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A gift for you

To do my bit, help amplify the love ❀️ and help bring clarity and understanding at this time, I am offering 50 free copies* of The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything free of charge as a gift, with postage covered... If you would like a copy, or know someone who would benefit from this as a gift, please contact me via Facebook Messenger with your name, address and email**. I will be posting the books out over the next few days πŸ’ These are some of the other ways people have shared with me how they use the book: 🌟 I keep it by my bed as it radiates peace and calm
🌟 whenever I need guidance I open a random page and there’s my answer
🌟 if I am worried or unwell I hold the book to my chest and ask for healing and clarity
🌟 I keep it in my bag and take it wherever I go, it brings a bright and centred vibe to my day
🌟 I hold the book when I meditate and I get answers to my questions * Offer lasts until all 50 copies are given away. ** I will at no time share your information with any 3rd party








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