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Have you heard a new part of yourself lately

Have you heard a new part of yourself lately? It could be appearing in many forms... This past weekend one of the biggest steps towards resolution and reconnection for humanity was achieved... The final parts of the veil of illusion that have been blocking, smothering and controlling humanity via the ego behaviour was lifted for good... This means that every person is now able recognise, to some degree, the part of themselves that is the eternal, divine, part of themselves that is connected to everything... We lost touch with our Souls many lifetimes ago, and it has resulted in the difficulties we have seen grow over generations within ourselves and on our beautiful planet... But as you have discussed in previous Blogs... that all changed a number of years ago, and the earth and ourselves elevated our vibration to a point that meant we could at last start the process of bringing heaven back to earth, and reconnecting ourselves to our a Souls guidance while walking in human form... And this past weekend was another monumental turning point in this human plan, a game changer in fact... What this actually means is that for the first time since the downfall of humanity more people than ever before, now have a clear path to access their divine wisdom and higher guidance... This can be felt in many different ways: 🌟you may be feeling this as a change in how you want to move forward with your life 🌟a feeling of their being something more, and needing to answer that feeling 🌟a change of interests from work, tv programmes, to social interactions 🌟a need for being outside more 🌟a feeling of being a different person than you were a few weeks ago ... and a more emotional one, is that of loosing who you have been up to now, the things that you identified yourself with no longer make sense, your past is still your past but you feel more disconnected from it... almost like an outsider looking in Your identity as [insert your name here] feels like someone else, you know you are still you in human form but the social and personal identity that represented “you” feels like it ls not you anymore, it has gone, and this can be an emotional feeling This change may be just a feeling, an inner knowing, or could be represented by changes in circumstances like a job, or a role you have played such as mother or daughter... this doesn’t mean you aren’t still those things,but on some level you know that these are not completely who you are... some aspects that aren’t your truth may have totally shifted now... presenting you with a new space, or a situation to become more of your true self... to live, and love, the life you are here to live, rather than go through life as society expects you too... This can present like a grieving feeling for yourself, and the life and role you have played up to now... But in fact it is the absolute opposite, the circumstances and parts of you that have overlaid, dominated, distracted you, kept you small, and unable to hear that quite voice within have been vibrationally shaken off... The higher vibration of the earth and collective higher vibration of humanity has got to a level where it is dissolving and shaking off anything that is the lower vibration that has kept you small, your thoughts on loop, and believing that you [insert your name here] are just that human aspect of yourself... Well you know you are far more than that... you are an incredible human being but also a divine eternal being, with a connection to everything, that holds the wisdom of all time within you... And this grieving stage is one that will pass, it is a necessary release of your solely human identity, and presents the opportunity of creating new space to fill you up with the True You... The veil of illusion that was a heavy energy, a dark shadow that hindered your connection to your Soul has been dissolved, the final part has been dispersed... This opens up opportunities that you have not had available to you for many, many lifetimes... this is the opportunity to raise your awareness of your True Self, even just an acknowledgment of something more will encourage the process of reconnection... The reconnection had already started, through the voyage of discovery our world has been on collectively and individually... but now we have a clear path ahead, no road blocks, no trees down, no dense fog... the way ahead is clear... All you have to do now is honour yourself by doing what feels right to you in regards to your growth, expansion, personal/spiritual understanding, and taking those decisions that mean living life on your terms, from your heart... You my friend, are in new energy and new circumstances, never available before, of being able to create an epic life that literally presents as heaven on earth... We were never ever meant to live life suffering in any way, we were never meant to live in lack and need, we were never ever meant to struggle to have the life we desire... These are all part of the illusion, we only believed them because we lost ourselves, and then stopped fully loving ourselves, because we no longer recognised who we had become... we didn’t believe in ourselves any longer... we didn’t believe we deserved the abundant and beautiful life we were designed to live, together as one, as one family, not separated and in inner and outer conflict... Creation is one of abundance and deep Love... just take a minute to look at the real creation, that is our home... the earth is our home and it represents the “gift” that life is every single day.... My friend it’s time to embrace and acknowledge the truth of that gift... and create a life that is a gift to others, and most definitely a gift to yourself... No more playing small my friend... everything is aligned for you, just waiting for you to step in... It is Time for the True You to rise❤️ With love from my Heart to Yours❤️ 🎁 If you would like to take the step to understanding who you really are, I am holding the Special Offer Book Price in place for a little longer... as one reader said “this information was written for this exact time, to help us emerge out of this better than we ever went into it, and I now know how to never go back” The Girl Next Doors Theory Of Everything https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1916351204/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_PANPMY27ZAGDHJHV6CKA








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