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It’s not right but it’s ok

In the words of Whitney Houston... It’s not right but it’s ok... we’re gonna make it anyway ❤️ I had to take a deep breath before writing this post, myself like many have found ourselves “confined” to home, the opportunity to share love with the people who mean the most taken from us...🤍 As announcements were made my phone began to light up with messages from clients and friends asking for words of comfort and reassurance, as people’s worlds felt like they were crumbling... I too felt really upset feeling the pain and in some cases absolute desperation that this latest development has caused... But I knew I couldn’t post straight away, as my post would come from a place of frustration, anger and pain... and that is not who I am, and that my friend is not who you are either...❤️ Once I had taken a number of deep breaths, I centred myself and expanded my energy out and beyond the event/incident and clarity once again became my focus... So I would recommend you firstly breath in peace and recognise Love, that you are Love, think from Love and act from Love... This will diffuse any unbalanced emotions created by the event, and whenever required bring your focus to your heart centre... your wisdom and knowledge of something far greater lies right here, waiting for you to tap into it...💜 My inner guide, connection with spirit and universal guidance was able to be heard once I let go of the outside noise, and here is what emerged... “Well of course things were going to get more agitated, the lower energies now know without doubt YOU ARE BECOMIG YOUR TRUE SELF... you are recognising that Love, connection with our brothers and sisters is what is important now, and this makes the old ego that has ruled us for so long desperately uncomfortable... And the grip is tightening to try and control the fact that the materialist world with its financial consequences, that has seduced us for so long, because we lost ourselves will no longer hold the same meaning to us... As we have been deprived of the most powerful force in the universe Love... once again it becomes our driving force, we are no longer prioritising a materialistic and money fuelled existence, and we become stronger, more powerful and determined to live a life of meaning without outsourcing ourselves to lower distractions... 💪 ❤️ My friend... today’s developments were inevitable because Love has won, the energy of Love, respect, reverence for all is taking the driving seat and money cannot buy that...💪💫💪💫❤️❤️❤️❤️ We are heading for freedom my friend, we are heading for a life you will love, a life that we will be proud of... A life and world that we will be so proud of, and even more proud of when we come to leave and return home knowing that we had a part in creating the new earth and a life of Love... ❤️ 👏 ❤️ You lost touch with your Soul my friend, for years we lost touch with our Soul... no longer my friend no longer...❤️💜🤍 When this shit storm of flexing lower ego is over, watch Love rise, watch the original blueprint of divine perfection click into place, and smile as you walk this earth with your soul fully intact and present for your human experience...💪👏❤️ WE ARE DOING IT MY FRIEND... LOVE IS WINING...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ It is done, we just have to let this last bit of lower behaviour that has ruled over humanity for so long to burn itself out... As I said in the post earlier today Love the hell out of it, Love the hell out of everything...❤️💜❤️ It is an energy game now and Love IS the most powerful force in the universe... So like I did, take a breath, re group, know that this is temporary and most importantly make sure every thought, decision, action and feeling is created from Love...❤️❤️❤️ CURRENT OUTSIDE APPEARANCES ARE A REFLECTION OF INNER VICTORY... It is THE MOST POWERFUL FEW DAYS IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY AND THE OLD WAS NEVER GOING TO GO QUIETLY... It’s not right, but it’s ok, we’re gonna make it anyway... (thanks Whitney... wise words from spirit)...❤️ Sending Love from my heart to yours friend...❤️ Photo curtesy of Pinterest








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