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Moving the emotions through

IMPORTANT - Wow.. tuning into humanities energy this morning 🤪 I don’t want to make light of it but for me this morning I had to get up, move and get some great music between my temples... my head and energy woke on a mission this morning to unclip some old stuff... And humanity is doing this in a big way too, and you may well be feeling it! I picked up from the collective energy feelings of fear of the future in many forms from financial, what’s the point, not knowing how we will come back from this, fear of loosing choice, fear of loosing freedom, fear for the younger generations... wow this is a big shift and unclip today... So as I felt my own version of this as well as humanities... my head straight away was today “I can’t be bothered”, it was trying to convince me to keep my head in my pillow, and then it will all go away... BUT that is exactly what these old false ego emotions want me and you to do... If we stay where we are... literally in our head, and physically static...the emotions stay put too... Now I know for myself I have come way to far for any of that BS... this is truly a testing time for all, and I have the benefit of having done a job and personal journey that prepared me for this... and not everyone does or has done... For many this is such deep dive stuff in the emotional pool of humanities mis created emotions, it can feel overwhelming, sometimes occasionally, and sometimes most days... Well I want you to know this WILL pass, everything you are feeling had become normal in your everyday life, and as long as we kept going the way we were, we could never ever live fully in the way we were designed too... If you read my previous post but one (with the pink childhood photo), you will see exactly what I mean... we create our world based on our emotions and beliefs in the world... and that wasn’t going to well for us, our children and Mother Earth... So here we are today my friend, in another 🙄 one of those unclip moments, those emotional surfacing times... You have come to far to fall now, we all have, and this is STILL about building a better world, it’s still about creating heaven on earth... and connecting your Soul with your human self and waking with the guidance and wisdom of the universe fully operational, in a world that is back to its original perfection... You and me, we agreed, to be here right now and be the instruments to bring all this old emotion, ego, mis creates bevaiours and beliefs up and out... it’s a responsibility my friend, but you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t fully equipped to do this most highly honoured job...🌟 So, for this morning it was about moving my body, music, having a good rant in my head, getting all that emotional stuff out while moving... Then I sat for 10 mins, hands in prayer position (it brings grace to your energy), and asked for the answers to the questions I had for today, for the guidance I need right now, and allowed myself to be open to receive the answers whenever they come through... and then I gave thanks for all the things I am so grateful for... and then finished with a thank you...❤️ I find this is a brilliant way to move things out before they get a chance to set in and stay in the place they have always been, dominate your day, your thoughts, and affect your relationships with others... So if it feels right for you get your music sorted, move, have a rant/moan/cry while moving, see the emotions leaving, wave them off in your head... then do some stretches and take yourself through the 10 min reflection time as above... It works... YOU ARE HERE TO BE AN INSTRUMENT TO MOVE THESE EMOTIONS THROUGH... for the collective and for the future of humanity and the earth... you are not them, and they are NOT YOU... And you are fully equipped to do so.... They aren’t real, they aren’t your truth, and when you remember that fact... you are free ❤️ Have a fantastic day... I intend too, despite what the old stuff had planned for me first thing, it’s moved through and I’m ready to create on my terms today...🌟 We are rising in our truth together my friend...❤️ With much Love from my Heart to Yours❤️ Photo curtesy of my morning movement 😃








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