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Enough is Enough

Enough is enough... it’s time to be YOU And you can my friend, it is time now to be yourself in all your glory, it is time now to not waste another moment unsure, unclear, emotionally swimming against the tide, day and and night at the beck and call of your thoughts... That is not who you are, what you see playing out in this world is a distorted picture of humaneness, and that distortion has affected you, and your human brothers and sisters for lifetimes... The uncertainty, indecision, and fear that is here right now, is a reflection of reaching the end of the road of living life in the shadows, in the dark, and moving against everything you, have running through every cell of your being... You are strong, you are a creator, you are compassionate, excitable, care free, reverent, kind and bursting with life... You are here to live without restriction, live your desires and your dreams and no one but you can stop you or change you... You and every human has been led to believe otherwise, but I am here to tell you that this belief is the biggest untruth in human history... You are not designed to suffer, to work so hard to achieve your dreams you sleep walk through life... Life is designed to rise up and meet you in your most expansive dreams and desires, and you are programmed to create exactly that... YOU are programmed to have an epic life... you just got bombarded from such a young age to believe otherwise... Enough is enough... it saddens me to see the struggles, the suffering and the unnecessary disbelief you have in your life, your dreams, your desires, and yourself... I was also that person who had been programmed to believe that life just happened to me, and that I needed to reach outside myself to find that something I was searching for... But now I know, with out doubt, that YOU truly can have a life filled with abundant wealth on every level that matters to you... We need to stop the cycle of disbelief, of amnesia to who you are, of believing that this world was created for us just to survive... You owe it to yourself and to future generations to break this cycle once and for all, and start sharing learning and remembering the truth of who you are... Are you at the end of the line with living like this? It surely feels like it’s time to rise in your truth and power... This is not a scary or gigantic task... once you are reminded, you will quickly feel like you have come home... and the struggles of the outside world will no longer be in your personal reality, you will rise above them because you will know they are not who you are... And that my friend, is where your unique energy signature will get back on track, you will see the world reflecting your dreams and purpose back at you, because you are living your truth... over others truth that have been imposed on you The information to empower yourself is not just available to a chosen few. The knowledge of your origins, and your true wisdom is WITHIN YOU NOW... You just need an explanation as to how you forgot, and some pointers to remember what is already there... It’s time my friend, it’s time... enough is enough I have kept my special offer on my book going as I know how deeply needed this information is right now... Because I hear you, I was you, I’ve travelled some very tough roads to relearn all you need to remember your truth...and now I’m here for you...❤️ With much love from my Heart to Yours❤️








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