or ignoring that inner knowing that there is more..more to life and more to you💝 It is time to start listening, listening to your Heart and Soul, and You will guide You...💜 You can read, study, meditate, explore personal growth, spirituality, and connect with Mother Earth...🌍 But what will be your greatest teacher and guide is You... do discover new knowledge and explore new understandings, but your inner teacher is the only guru you need... and don’t let anyone tell to otherwise...❤️ I explain in my Book 1 how you hold the wisdom of all time in every cell of your being... and that is where you will find everything you every need to express yourself in this lifetime with Grace, joy and abundance...🌟 How do you follow the guidance of your Soul and the True You...? Well my friend, it is simple beyond words... you see how something feels to you...❤️ That’s it... if you feel energised, happy and it’s something you don’t have to be pushed to do... there is some truth right there! Feel it within... notice how something affects your energy, guide yourself through your days with this feeling radar in place...💜 Your Heart has thousands of “brain” cells that communicate with you through feeling, intuition and inner knowing... it’s just we haven’t been taught, encouraged to know and understand this part of our selves...💫 Your Heart will never let you down my friend, it is your guide, your library, and it holds your history and truth...💝 When you begin your journey as your unique self in human form, your life starts with your very first breath of life, gifted by Mother Earth... and your Heart responds by activating your divine form as Love...❤️ When you take your last breath on this particular journey in human form, you release from Mother Earth with your last breath... and your heart takes your memories of this lifetime back to your Soul...🌟 Fill your Heart with Life and Love my friend, for it is just a moment in time, that we are graced with this opportunity to express your unique self in human form... 🎁 It’s time my friend, and you have the support of the universe walking right by your side...❤️ It’s Time for the True You to Rise❤️ With much Love from my Heart to yours❤️ Photo curtesy of Pinterest

Tuning into humanities energy this morning

Tuning into humanities energy this morning...❤️ I was asked to pass on the following update... It’s taken an eternity to loose yourselves... but that changes now💫 As the years have gone by, and with each generation, every human has forgotten more and more of their true selves, and this is why you find yourself here now at this time in human history...💜 Your history, your story and your truth need to be uncovered, and we, and the whole universal community are in awe of your relentless commitment to be part of this human plan to bring heaven back to earth, and remember... We know that you need to hear this more than ever at this moment, and to know that everything is in order, and to be reminded that you are a shining example of commitment to being part of the success of the biggest plan ever attempted in any part of the universe...❤️ It is time for suffering to end, it is time for every person to remember their brilliance, their divine creatorship, and to remember their place within the universe...🌟 It is time to remember what the gift life is, but also to remember that the human life you are so immersed in is actually just a moment in time...💜 And to this end, it is important to understand that the upset and worry that you may experience, is no more than a misunderstanding of your human make up... you have an incredible mind that is designed to ‘assist’ your Heart ❤️ ... But as your Heart has become silenced by the noise of the world, your mind has become your navigator, your commentator and your guide... This was never your original design... your Heart holds the truth of who you are, the knowledge of home, and the wisdom of all time...❤️ When humans lived by their Heart they had it all... unrivalled happiness, joy, health, no disease or worry, abundance in every area of life, and a deep respect and reverence for all life, and the gift that life is...💚 The emotional unbalance you suffer from is merely down to forgetting who you are and the power you hold within...🌟 But to be here now, we must tell you that you are a being filled with extraordinary divine power, or you wouldn’t be here now...💫 You are part of an army of Souls who volunteered to be here now, at this specific time, to help humanity remember what is important, to be the light when the shadows are rising...💛 So hold tight my friend, and know that you have a universe of support walking right by your side...❤️ You chose to be here because you are strong, you are an evolved being who’s light is deeply needed here on earth right now...❤️ So keep your focus, allow yourself times of quiet when things feel a little too much, but never forget, even if you don’t fully understand everything at this moment... You are Loved more than you can imagine, you are supported in every moment, and appreciated and admired for playing your part in this magnificent human plan, Return to Love...❤️ We thank you from our place in the universe...and remind you all Is well❤️ You are making the difference my friend, and for that you will go down in history❤️ It’s Time for the True You to Rise, and it’s Time for Humanity to remember❤️ With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ Photo curtesy of Pinterest

Tuning into humanities energy this morning

Tuning into humanities energy this morning...❤️ This is what I found... each stage of this human plan, and your part in it, has to be done step by step... your physical body can only take these leaps in consciousness, and physical and emotional releases a bit at a time...💛 So today I am very aware of the emotional shifting in the lower areas of the the body, the stomach and lower abdomen...🧡 The old emotions rising relating to this area that are... how in control you feel of your external environment which is reflected in: 💫your family, and personal relationships 💫your relationship and beliefs around money 💫 your self belief and self confidence 💫your internal power vs how much power you give away to others and the outside world 💫self esteem 💫self Love 💫how secure you feel in this world, based on how much of your power you give away to it This is a big push for the releasing of these emotions... we have already done a stage of this release a few weeks ago, but now we go deeper...🙏🏻 As always... “the world reflects exactly what we as individuals are clearing”, and provides the triggers to enable us to once again make our decisions, based on our truth... and to uncover that very truth, strength and knowing, that has been shadowed by these old, unbalanced emotions...❤️ Emotions that we created as coping mechanisms, in a world that made no sense to us, a world based on finding our significance in a material existence...💜 When we originally held the truth of who we are in place, we had no need to prove anything, no need to create these emotions based in fear... fear of not remembering our beauty, and not remembering where we came from... 🌟 We are on the road home my friend, we are working to once again house our connection to home, our original perfection, our connection to our Soul... while walking the Earth in human form...💜 that is when you realise you are significance, you hold the wisdom of all time within every cell of your body, and that you are Love...❤️ So if you are feeling any of the above emotions coming to the fore in your life at the moment, self doubt, lack of control of your external environment, fear... know that these are false emotions that have been created in order to try and survive using the external as your truth...❤️ When in fact your are the answer, you are the miracle, you are the creator of your dreams... 🌟 “You will never find what you are looking for in the external... it is created within you, internally...When you create from within, following what feels right, following Love... the external will rise to meet you where you are at...” 🌟 So don’t be unnerved by the emotions being triggered, be gentle with them and yourself, acknowledge them, thank them for getting you this far, and allow them to just drift... because they will💫 And the external world will rise to meet you my friend... in incredible ways❤️ It’s time for the True You to Rise❤️ With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ Photo curtesy of Pinterest

You are the miracle you have been waiting for...❤️

You are the miracle you have been waiting for...❤️ How is this your truth? You came from the same source, the same miracle that created everything... ❤️ The miracle you see in a single blade of grass, to the highest mountains in the world... You came from that same source💫 The heart that gives you life every moment of your time here on earth, to the lungs that breath life into your absolute miracle of a physical body..You came from that same source💫 These and every single miracle that is life, came from the miracle point of creation..❤️ And YOU came from that very same miracle source.... that means YOU ARE a miracle...! 🌟 YOUR birthright, your heritage, your creation point is MIRACLES... You came from a miracle... therefore the TRUTH is... You are a Miracle...💫💫💫 Your life is a miracle, there can be miracles in your life, your life can be miraculous... when you drop the old mis created beliefs of the constraints and lack of this human existence... 🌈 Look around you at this beautiful world.. NO WHERE displayed in natures existence is there lack or constraint...💚 That is simply a mental human creation... But.... This can be easily changed, so you are once again in line with the rest of creation... See yourself at the heart of creation once again, see yourself in that incredible single blade of grass, and learn from it... 💚 See yourself as strong and powerful as that highest mountain, see yourself in that mountain and learn from it...🏔 The beauty, power and how mother nature guides itself... is in you, you were created in the same breath...🌟 When you once again believe... think, act and believe like the miracle that you are... Anything is possible... who knows what you will achieve...🌟🌈 It’s time my friend, Time for The True You to Rise❤️ With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ Photo curtesy of Pinterest

Tuning into the energy of humanity

Tuning into the energy of humanity this morning...❤️ You are in between, in between you, and the outside world... there is dependence and guidance from both but neither... This world that we have falsely relied on for so long to serve us, satisfy us, the world we have looked to, reached out to as our source of being is dismantling itself...💛 You aren’t getting your usual fix from sources outside yourself... and yet you aren’t quite hearing your inner self either... You are in transition, you are being forced to withdraw from the drug that has been keeping you tied to so many untruths and learned behaviour... and that is uncomfortable for you, and you may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms... 💞 You can feel lost, uncomfortable, nervous, unsure, angry, even unclear on how to cope... But the message for you today is clear... You are holding your own through this, you are opening to hear something that will feed you from truth and creative power..🌟 You are learning about yourself and how to navigate this world from a point of truth for yourself, not dependency on things and circumstances outside yourself...💪 If you continue to be honest with yourself, look at what emotions this situation triggers for you... and why... what part of your life experience so far created this emotion in you? You are being offered the opportunity to recognise anything that troubles you and see it for what it is... 💫 It doesn’t have to be a massive thing, but it can take some work to notice unbalanced emotions daily, and acknowledge the circumstances that still form your reactions to other circumstances now, all this time later... Now is the time to have your fresh start, to create you, not as your past, we are all in a major reset opportunity... withdrawn from the world, to for once, see and hear ourselves...🌟 When you see this time as an opportunity to explore the things that come up for you... and throw them up to the sky to be carried away on the breeze, you will breath differently, you will feel differently, you will hear yourself again... more and more each day❤️ As your mind becomes quieter, without all the chatter of old beliefs playing on loop, you will hear yourself and the beautiful guidance of your inner intuition...🤍 As you master yourself, and stand grounded in the storm now... You will create miracles, and who knows what miracles you will achieve as you begin to live again in the world...💫 Can you imagine the person you could be moving out of this after months of opportunity to see yourself...❤️ It’s easy to give into your fears, to sink into the pain... but navigate this and when the world ‘opens’ up again... you will be ready, ready as you, to create from a place of knowing, inner guidance and strength... Ready to live as the beautiful YOU... no longer weighed down by the shadows of the past... Just believe... and it is so, life is just waiting for you to step in and claim it... claim your true self, and it will rise to meet you... at a great height... 🌟 and that mountain view of the world will be the most beautiful view you have ever seen...💚 Believe, claim you, and expect miracles... It’s time for The True You to Rise❤️ With Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ Photo curtesy of Pinterest

How will you start your week?

How will you start this week ahead? ❤️ Today it’s about saving your life experience... (3min read ☕️) As we continue to move forward with this Human Plan... guarding your emotional, mental, and physical health is so important. Before all this started you had plans, thoughts for the future, hopes, and dreams... and those my friend are who you are, who you want to become, they are your life...💜 Guarding your dreams and vision for your life head is beyond important... do not let them fade...🌟 Because as your dreams fade, so do you... your dreams and aspirations are the truest expression of you, and they are to be perused without negotiation, without negotiation...💚 As you show up as that truest expression of yourself, that is where you find happiness, well-being, abundance and a life lived... As you show up as yourself through pursuing your dreams, every aspect of your life becomes balanced and happy... because you shine, shine, shine and you give this world your unique energy and gifts, and as you do it rises up to meet you, at a great height...🌟 So with this current situation playing out, don’t become lost without a cause, give it your all... and look to YOU Look into you, not to the outside world, take yourself far away from the battles, and into your own power of creation...💫 You have all the wisdom of all time within every cell of your body, and just one single thought, question, intention, when asked within... will prompt a response from your true self, which has all the answers you will every need while in human form...❤️ Because you designed, planned and created your plan for life here at this time... so no one else will have those answers, how can they... they aren’t you 💫 So as you move into this week, remember your power, remember you have all the answers... even if at this point you don’t even know what that actually means... 🌟 believe it, set it as your reality from today through intention, repeating the following in your mind, out loud, over and over, everyday, until it is once again, naturally your truth... “I am a creator, and hold the wisdom of all time within every cell of my body, I guide myself in every moment to my highest outcome”.❤️ Starting the week without focus, clarity, or intention can lead to uncertainty, overwhelm, tiredness and fear... 🌟 “Fear is a product of imagination... imagination that is left to wander by itself without purpose”. katie young ❤️ 🌟 Set yourself up for a different week this week, one that starts with you standing with certainty and power, and lead yourself forward with certainty, even if initially you don’t quite know where you are aiming for... Being lost without a cause is when life drifts by, unnoticed until one day we wonder... where did it go If you live and invest yourself in the external world you will be in others shadows, taking on their behaviour, fears, beliefs.. If you live from within yourself you will see that there is beauty, opportunity, and joy every where... ☀️ 🌺 😆 Today is your choice point... today you decide where you will take yourself this week, what your experience of life will be...? You will never ever get this week back, the hours and days will pass, they will not pause for you or I... Make this week one when you leave an imprint on this world, by respecting yourself for the brilliant unique being you are...❤️ And express that brilliance by using the above statement to light up and anchor in your true self... and watch the world rise to meet you this week...💚 Set your alarm, schedule in, post it note the house, and wherever you are at with your human evolution... this will be a great start, or it will enhance your current practice... This quote was given to me, for you... from the exact same place you have access too... YOU ❤️ Who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe... in YOU❤️ Sending you so much Love from my Heart to yours...for an amazing week ahead ❤️ It’s time my friend, it’s time for the True You to Rise❤️ Photo curtesy of Pinterest

Mother Natures Message

A reminder of Mother Natures Message to You....💚 As I walked this morning, Mother Nature whispered in my ear, and this is what she said...🌍 (3 min read ☕️) You are being shown what you have forgotten...❤️ Winter is a time for hibernation, the leafless trees and all of nature is a beautiful example of nature slowing down, saving its energy, saving fuel for winter and resting...💚 In winter the light dims, the sun shines for less time, and the days are shorter.... 🌚 You are tuned to Mother Nature, you live within the same cycles and vibration as nature, you are nature...💚 You used to seek the same rest, shelter and recuperation in winter as nature, but you forgot... You forgot the rhythm of nature that beats in your body and heart, you forgot that as a human you need rest, you forgot the blessing of a human body that needs sleep when the sun goes down... 💫 You forgot to take care of yourself when nature shows you how with the seasons..🍁 You got disconnected from nature and instead of gazing at the stars in night sky, you gaze at falsely light places to shop, work, and rush and get lost in the busyness... And your disconnection from nature is not only apparent in the challenges with humanities physical and mental health, it is apparent that you have lost touch with this friend, this Mother of yours...🌍 Because you have stopped caring for her, and that is the greatest representation of no longer caring for yourself...❤️ This current situation is highlighting many things that we all need to reflect on and reconsider... And this is one of them... winter is a time for slowing down, you cannot keep pushing through the dark winter days without manifesting physical and mental unbalance... Winter holds such beauty in its days, and offers retreat in the longer nights, as the tiredness of a year of living, needs to be balanced...🤗 We are all being ‘offered’ many opportunities during this time in human history to reflect on our priorities, our lives and our Loves...❤️ But this particular month is showing you it is time to listen, time to rest and allow your body to recoup... self care with the guidance of nature is in your dna, it’s not difficult, just watch what she does and follow...💚 Physical and mental health issues are a big part of your lives today, they aren’t fixed by a magic bullet... they will be fixed when we listen to our own needs, and allow Mother Nature to thrive and do what she does best...🌍 Love, nurture and guide us because within this situation there is a deeper message for everyone of us, an opportunity... but it is up to us to listen and act...🌸 It’s time to Love yourselves back to health and happiness, with the most beautiful Mother by your side 🌍 Take the time of restricted ‘doing’ to give thanks to you, your body, your mind, and what is in your heart, listen to what you need, and how Mother Nature is communicating with you... without these opportunities we were never going to hear ourselves... Under the noise... this is a time of great blessings my fiend ❤️ 🌟 “Today, breath in the stillness of the winter air, it will settle you on every level” 🌟 snuggle with warm drinks, nourish your mind, read and rest💜 With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ If you enjoyed this update, sign up here for inspiration straight into your inbox. With Love 😍 https://www.soulsugar.co.uk/blog








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